Japanese 30mm tracer round nerf

So the Japanese 30mm tracer rounds now have a velocity of 770m/s - the same as the other rounds.

Will planes like the J7W1, Kikka, J2M5 (prem), Ki-84hei, and the R2Y2s be getting their BRs looked at?


Wait they were nerfed?

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Yes, they used to travel at 900 and something m/s, and were very easy to hit with, especially at long range.

Now they travel slower that Mg151 mine rounds :(



Did they provide a source? I always assumed they had higher velocity.


I think someone provided evidence years ago that the faster rate was a bug and they should be 770m/s.

Which is fine if it is indeed correct.

My point is, there are now several aircraft that should perhaps get a BR decrease as those fast, powerful, 30mm’s were a big part of why their BR was so high in the first place.


Well you also have to consider that now the 30 mm cannons get functional AP rounds.

The Type 5 gets both AP and APHE rounds, with 45 and 38 mm of penetration, and apparently it shouldn’t have AP, only APHE. The Ho-155 gets only AP.


No one with a functional brain was using anything but the tracer rounds (Air RB) when they had much better velocity.

I’d be happy with them taking away the AP rounds, and reducing some BRs.


The point I’m making is that while air to air capabilities have gone down, air to ground has substantially gone up.

Unironically know someone that has been using the J7W1 for cannon CAS in GRB and succeeding in that role.


The issue is that both Army Ho-155 and Navy Type 5 still use the same shells, despite being completely different 30mm cannons.

The Type 5 is basically less powerfull MK 103 while the Ho-155 is just an enlarged Browning MG.
The Ho-155 fired light 30x114mm shells while the Type 5 fired heavy 30x122mm.

Velocity was probably similiar (~700m/s) due the Type 5 firing heavier shells.



The 770m/s reference (Type 5) is probably from this:



Even though it contains many errors and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

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Still much better ballistics. Mineshells drop heavily over distance since they lose so much velocity.

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The fear of Gaijin came true. Give a 30mm APHE round and it will annihilate ground targets xD

I mean Gaijin refused to give the MK 103 or MK 101 any APHE rounds over the years.

Of course it wouldn’t be a problem, if Gaijin finally stopped APHE from having a sphere of doom.
What was even the point of “realShatter”? It just nerfed and randomized the damage of HE fragments while APHE was always the real problem of realism.

From my experimenting with the APHE on the 30 mm Type 5, it seems that it’s set up to explode immediately after penetrating the armor, so the “sphere of death” isn’t really an issue. In fact the APHE deals roughly the same damage as the AP.

Still, both these rounds deal good damage, with just about enough penetration to engage most tanks, and being high caliber enough to have the armor spall when perforated (unlike, for example, .50 cals).

Japan doesn’t really have another gun that is capable of penetrating the roofs of tanks, with decent RPM and good damage.

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Well, it’s kinda bugged. Gaijin just sometimes gives plane rounds armor penetration but they still explode on contact.

Over the years Gaijin turned the 30mm Incendiary for the MK 103 into some weird mix of hybrid round that does nothing as you expect.

It started by giving German Incendiary rounds armor piercing properties like AP.
Then they gave it explosive filling like the real life AP-HEI round but instead of changing the name and having armor piercing properties it now explodes on impact like some super weak 30mm HE round.

Since when did Gaijin made the AP rounds for the 30mm cannon pen 45mm?? I can now do some more CAS with R2Y2s/J7W1 with guns too now lol Not as effective as other planes from other nations but doable now at least.

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The addition of AP rounds was done at the same time that the HEF-T round was nerfed.

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Awesome!! But man, used to click once and 1 tracer was enough to destroy a plane sooo, i honestly don’t mind. Still doing work with it. Good’ol days

Been doing that with the R2Y2s. Those 30s hit HARD. Love finding some annoying IFV or ATGM carrier and just deleting him from existence.

Aaaah, so that’s why i had hard time hitting stuff with Ki-87… It also started to spark (also didn’t it had 60g of tnt and not 30g like they have now??)

oh god GAJJJJJIIIN Give me airspawn, i absolutely can not cope with such degree of nerf on such plane

Nope. 350g shell, 30g filler. Pretty standard.