Move J7W1 to 5.0

The J7W1 is easily the WORST rank 4 plane, it flies like a rank 2 and sits at 6.0. It doesn’t have any sort of performance, do335 rinses it in climb, dogfight and even armament as mk103s have better velocity and range.


Its fine at 6.0.

Make sure to use the pure tracer belt, the shells are faster and have more explosive power than the regular HE shells.

They’re faster than the MK103 HEI-T, with a bit less explosive power.


do you think i don’t know how to use it? i mained it before moving to the j5n1.
As for the tracer belt, they’re faster but despawn at 900m. Mk103 will reach much further.

Tell me why the J7W1 is good at 6.0, the p47D-28 rinses it in EVERY SINGLE ASPECT except instant damage amount. If the guns are the argument for such a lame prop to be 6.0 then the f4u 4b should go to 7.0.


Its a fantastic BNZ plane, the guns hit incredibly hard. With the flight performance to back up that playstyle.

Make that argument then if you want, idk enough about the F4U, but that’s completely separate to this.

The J7 is great at 6.0, it would be insane at 5.0.

it’s a fantastic BnZ plane, because it’s ergonomic at high speed. So are Mustangs, P47s, Re2005s and everything else that rinse it. it can’t climb, it can’t turn below 700kmh. The F4U 4B has been so overbuffed that it will flat spin on stall due to the crazy torque it has now.

What flight performance?

The J7W1 has among the worst climb rates of any rank IV fighter. The level flight speeds it can reach are also not in the slightest impressive, not even reaching 600 km/h at sea level. Only at very high altitudes do you reach a good level flight top speed, and again, you have horrible climb rate so you won’t reach high altitudes easily.

That’s not to mention the turn rate which is not good either.

It has high dive speed, dive control and good guns. And all of those advantages only really work if you have an advantage over the enemy in the first place or the enemy specifically throws away their own advantage.


It climbs well enough to get to the altitude it needs.

It won’t space climb like some planes, but you don’t need to. Anyone higher than you, you can draw down.

I’ve played it enough to know how well it plays at 6.0.

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you must be bluffing. It doesn’t climb at all. Everything between 4.0 and 6.0 out climbs it, even the tu2 out climbs it. If you cannot set yourself above most of the enemies then you can’t boom and zoom. Most enemies outclimb the plane. I have seen your stats on that plane, and you play it on ground RB where everyone is licking the ground tunnelvisioned onto dropping the bombs over that dark green box on time while you already spawn at 1km of altitude. I invite you to play it on air RB. I invite you to showcase the plane in a real match.

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It’s got a barely 20 m/s climb even at sea level with minimum fuel load.

The climb rate it has only really allows it to get to an altitude that is above an enemy if said enemy didn’t climb in the first place.


Most rank 4 Japanese props are over BR compared to their counterparts. J7W1 is one of those. It doesn’t matter if it can get to altitude or have good dive speed the fact is everything else can do it better while planes like this have nothing else going for it. Its performance is lacking compared to other 6.0 super props.


21mps isn’t the 30mps of LF Mk9, but it’s still respectable.

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I’d like to see the actual test that gave you a sustained climb rate of 23 m/s.

Edit: By sustained climb rate I mean you’re not zoom climbing in the slightest. The speed you’re climbing at has to be sustainable at that specific climb angle.


my god, he’s measuring with realtime register. The LF Mk9 registers 42 at 300ias.

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Yes I am.

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21 meters per second at 300 ias with no capacity to defend from anything til 670 kmh ias. You will face everyone slightly above you, but not high enough to give you time to gain speed without dropping so much altitude, thus forcing you to either full comit head on or dive down and force a reversal.

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I don’t play it in ground RB, I use the A6M5 ko for that.

I’ve got some ground kills in the J7 because of grabbing a couple of AI ground targets when the match has ended. All Air RB though.

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that’s on 20 minutes of fuel and the j7w1 has 30 minutes of fuel. The LF Mk9 will be on 13 minutes of fuel when the aircraft meet, the j7w1 would be on 19. Use real engagement fuel values please.

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Meanwhile I’m still just waiting on actual information on how @AlvisWisla runs those tests in the first place…


For aircraft with auto-prop pitch: Leave that on.
Radiators to maximum [that won’t overheat the engine].
Verify supercharger presence before climb.

If auto prop pitch overheats the engine, I run manual & find the correct sustainable prop pitch & run the test again.
As for J7W1, it hovers between 20 & 21 in the climb.


So much for 23 m/s, then.

But also, climb angle? Speed? How did you reach the climb angle/speed? That’s what I’m actually asking about and it’s not the stuff you’ve answered.

You would also know this is actually what I’m asking about since I’ve asked you about this in a different topic once before and similarly you did not answer.