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ik but some times like in this case is needed, if not you would see a lot of people crying about how op the type 93 is and well it is right imagine a missile that can hit you at 12 km with ease insane tracking system and inmmune to flares ircm and cannot be out turned

I don’t mind it being 10.0-11.0 with proper stats. better then bs we have right now

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tbh yeah tho i wont lie its stil a very fun vehicle to get cas users mad

The only thing bugging me out is the low range against helicopters, you can’t even fight Mi-4s reliably since you can’t get a lock while they are already in range

that’s because their IR signature apparently its lower than those of planes but since irl it uses optical tracking it shouldnt really matter

@Aiden1128 JASDF Discussion thread - Some people already asked for a new one, so here we go :D


Thank you!

I was hoping someone would make one eventually lol. I’m not quite up to speed on aircraft.

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Oh shoot I noticed that but it completely went over my head, I knew it wasn’t there before!

What happened to the turret traverse speed and gun elevation speed that were discussed in the old forum?
The Leopard 2 used as an example has not been modified.

Cause it takes time researching an item.
In the mean time, F-16AJ & EJ Kai are best anti-CAS even if Type 81 comes.

Problem with planes as Anti-CAS though is the SP cost, you can’t first spawn planes to take down Heli rushers and you can’t second or third spawn planes when your lifes before that weren’t great.

Moreover is that you need to actually have top-tier plane. And its quite hard for anyone, who mainly plays Ground (cause you earn way less RP, that in Air Battle). So while other TT can simply play their favourite GRB to protect themselves against plains - JP Ground mains need to switch to ARB and play them for quite huge amount of time


I was sadly forced to do that. I don’t like flying in WT, simply because it’s to Arcady but I had to because without the AJ there is no way in top tier to take down CAS.

Me getting top air in Japan in less than 6 weeks as my first ever completed tech tree.
Got ground in less than 6 weeks as well.
2-3ish hours a day of play.
Best 2019 experience I had.
Learned most of my efficiency knowledge from that experience.
Wouldn’t get great in air until 2022 tho.

By the by, SPAA in WT can’t take out smart CAS players currently. They’re quite literally untouchable by all SPAA in WT.

Idk, without premiums or Boosters it sounds too fantastic.

“smart CAS players”. Yes they exist, but lets be honest, how many smart CAS players do you encounter? Most of the time MiG27 just space climb making them an easy target, most of the Su25K and now Su39 players are also brain-dead. Same goes with other nation and premium planes

That might be true, but at least other nations can deal with average CAS, unlike Italy or Japan right now.

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It was a premium account.
I’ve dropped that down to less than 4 or 5 weeks on 3 hours a day, but my first attempt was rather efficient.
Japan’s tech tree treated me well, and it houses many of my favorite vehicles.
Sadly, I cannot be upset at no SPAA because my only SPAA is a Tunguska and boy was that shafted.
So I doubled down on tanks and aircraft.

Especially since I very much do come across smart CAS players, Maxi.

No objections.

I mean, they could always just fix MANPADS if they wanted.

But that would mean they’d have to stop protecting the precious Ka-50 whales from IR missiles.

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Manpads were all once 10Gs.
Research takes time, and Stingers will get buffed to ~20gs when the research & implementation is finished from the sole historical report that was only reported this year.