Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

again they are 0.3 difference and don’t really fill a hole


Yeah that’s a real deal-breaker right there


the two are the same.
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how are 5 different challenger not for domestic use…

Dude spoiler that shit.

EDIT: thank you

I would much rather take this beauty than any other Leopard:

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Jesus we are talking about domestic light tank line


I would too. I’ve set out to collect every Canadian vehicle in game.

We all know Gaijin’s opinion on nations not in the game tech.

Stuffed into the US where it would never be able to be used with other vehicles Canada would use with them. As you can see I’ve become such a big supporter of a Canada tech tree because I’d like this to stop. As it look like a proper tech-tree is the only was of scattering our vehicles to stop.

yeah it is pain its why I never researched it because it never had a line up

the vci is an ifv not a light tank and it is lock behind a pay wall

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sorryy!!! haha i forgot to put the spoiler thing.

you still have a sa light line

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okay sorry then you still have 1 we have 2, now shall we look at competitive tanks and planes at top tier?

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I wonder if the chair on the new M1 premium could be used to ignite HE shells and always OS them haha.

Half are tanks and the others are mainly at Br 8 and 9 so yea if they didn’t add the SA line there would of been room for a light tank line it’s gaijin poor decisions again.

I completely forgot about the MTTD. How is it that you can still complain about that?

You have two more than capable light tanks, but cry about how you don’t have enough by saying of all things France has better light vehicles?

oh yeah the hyper competitive leclercs… with worse protection than the british with a similar round and with more outdated systems, at least britain does have a pretty good aps

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On god, if the chair is part of damage model… xD

Thickness 8 mm
Constructional armor slope angle 0°
Impact angle 32°
Effective thickness 9 mm


the sa light tanks start from 1.3… again britan does have a light tank line in the form of the sa line

im sorry but have you seen the french win rates at top tier compared to british win rates?


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