Did Gaijin forget about the J7W1?

There is absolutely 0 reason for this thing to be 6.0, so I’m assuming Gaijin just forgot about it.

  • The flight performance is terrible, it gets outclimbed by many same BR planes (do not be fooled by the numbers, its’ acceleration is shit), it CANNOT turn and it CANNOT outspeed many similar rivals.

  • CANNOT climb back up after diving down on an enemy. Terrible low-altitude and low-speed performance also means that dive will more often than not be the only thing you do the entire game.

  • 4x30mm Type 5’s would have you believe it deserves to be at 6.0, but the guns are terrible. Again, do not be fooled by the numbers, you have to use them to know. Back then, they had a velocity of 900m/s and would hit extremely hard, quite literally popping planes out of the sky like baloons, somewhat justifying the Shinden’s place in 6.0 despite the previously mentioned flight performance issues, and despite the guns only having 60 rounds per gun, but now, not only has their velocity been reduced to just 770m/s (which coupled with the Shinden’s awful fire rate make it very hard to hit enemies), but thanks to Realshatter they are now a wildly inconsistent mess, constantly giving you “Hits” and “Critical Hits” (the kind which don’t actually do anything) despite supposedly having a 12.04kg/s burst mass. The J7W1 does not get any high-explosive rounds, its’ ideal belt is supposedly the Tracers belt, which consists of exclusively Fragmentation, which, as you know, have been completely ruined by Realshatter.

  • Supposedly, it performs well at altitude (8000M), however it cannot get to a high enough altitude before either getting shot down by enemies or before the game ending, and even if it did, the way War Thunder matches work means enemies will rarely ever climb to such high altitude either way. You’ll be alone up there.

To further reinforce my point, I would like to compare the J7W1 to another plane of the same BR and purpose: the german Ta-152 H1, sitting at 6.0 BR just like the Shinden. Both are “heavily armed” (well we already know how “heavily armed” the Shinden really is…) high-altitude fighter-interceptor aircraft.

Compared to the Ta-152 H1, the J7W1:

  • Is slower (“supposedly” 50kmh faster, but realistically cannot reach that speed due to the previously mentioned bad acceleration)

  • Cannot turn as well

  • Cannot mantain its’ energy and speed in turns anywhere near as well as the Ta

  • Cannot roll as well as the Ta

  • Only has slightly better wing rip speed, at 900kmh vs 870kmh

  • Has less firepower than the Ta (German 20’s and 30’s are High-Explosive, and as such are unaffected by Realshatter)

  • Has less ammo (the Ta only has 45 rounds per 30mm, but more than makes up for it with 175 rounds per 20mm, which arguably hit harder than the japanese 30mm’s anyways because of minengeschoB)

  • Has rounds with worse balistics than the Ta.

  • And, most importantly, DOES NOT HAVE AN AIRSPAWN, despite being first-and-foremost designed as an Interceptor, even going as far as being called an Interceptor MULTIPLE TIMES on its’ Wiki page.

I really like the Shinden, it’s my favourite aircraft, and seeing how badly it performed once I finally got it just broke me, completely. Trying to make it work game after game broke me even further. At the time of writing this, the J7W1 is my most played aircraft in the game, but after nearly 150 battles of trying to make this POS work, trying playstyle after playstyle, reading every tip avaliable out there, even going as far as watching multiple less-than-a-hundred view videos on Youtube reviewing it and explaining how to play it, I’ve just had enough. I can’t handle it anymore, I can’t take it… This has to be the worst Rank IV “fighter” in the game. I listed out the Ta in specific, but there are several other aircraft that it fights against which completely outclass it in every single way.

I think the plane could easily be fixed in a variety of ways, if Gaijin ever remembers it exists:

  • The quick and easy way would be to re-badge it as an Interceptor (which it IS) and give it an air spawn, just like the Ta, it’s an Interceptor after all, and it flies like one despite its’ looks.

  • Secondly, if it doesn’t get an airspawn, then reduce its’ battle rating to 5.7 so that it doesn’t have to fight jets, at the very least, although it would still struggle massively against other props anyways. Maybe even a 5.3 reduction would be in order, given how bad the guns really are now, coupled with how bad the rest of the plane is too.

  • Thirdly, although this would be the more complicated one (and arguably least effective), would be to have a look at the effects Realshatter is having on the Japanese Type 5 and Ho-155 cannons in specific. I hope this post doesn’t fall on deaf ears, or come off as whining. I’m really not the type of person to whine about these sorts of things, I always assume the issue is me and try to correct it. I tried avoiding making a post like this, I really did, but I couldn’t handle it anymore.

The worst part about this plane is that, because it’s not only relatively obscure, but also terrible in-game, nobody actually plays it, so nobody talks about it. And if nobody talks about it, Gaijin’s not gonna do anything. I heard it’s in the new Godzilla movie, which seems to be doing quite well with audiences, so hopefully that gives the J7W1 enough of a “popularity boost” to remind Gaijin that it exists, because quite frankly I think the only concievable way for this thing to still be 6.0 is that they did in fact completely forget about it, as they have with many other vehicles, I’m sure.


I only have 3 words, fourteen-page essay.

It is one of long forgotten vehicles from japan because… japan
Reason why their props are high in BR is because other nations LOVE turn-fighting them.

I don’t play Japan much though.


Would not mind seeing the J7W1 get either an air spawn or pushed down a bit in BR.

I do think it’s still workable in the current state, but it’s definitely getting a bit long in the tooth now with the Tracer Muzzle Velocity change.

But then, I’ve only played it a few times so opinion invalidated? (46 matches apparently, 65 kills to 31 deaths)

Edit: just played it again (0355H 25/01/24 GMT+8), 4 kills in that one game before I got shot down. (69/32 K/D-nice) Not too bad I think, just harder without the railguns that the tracers used to be.

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I heard a joke: If gaijin give zero two sidewinders and put it to 9.0, it will also be moved to higher BR later. Because there are still someone who dogfight with zero 23333




Use less bold text, man.

But I concur on how bad the J7W1 is. I would frankly compare it to the P-51D-5 more than anything, and would probably put it at 4.3 for that reason.

The closest high alt specialized bomber killers all either climb really well or turn quite well. Or they have turbochargers and perform well high up. The J7W1 has none of those. I’ve taken mine into test flight and climbed to 10k, where it still doesn’t accelerate well at all.

Most of Japan’s air tree is horribly overtiered from previously having UFO flight models that inflated their stats. Then the nerf bat swung in and people dropped the nerfed planes, giving them few new stats to work with for balancing. Hence the planes remain marooned at now unjustified BRs.

Only the J2M3 and A7M2 sit at proper BRs. Everything else is horribly overtiered.


The other issue with japan is when you get to tier 3 younhave a massive jump in skill set required to do well. You can faken through the early ki’s but the zeros expose flaws in thebpilot fast. Everyone eanted them because theyblost to them so damn often only to find they dont know how to fly them effectively & wont learn. That leaves only the pilots that “got it” going into tier 4 with a semblance of success. Thus, skewing the stats that increase battle ratings.


Even the J2M3 is overtiered IMO. The big reason people fear the J2M is the engine power and climb rate, and orher aircraft have no issues matching or beating it above 3km alt.

I will only make one correction to this post, which is here. MG151s are nowhere as good as they used to be, both in damage and ballistics. They’re not BAD but AN/M3s, Hispanos, Type 99 Model 2s, even arguably ShVaks are better now.

MG151s were affected by realshatter and other changes over the years, it just wasn’t a massive on/off switch as others. MK108s have very low shell velocity and aren’t really much use.

Sweet jesus I’ve hated the j2m line from day one. I die to the damn things on the regular and struggle flying them despite having multiple versions of the premiums and god knows how many battles in them. Use them for assault arcade, quite effective there.

But the reason for their current br is as i said before. The j7 as well. Most people just give up on japan above 5.0 so when they got moved up only “the good” fly them. Keeps the numbers skewed in that direction. There will he a time they come down…eventually.

All thtlat aside. Check out thebmarketplace for some cool ass cheap skins for the j7. Found one this morning cool enough i bought for a few cents and will fly the j7njust to see it in game. Cheers!

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I have the orange experimental skin for the J7W from marketplace. Looks really cool, it’s just a shame that it sucks so much.

I’ll tell you a little secret about the J2Ms. They all suck past like 3km altitude. Their engine power advantage is completely gone by then and they can’t really sustain their impressive maneuverability.

I prefer to bring them out in Ground RB as anti-CAS. In air RB it’s a little tricky but if you can bait people to come lower, you can eat them alive. Don’t neglect climbing, just be aware you don’t really have much performance up there.

it’s L tier among these mid tiers.