IFVs for top tier minor nations

I couldn’t give less of a shit if it’s in-game or not, it’s been passed to the developers. If you’re impatient to the point of near childish levels, that’s entirely on you. Enough research and contemplation has been done on it to warrant implementation.

Again, couldn’t give less of a shit.

You’re really a broken record, aren’t you?

Do you want everything in the world to be added next month? Sure, yeah, let’s tell the devs to hold off all of their incremental updates to give entitled people like you every single thing you want, simply based off of your arbitrary opinions about certain nations.

What else, SpIkE pUmA wHeN?

How is it illogical? Does the concept of a market elude you?

The vehicles are not ingame.

The nations listed lack top tier IFVs in their tech trees.

This is the topic of this thread.

Passed to developers is one of the most meaningless things to look at when it comes to Gaijin’s plans.
There are vehicles that go back more than a handful of years and still haven’t even been found in files.
Same goes for features, maps, sub- and tech-trees.


France barely has a contender for high-tier MBTs to begin with. Adding an IFV won’t affect gameplay of the nation at all, especially seeing as 2/3 of their IFVs are already in-game.

Israel? IFVs? They don’t have any combat-worthy IFVs that are fit for War Thunder. Both the Namer and Eitan have only historically been equipped with anything better than .50 cals, and it isn’t anything special like the M60 AMBT’s M3. It’s just an M2 and an FN MAG.

Again, Chinese IFV passed for development.

The 1 and only IFV that Britain has ever fielded is in-game. They’re historically known for abhorrent vehicle designs and usage of those vehicles, so if you have a problem with its capabilities… Take it up with them.
Then again, if you want the one-off Scorpion variants, you can easily make a topic post about it and put research into vehicles such as the Sabre.

Much like America, Italy does not field any medium-ramge SPAAG systems. If you aren’t happy with a naval cannon firing 1kg proxy HE rounds every half second or an off-brand PGZ-95, find something and research it.
That’s the entire reason why the ADATS exists.

Sorry, I forgot having 7 MBTs, a 10km SPAAG, and one of the best fighters in-game is an unwillingness to support “minor nations”.
cough cough Bri*ain

I also entirely forgot that adding the best F-15 variant (even better than the American variant, funny) is a blatant disregard for “minor nations”.
cough cough Japan

And who would have thought that being 1 of 2 nations to get an Su-27, ON TOP of a dedicated fighter-bomber, was neglect? Hell, I thought having some of the best helicopters in the game was bad, I guess I thought wrong!
cough cough China

What about 11.7 AIM-9Ms? America only has 1 aircraft to carry them, and I don’t see that aircraft also carrying 10 GBUs anytime soon.
Let’s also ignore that entire Hungarian line, or the addition DM53 to an already strong arsenal of M322.
cough cough Italy

I’ll also assume that a FAF Tiger isn’t all that mainstream anymore, let alone major buffs to a VT-1 carrying AA or the addition of an up-armored MBT and 2 Gen 4/4+ fighters. Ammo buffs also don’t count ;)
cough cough France

I don’t even need to talk about Sweden, do I? You seem to have made up your mind about their state.

But by all means, tell me how an F-16D, F-15, and 5 M322 carries is bad. Israel even has one of the best APS systems in the game for all-around protection, let alone their monstrous air lines.

But yeah, they should work on these nations, as they clearly haven’t been already.

Yes, hence this thread to express my frustration over this. It’s the start of a new year and I hope Gaijin takes the time to rectify their mistake.


Refer to my previous comment.

How about variants such as Desert Warrior, Warrior CTAS and Ajax…?
Remember that a vehicle doesn’t have to be a service variant in order to be a valid addition.


You don’t quite get sarcasm, do you?

Beautiful, you took bait. Thanks for proving that you can easily find variants of IFVs, now for the third time, produce a topic with substantial research for implementation.

Do you want me to say it for the 4th time?
Or is it everybody else’s problem to go and pledge additions, and you’re just the sideliner that’s here to cry whenever their efforts move slower than group contributions.

You stated a fact. I agree with your statement.

No, I didn’t. I made a sarcastic remark about your ignorance towards major additions to “minor nations”.

You didn’t seem to register it, much like the major additions to the “minor nations”.

If you disagree with your own statement why did you make it?

You’re not psychotic enough to believe that it’s the job of players to research vehicles for Gaijin to implement, right?


I don’t disagree with my own statement. I’m telling you that your interpretation of it is blatantly wrong.

…excuse me?
You just shared misinformation and I proved you wrong with two images, how is this proving any point of yours?
It just seems like you aren’t out on doing anything but disrupting the topic at hand, because frankly, nothing you said here so far has been substantial or relevant.

Is it so wrong to ask for more content for the nations people like to play…?
Not even a clue what else you’re trying to say here, this just seems pointless.


You stated you disagree with your own statement, now you’re stating you agree with your own statement.

I need you to find out what you actually believe if you wish to have a productive discussion.


I’m psychotic enough to tell people like you that if you want something, you get it. If you want to sit back and let Gaijin take the wheel, don’t back-seat-drive the entire way and whine as if you don’t already get it all.

Yes, I want Gaijin to implement top tier IFVs to minor nations, hence this thread providing feedback on the designated forum for providing player feedback to the developers.

It is literally Gaijin’s job to upkeep the game and provide more content for the players who literally fund their project… it is not a crowdfunded venture, it is a company who has to work on their product…

It’s like going to a garage and paying to fix your own car rather than having a mechanic do it for you…

Again, I didn’t. I stated that my statement was made with sarcasm in mind. It’s clear you’re too dull to understand it, so I’ll make it more clear.

I wrote paragraphs as to the very recent additions to all “minor nations”. I’ve shown the vehicles that were given better capabilities than their own parent countries, and vehicles of said “minor nations” that have more than quite literally any other vehicle in-game.

So, of course, I concluded my comment with a sarcastic remark that exemplified your blatant ignorance towards all of these additions.