Mitsubishi F-4EJ Kai

F-4EJ Kai No. 57-8356 of the 301st Tactical Fighter Squadron taking off from Hyakuri Airbase. Nov. 15th, 2017.

The F-4EJ Kai is a twin engine supersonic interceptor aircraft that was used by the JASDF from 1984 to 2021. Designed as a modernization of the F-4EJ that had been in JASDF service for more than a decade, the F-4EJ Kai featured the more modern AN/APG-66J radar alongside other features such as the J/APR-6 RWR, J/AYK-1 central computer, J/ASN-4 INS, and a new Kaiser KM808 HUD. The F-4EJ Kai used the same airframe as the F-4EJ, powered by twin Ishikawajima-Harima J79-IHI-17A engines, a license produced version of the General Electric J79-GE-17. While retaining the 20mm JM61A1 Vulcan and AIM-9L sidewinders, the F-4EJ Kai also featured newer versions of the AIM-7 such as the AIM-7F and AIM-7M as well as the domestically produced Type 90 air-to-air missile, also known as the AAM-3. For self defense, the F-4EJ Kai was equipped with AN/ALE-40 countermeasures dispensers underneath the wings and had access to the AN/ALQ-131 ECM pod. While the F-4EJ Kai looks extremely similar to the F-4EJ, it can be distinguished by the newer radome and by the presence of four antennae fairings for the J/APR-6 RWR, with two located facing rearward at the top of the tail and the other two being located facing forward on each wingtip. The F-4EJ Kai saw service in the 8th, 301st, 302nd, and 306th Tactical Fighter Squadrons, as well as with the Air Development and Test Wing (ADTW).

Carried Ordnance


  • AIM-9L
  • Type 90 AAM (AAM-3)
  • AIM-7F
  • AIM-7M


  • 500lb Mk 82
  • 500lb GCS-1 Type I
  • 750lb JM117
  • 750lb GCS-1 Type II
  • 2000lb XGCS-2*
  • 70mm FFAR rocket (carried in J/LAU-3 or RL-7 rocket pods, 19 or 7 per pod, respectively)
  • 127mm ASR rocket (carried in RL-4 rocket pods, 4 per pod)
  • Type 80 Air-to-Ship Missile (ASM-1)
  • Type 93 Air-to-Ship Missile (ASM-2)
  • CBU-87/B cluster bomb


  • 600 gallon fuel tank
  • 370 gallon fuel tank
  • AN/ALE-41K chaff pod
  • CBLS-200/A target practice pod
  • AN/ALQ-131 ECM pod

*There is some debate whether or not the F-4EJ Kai could actually use noted ordnance, but there are pictures of said ordnance being carried by ADTW phantoms


F-4EJ Kai No. 87-8407 of the 302nd Tactical Fighter Squadron carrying an AIM-9L and a drop tank taking off from Ibaraki Airbase. Oct. 30th, 2012.

F-4EJ Kai No. 87-8407 of the 302nd Tactical Fighter Squadron carrying an AAM-3, drop tank, and an AN/ALQ-131 ECM pod landing at Naha Airbase. July 20th, 2006.

F-4EJ Kai No. 57-8362 of the 8th Tactical Fighter Squadron carrying AAM-3s and a drop tank at Misawa Airbase. Sept. 10th, 2006.

imageF-4EJ Kai No. 87-8411 of the 8th Tactical Fighter Squadron carrying an AIM-7M (?) at Misawa Airbase. Sept. 10th, 2006.

F-4EJ Kai No. 97-8416 of the 301st Tactical Fighter Squadron carrying AAM-3s, drop tanks, and what looks to be an AIM-7 obscured by the starboard wing drop tank above Nyutabaru Airbase. Apr. 19th, 2016.


F-4EJ Kai No. 87-8411 of the 8th Tactical Fighter Squadron carrying 500lb Mk 82 bombs and drop tanks at Misawa Airbase. Sept. 2nd, 2007.

F-4EJ Kai No. 87-8411 of the 8th Tactical Fighter Squadron carrying CBU-87/B cluster bombs and drop tanks at Misawa Airbase. Sept. 8th, 2002.

F-4EJ Kai No. 07-8431 of the Air Development Test Wing carrying 750lb JM117 bombs.

F-4EJ Kai No. 97-8416 of the 301st Tactical Fighter Squadron carrying 70mm FFAR rockets and an ASM-1 at Nyutabaru Airbase. Dec. 3rd, 2006.

F-4EJ Kai No. 57-8357 of the Air Development and Test Wing carrying ASM-2 missiles and drop tanks, likely on final approach to Gifu Airbase.


F-4EJ Kai No. 97-8416 of the 301st Tactical Fighter Squadron carrying a CBLS-200/A target practice pod alongside a drop tank at Ibaraki Airbase. Sept. 10th, 2009.

Air Development and Test Wing Phantoms

F-4EJ No. 17-8301, F-4EJ Kai No. 07-8431, F-4EJ No. 07-8429, and F-4EJ No. 77-8393 of the Air Development and Test Wing flying over mainland Japan.

Originating in 1955 as the Air Proving Group, the Air Development and Test Wing is a unit based at Gifu Airbase that is responsible for testing experimental modifications to aircraft and new prototypes. As part of their testing, the ADTW has flown several Phantoms over the years, the most notable of which is F-4EJ 17-8301, which was the very first Phantom to enter into Japanese service and was one of the two Japanese phantoms produced by McDonnell Douglas. During their time with the ADTW, the Phantoms saw several different modifications applied to them.

SAGEM Missile Approach Warning System:
In the late 90’s the ADTW conducted tests with a Missile Approach Warning System (MAWS) fitted to F-4EJ Kai No. 77-8395. The MAWS in question was the SAGEM DDM-SAMIR and it was installed on the outside of the gun fairing underneath the nose.

SAGEM Missile Approach Warning System



XGCS-2 Guided Bomb:
In the late 90’s, research began regarding a new guided bomb for service with the JSDF. This bomb would eventually become the XGCS-2, which was a 2000lb unpowered glide bomb with a tandem warhead. Unlike the GCS-1, which was an attachment to already existing ordnance, the XGCS-2 was an entirely new weapon. Allegedly, the bomb also had a sensor that would allow it to detonate above the surface of a target. Ultimately, the JSDF decided to pursue JDAMs instead, and the XGCS-2 program came to an end.

XGCS-2 Guided Bomb


*This topic is currently WIP, I’ll add more info to it as I get around to it


Wish the F-4EJ Kai got its AAM-3 missiles
Especially now that Israeli Kurnass 2000 has Python-3’s at 11.3BR as well as agile eagle wings over F-4EJ Kai


F-4EJ - 10.7 (4x AIM-7E + 4x AIM-9P)
F-4EJ ADTW - 11.0 (4x AIM-7E + 4x AIM-9L)
F-4EJ Kai - 11.7 (4x AIM-7F + 4x AAM-3)

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And in return Kurnass lost its ability to carry any sort of radar guided missiles.
More info on the XGC-2. It had a tandem warhead which was tested alongside testing it’s guidance device when dropped from a plane. A lot more work was put in this bomb then previously claimed by other users in the past.
I also found this tweet claiming that the XGC-2 had a proximity sensor to detonate before hitting the surface of a ship. This sensor’s sensitivity was apparently tested against a BK-117 (very common for any sensor tests in to be done against the BK117). This would hypothetically give the bomb an effectiveness against slow moving/hovering helicopters in it’s laser guided form.

Also the GCS-1 should have no issue targeting ground targets. As reported in the past that the GCS-1 was expected to be used against NK missile sites and Chinese sources claiming that the GCS-1 was ground attack capable, the IR signature of ships and tanks are incredibly similar.


When gaijin consider buff F-4EJ KAI add new IR AAM AAM-3 & SARH AIM-7M ?

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MAWS on the EJ Kai would be interesting to see someday would give better defensive capabilities.

I can see the EJ Kai being the first to get AAM-3 since it is a inferior platform but we’ll see. Surprised it hasn’t received AIM-7Ms yet tbh.

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Yeah, I’m not quite sure why gaijin hasn’t already just changed the AIM-7Fs to AIM-7Ms yet. It would be one thing if AIM-7Ms had much better performance than AIM-7Fs (like the AIM-7F vs AIM-7E-2 issue), but in game they’ve got identical performance, so there’s not much of a reason why it shouldn’t have them.



AAM-3s are equivalent to Python 4 & Aim-9M.
Python 3s are equivalent to Aim-9Ls, which 9Ls are lacking some simulation.

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Just gonna drop some cool real liveries for the F-4EJ Kai that are not already found in game (I’m sure there is more but this is the small list of really cool one’s I bookmarked after looking through thousands of photos):
Format: Aircraft Registration*(機体記号) (Date of when the photo(s) were taken) {serial number}
*Might be a incorrect translation

Aircraft: 47-8332 (2004/11/03-04){M032}

Aircraft: 07-8436 (2020/11/11-2020/12/05){M136}

^ Not sure but pretty sure this is a mascot or the artist or something since the character/symbol appears on many of the liveries even should appear on the wings of the “White/Black” camouflages in-game but has been removed for some reason

Aircraft: 87-8404 (1994/10/02){M104}

Aircraft: 77-8398 (2013/10/27-2014/10/27){M098}

Aircraft: 77-8399 (2004/12/05){M099}

Aircraft: 07-8435 (2003/12/07){M135}

Aircraft: 47-8324 (1991/06/02-17) {M024}

Aircraft: 67-8386 (1995/05/30) {M086}

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A shame we haven’t received more skins there so many to choose from. My most anticipated is this one


Python 4 equivalent to AIM-9M & AAM-3 but Python 4 maneuvering better AIM-9M 55% and better AAM-3 35%.

Right ?

If that’s true, then I guess Israel has no equivalent missile to Aim-9M & AAM-3.

While this is not about the F-4EJ Kai, I think adding AAM-2 to the EJ would give it a balanced but better missile then AIM-9Ps at that BR. We probably haven’t seen it due to lack of data but honestly i rather they just estimate and add it already. Just grab an AIM-4D and double its performance and warhead with the addition of proximity fuse and limited all aspect seeker.


look at this one so good!

Any idea if the F-4EJ Kai irl uses HMD???

I’m not sure if proof either way was ever found but I believe the consensus on the old forums was that it probably did not get an HMD.

It does not.
At least half of F-2 pilots also don’t.

Bruh that’s sad, I’d thought they would’ve a least had them given how they were still sortieing the F-4EJ Kai till 2019.
They would’ve wanted every advantage they could get out of the airframe especially considering the possibility of encountering modern 4th gens.

The availability of AAM-3 will revolutionize the EJ Kai. But the AAM-3 is a 9L+ generation missile and uses two wavelengths, IRH and UVH, which makes it extremely difficult to avoid with decoy flares.
As you will know if you have ever had to deal with the TY-90 in GroundBattle, this form of missile risks destroying the balance of the game with its extremely unpleasant performance.
I would be happy to see it implemented, but personally I think it is better to avoid its implementation for the sake of game balance.

Off topic, but I found an unusual photo.
In the book at hand, I found a photo of an EJ Kai being used as the mothership for XAAM-5 testing, but this was shortly after the development of the AAM-5 had begun. It is only a photo of it being tested with the seeker pod mounted, and I do not know if it was actually tested for launch.