EDIT: Below where my first impressions of the plane. It has a good guns and some quirks. It’s a bit hard to get used to though.

Feels like a 4.X plane, I guess it’s stuck at 6.0 because people are turned off by it? Or maybe the cannons push it up in BR?

A single yellow surface cripples its maneuverability, flat spins are common.
Can’t outrun any plane at it’s BR, definitively not out turning anything.


Its at the br it is at because of the good armament, and pretty good b&z ability, you can easily deal with a lot of other 6.0 and lower planes. it definitely does have its quirks and problems but its like any other energy fighter

I bug reported this plane twice cuz it’s flight performance is wrong and underperforming and now with the new forum I’ll have to do it for the third time on the new bug report section.

Furthermore gaijin has failed to add the 30mm APHE ammunition for J7W1 and R2Y2 for years now.


I jumped into an ARB match with this thing and I’m against jets.

Major suffering, I can’t imagine spading this thing.


BnZ in this? Feels like im going 350km/h in a straight line, do I need to some major side climbing?

EDIT: Actually im not even going to bother trying to play it correctly. Spend 10 minutes side climbing to get 1 tapped by a stray bullet isn’t my idea of fun.


Yeah the J7W1 definitely isn’t a good plane in the current meta.

  • Has the worst overall climb rate of any superprop fighter;
  • Is almost the slowest superprop fighter at sea level (only the J6K1 is slower, at 588 km/h compared to 596, but the J6K1 has much better overall flight performance) Edit: I forgot the N1K2s which are… even worse at only 550 km/h;
  • Turns bad.

Pretty much its advantages are dive speed (has a Mach 1.1 VNE and wings rip at 900 km/h IAS), high speed control, good high altitude performance (if you manage to get to high altitude) and the fact it gets high velocity 30 mm cannons, which while good, don’t really compensate for the lack of performance the plane has. Guns are only an advantage if you manage to put those guns on target, something that the J7W1 can only do if it is pretty much handed said target on a silver platter.

The J7W1 is the kind of plane that you get for looks more than anything, as it is in my opinion the coolest plane in the entirety of WW2. However, that alone doesn’t make it worth bringing out into actual battle.


Imho the reluctance of gaijin to implement the interceptor spawn is part of the problem. I flew the plane on an old inactive account in the old axis vs allies world and it was a pain to fly…


Spaded in less that 25 matches, that’s 16 deaths and 49 air kills.

So, there is definitely a knack to it and I would not do a classic sideclimb/BnZ. Hover and force head-ons and those 30mms used to be pure gold (no idea now as not with experience for last few months).

Oddly I liked it, mainly due to those 30mms. I believe it has the ability to catch people out (thinking an easy target, but able to change the situation with enough energy).

I know in part the appeal for me is the quirky look but as a below average pilot, irrespective of FM issues, I did not find it uncompetitive (even with all the 6.0 bomber or US premium spam matches, though believe I managed to avoid too many 6v6s)

well youve said that you ucant be bothered to play it properly, so you are never going to be able to do well in it, which is fine if you dont play it, but it is far from a terrible plane. go try the chinese La11 or either of the Do217 N’s and then you will know what a truly terrible plane is. its also not just b&z, it can also energy fight fairly well

You can one hit people if you get a shot at them. But thats the problem - you are so slow that you rarely end up in situations when you can get a clear shot and if you miss it, you are dead since you cannot outturn or outclimb your enemies. It supposed to be an interceptor against B-29. But it doesnt get air start, so it actually can never catch any bomber on their first bomb run and is forced to fight enemies, that it wasnt made for.


This is what I’ve experienced. Great guns, bad acceleration, good energy retention.

Hard to do well with a plane not designed to fight other fighter planes. I’ve had the most success with in in GRB where there are no markers. In ARB, J7W1 is an easy kill and therefore focused.

Also saying it does well against slower 6.0 and lower planes doesn’t compensate for the fact that it does terrible against the planes it realistically fights at 6.0: Early jets and real BnZ planes.

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J7W1 underperforms because it’s missing max speed and like nearly 200 horsepower.

J7W1 is modelled to do 593 at SL with WEP. After my buff is implemented it would do 593 without WEP and 636 with WEP at sea level which means it will do the same speed at sea level with 400 horsepower less, meaning the drag coefficient of the plane won’t be as high as it is now.

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This is why you need to play it how it works in the game we do have, hence my below average skill but pretty good kill rate in my stats with this plane.

How things were used/meant to be used in real life has very little bearing on effectiveness and tactics in a game.

Have you actually used this plane as can’t find any evidence you have any particular experience in it? For ref I have only used in ARB, though maybe a couple of times in PvE Air. It is definitely a quirky vehicle but personally had good success.

Edit: scrap that, I saw pre February details so your matches weren’t shown. Maybe I was just luckier with opponents/teams in the 26 matches I had with it.

Personally, in the J7W1 I have 24 battles, with 20 wins, 4 deaths and 53 aircraft kills (most, if not all, being actual players. I don’t think AI aircraft were common when I played the J7W1), all in ARB, and I definitely stand by the fact that it is not a good aircraft for ARB.

Yes, my stats are decent in it, but it’s purely because I fought dumb enemies. I fought a spitfire once that had the altitude advantage by a good 2 kilometers and went head-on with me.

Someone in this topic said that the J7W1 can energy fight fairly well. And in all fairness it does keep it’s own energy fairly decently, but the problem is that this relies on it getting an energy advantage to begin with, something that the J7W1 does horribly with its awful climb rate and acceleration (for a fighter/interceptor) and mediocre or even below average level flight top speed.
Getting an energy advantage on the J7W1 is less about climbing and going fast, and more about just hoping that the enemy planes throw away their own energy.

In short the J7W1 just relies on the enemy throwing their own advantages away, by either going head on when they don’t need to, or throwing away their own energy so that you have an energy advantage, because the J7W1 cannot normally get an energy advantage over any fighter at this BR. That makes it bad, whether you have good stats or not.


I know nobody likes to hear it, but some planes need to sideclimb, in air rb that is just the way it works. some planes are stuck to a playstyle like that and some are not.you can also turnfight some specific enemies, its not like a focke wulf that literally will lose a turnfight to anything

Except the J7W1 loses a dogfight to the Ta 152 C-3, which is a direct descendant from the Fw 190, and one of the biggest bricks at this BR.

The J7W1 lacks useful flaps for dogfighting, since its flaps quite literally only help with pulling negative Gs, and provide a laughably low amount of lift in the first place. This alone makes the J7W1 a lot worse at low speeds, but that is not the end of its low speed problems.

The J7W1 behaves horribly at near stall speeds because the engine actively pushes the nose down.
If you go into the test drive and try stalling at 90º with it this becomes very obvious, and I managed to do it even at 105º (75º except the plane is belly up). The plane throws itself forwards and flips, because the CoM (center of mass) sits a lot lower than where the thrust is being generated.

This all combines into the J7W1 being truly horrible for low speed fighting. Lack of flaps and the fact that you cannot whatsoever stall fight with quite literally any plane at this BR means that even bricks like the Ta 152 C-3 will win against you, specially since the Fw 190 line (consequently the Ta 152 C-3 as well) has great flaps.


Sideclimb and do what exactly? By the time you have enough hight the fight is already decided and one of teams is nearly dead. So you either will have to pick up the trash or dive into group of enemies. Sounds like fun. Its simply not what that plane was made for and easiest fix is to give it air start, as it eliminates its biggest weakness of being slow compared to everything else at its BR and gives its actually a chance to participate in combat. Climbing is a must in this plane, its true. But its made more difficult then it should be, by tagging it as fighter - which it isnt. Its a problem that few of other planes share, that for some reason are given roles in game that they werent made for - and they all suffer from it in result.


Fully agree with that - there are a lot of Japanese IC planes without the air spawn. Or the Bf 109 Z, or the XF5F, but they are not really suffering…

On the other hand we have clearly non IC planes like the P-61 which play a role in Air RB they never had irl solely based on the air spawn.

Or take the T-18B 57mm - with a bomber spawn and a max load of 8x50=400 kg at BR 4.3 in Air RB - just a joke, a strike aircraft spawn would be justified, but not a 3.500 m bomber spawn…


It currently has ~2030-2040HP at SL and 2150HP at 2000m on zero ram

‘‘In this aircraft, the speed is measured on WEP and not on 100% (Military power)’’

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