J7W1 BR drop / air spawn?


Why does the J7W1 continue to sit at 6.0?

It has a terrible top speed for the BR (Only reaches high speeds around 8000M) , no climb rate, no medium speed manoeuvrability, and does not maintain energy particularly well. The only thing that this aircraft has going for it is its 4 x 30mm guns, which you only get 60 RPG. Most games in this plane consist of just trying to evade until a team mate can come and save you. It is very unenjoyable.

This thing could easily get an airspawn and go to at least 5.7.


Just read these threads:


Oh hey look, japanese J21

Welcome to pain, my friend
welcome to pain

I fully agree it should go to 5.7 as a unseen, unheard of, completely off meta fighter.

Well, most of Japanese props are pretty painful, due to their foolish opponents

Except for the J2M3, I think every single Japanese prop is horribly overtiered, bar none. The J7W1 is perhaps the worst case scenario in the tree, but it is far from alone.

  • A6Ms of all flavors could probably stand to drop, the early ones to no lower than 3.3 and the late ones to 4.3 at most. I believe the A6M8 prototypes had better engines and guns but not all the dead weight armor, thus when they get added I would vouch 4.7 for those.
  • J2Ms should be reshuffled in the tree. The J2M2 is a vastly superior plane flight-performance-wise to the premium J2M4, premium 30mm J2M5, and tech tree J2M5. The J2M3 is considerably better than the J2M2 (and frankly the only Japanese prop I dare say is tiered correctly).
  • The N1Ks are an overhyped mess left to rot after being raised due to fantasy flight models, then nerfed and not lowered again. Same with Ki-84s. The N1K1-Ja is maybe 4.0-grade, as forced gunpod installation hurts the performance a lot. The N1K2s are 5.0-5.3. The Ki-84s should be 4.7, 5.0, and 5.3, respectively for the Ko, Otsu, and Hei.
  • The Ki-61 Hei and Tei should go down by an entire BR to 3.7, and the Ki-61-II is 4.0 material tops.
  • The heavy fighters have mostly been corrected over the years with the utterly trash Ki-45 series finally placed in reserve tiers and the Ki-108 being quite good, but the J5N1 and Ki-83 should drop massively. Only think helping the J5 was the guns which have now been neutered. The Ki-83 can climb well but lacks the speed or maneuverability to use that altitude unless people stall out under it and it loops on top of them. I would put the J5N1 at 4.0 and the Ki-83 either 5.0 with airspawn or 4.3-4.7 without airspawn. Remember the Ki-83 overheats quite badly and thus while it technically has WEP it can hardly ever use it for more than a minute or two barring takeoff.
  • The J7W1 is frankly 3.7-grade material. Who cares if it is theoretically fast at altitude when it climbs so poorly it will never get there in time? I also bothered to test fly it up to its supposed best altitude and it still suffered from horrible overheating problems and still doesn’t accelerate even up there. The Ki-94-II and Ki-87 are cut from the same cloth, but are not quite as atrocious, thus I would place these at 4.0-4.3, maybe 4.7 for the 87.

The bombers really cannot be helped much unless given larger payloads. The G5N1 and G8N1 both could carry up to 4000kg of bombs, which would still be low but not as insultingly so as now. That being said the G5N1 is far worse than early B-17s, and frankly deserves 3.7 at best. The G8N1 is difficult to place due to having very good flight performance and guns, I would suggest 5.3 at the lowest.

The Ki-67s are not great when the B7A2 does any job they could but better. I love how they fly, but neither have frontally-mounted armaments paired with the bombs to use, if they did I would play them constantly (I have the same opinion about the Ju-288C) as B-25-style attackers. Perhaps these could stand to drop to give players a reason to use them over the B7A2s.

The Ki-49 series is akin to the SM.79 series - identical flight performance and payload but with different guns. All of these are 2.3-2.7 tops. The G4M1 is ironically better than all of them.

That sums up all of my opinions on Japanese props, having spaded every single one of them in RB.