IFVs for top tier minor nations

If you believe something then say that. If you don’t believe something then don’t say it.


Well you aren’t achieving a whole lot, are you?
I’ll say it a 5th time, research and present.

Researching and presenting does not include a childlike statement saying that “UpDaTe sHoUlD iNcLuDe iFv PlEaSe”. It means you compile data and information on a vehicle, and present it to devs.

@Vamilad I recommend just ignoring this guy, clearly he’s just a troll


I don’t work for Gaijin. I don’t have a magic wand that I can wave to make things that I want to happen in game happen. Feedback is something Gaijin can choose to listen to or ignore, there’s no requirement for them to do what I want as a player.


Then we agree, minor nations have been neglected and Gaijin should take serious time this year to focus on them.


Have they not been doing this?

Refer to my multiparagraph comment about the major additions to each nation.

Yes, and they’re working on their product. If you want specific changes to their product, you pledge those changes to that product. You don’t sit back and bitch when they don’t adhere to your every unspoken want.

It’s like going to a mechanic and telling them that your radio isn’t working on top of your normal service. You aren’t fixing your car yourself, you’re presenting them with a basis to work on your car.
If you want a working radio, you tell the mechanic you want a working radio. You tell them what’s wrong with it.

If you want a working radio, the last thing you do is come back a week later whining and crying that they didn’t magically read your mind

There is no agreeance there, nor did I say anything of the sorts.

I’m quoting your post mate. Are you saying someone else wrote the words for you?

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It’s clear you lack the capacity to work anywhere.

Then you don’t get the “magic” ability to have what you want.

And they’ve provided on multiple occasions. The entire reason why Italy is relevant past 9.7 air or 9.3 ground is because people came to the forums and pledged vehicles.

They took votes, they presented unique (and not so unique) variants of vehicles, and they gave clear reason as to why they should be added.

They didn’t sit back and cry when their magical omnipotent god, Gaijin, wasn’t capable of reading their minds and pumping out an Italian modern lineage within a week.

No, I’m saying that you’re too mentally incompetent to understand them.

Surely 😄

“The sky is blue”

“I agree”

“No, when I said the sky is blue I meant the sky is red why didn’t you understand”

I don’t believe I’m the problem in this conversation.


You’re currently on the place where Gaijin asks players to provide feedback for them to review.

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I’m sure.

There is no feedback here. All that you’ve stated is that they should add an IFV in the next update.

You haven’t given any basis to add an IFV on. Hell, it’s taken you 2 days to even name 1 IFV to be added. You haven’t given any information on them, you haven’t described why they should be added… You haven’t done anything.

What do you think my feedback is lol

I think they should add IFVs to minor nations this year. Specifically top tier IFVs on par with the Lynx at minimum.

I believe it’s a major issue that’s been neglected for too long and this year should be the year they fix it.

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Nothing? Hence why I said there isn’t feedback.

Then give them a reason to add vehicles on par with the Lynx. Give them vehicles that are on-par with the lynx. Tell them why it’s needed.

And no, saying “vehicles like the lynx” does not fit any of this. If you want an example of what I mean, look at


Or even

Recommending a vehicle does NOT look like this

War Thunder’s nations should all be equally enjoyable to play.

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They would, it’s just the fact Sweden already has a lot of exceptions with vehicles, for example, the CV-90120, AHS, SAV20.12.48, T-80U, and Mi-28A. None of these entered service with Sweden, but are greatly appreciated, just as many other vehicles they trialed and tested.

They absolutely are, apart from those like Japan or Britain, where certain tiers require you to research every line.

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