IFVs for top tier minor nations

I think the point of this thread and the point trying to be made is this.

Those vehicles have been suggested. Several of them have been suggested for quite a long time






To list but a few. Plenty more can be found:

But despite that fact, they still havent been added and several nations are woefully short when it comes to light tanks/IFVs at higher tier. Like Britain. All of these are exactly what we need right now and what we needed over the Challenger 3 or the Challenger 2 OES or maybe even the Challenger 2E.

To give a reason like you say:

Britain’s MBTs are niche, they are not built for mobility, and they have attempted to address that with the Challenger 2E and 3TD which have improved mobility. But another way to address the issues of the British Top Tier ground line-up is to add additional IFVs, vehicles on par with something like the KF-41, 2S38, etc. To give us a fast paced assault vehicle. Something useful for actually fighting in CQB and potentially enabling Britian to go for the objectives for a change.

Challenger 2 is getting a lot of attention recently, and whilst none of it is unfounded. There is a mountain of issues. The overall state of the British TT puts additional strain on the Challenger 2. As its forced to take on the roles that tanks like the Abrams or Leopard or T-80 simply dont. As those nations can call upon other vehicles instead



Then how do you propose a solution to an entirely subjective point?

What is not subjective is the disparity between tech trees.

There are tech trees with full top tier lineups and those without. I wish for every tech tree in the game to have a full and complete lineup for all BR ratings, assuming there are vehicles to fill it.

In the case of the subject of this thread there are certainly IFVs to fill the mentioned gaps in tech trees.

How do you fix this? Take the time and develop IFVs for all nations that are worthy of >10.0 BR.

Well his is just not needed and their is plenty of ifv Britain can get past the warrior

Like what are you doing starting arguments over nothing

Alot nations lack a top tier ifv that they can get so they should get it ASAP

Woah what a point


Excluding Italy as well, as for now it has multiple IFVs already, the focus should be on MBTs for this nation)

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Italy needs SPAA lol

Spaa as well, but not that much. I mean it needs a top tier SAM for sure, but I feel a lack of MBTs (especially with armor) throughout brs way more.

my suggestion for the scorp 90 doesnt really carry over to the minor nations, as the British demonstrator version had all the features, most of which were not included in the export ones, also the fact that there are three different scorpion 90s, with only one being based on my suggestion (Alvis), there is also one from BAE and another from the guys who did the scorp 2000

It absolutely is. I’ve quite literally given you the profound additions to every tree in the game, all in the last 6 months.
But if there’s such a division, pray tell.

America has a full 11.3-11.7 lineup
Germany has a full 11.7 lineup
Russia has a somewhat varying but full 11.3-11.7 lineup
Britain has a full 11.3-11.7 lineup
Japan has an 11.0-11.7 lineup
China has a full 11.7 lineup
Italy has a full 11.3-11.7 lineup
France has a full 11.7 lineup
Sweden has the fullest of 11.7 lineups.
Israel has an 11.3-11.7 lineup.
But please, I’m sure half of these are most definitely lacking
4 high tier strike aircraft (America)
4 DM53 capable tanks with the best turret armor of MBTs (Germany)
Unbelievable all around applique coverage with the best helicopters (Russia)
A literal spamfest of top tier MBTs and GBU capable aircraft (Britain)
5 tanks with 4 second reloads, + made up F-16 for the gits and shiggles (Japan)
Best AA in the game, + better WP pattern tanks for the legacy 99, and a better Russian tank in the 99A (China)
Best harrier in the game with a myriad of M322 / DM53 firing tanks, as well as 5 top contending IFVs (Italy)
France with 4 Gen 4[+] aircraft, FAF helicopter, and 4 recently buffed MBTs (fremch)
Or how about everything in the game? Do you like that too? (Sweden)
Or again, multiple F-16s, an F-15, and a shitload of M322 and M338 on some fatass tanks (Israel)

America has their best IFV, save for a quality of life variant, at 10.0
Germany has an IFV that’s barely in service at 10.0, though people bitch about the lack of ATGMs that have piss poor performance to begin with.
Russia already has their best tracked IFV at 10.0, and the wheeled BTR-90 is effectively this but worse
Britain barely has any IFVs to begin with, and I’ve already told you what to do about their “others”
Japan has their best (albeit 40 year old) IFV in-game, and that doesn’t even qualify past 9.7.
Chinese IFVs have already been passed, not like they have any good ones.
Italian IFVs… Yeah, we already have 7. I think we’re good there.
French IFVs don’t qualify past 10.0, much like Japan. Their best has nothing but a 30mm Bushmaster and a CROWS.
5 Swedish IFVs is enough.
Already told you what to do about Israeli IFVs.

They’ve already put in time for IFVs. If you want more, you present more and a reason to add more. Israel has 8 Merkavas, 14 Magachs, 2 M163s, and a Shilka. Oh, yeah, forgot the TOW M113. What makes you think another less-armored Merkava will suffice? I can get behind the Eitan, though that’s just another copy/paste wheeled vehicle of the 21st century with 1 reverse gear.

Whose isn’t needed?

Name me one.

Nah man you just hate IFVs I get it now


Am I the one telling Gaijin to read my mind then berating them after they haven’t?

There are 2 nations in-game that lack IFVs, 1 already has one passed and the other has no need for one.

You keep saying this but you want us to all read your mind and assume that you hate IFVs.

If you hate IFVs you need to say so rather than this roundabout justification for not adding more.

And an IFV is the solution to this?

But please, name 1 SPAA that Italy can use. It already has a naval cannon prototype with HE-VT, as well as 2 SIDAMs, 1 carrying SATCPs.

MBDA Aster not included.

Like come on just say it outright stop this false justification crap.

I’m not telling you to read my mind, nor do I hate IFVs. Hell, I have more matches in them than I do on my favorite vehicle, and I’m an air main.

I don’t have IFVs at all. I hate people who go out of their way to cry about how their super-special-and totally-not-different-from-any-other-vehicle-in-the-tree vehicle hasn’t been added with no input from them whatsoever.
At least the PUMA Spike people give plentiful reason to why it should exist. You barely even speak the name of a single IFV.


That’s my point, you keep telling everyone “stop expecting Gaijin to read your mind” but here you are screeching over the possibility of more IFVs being added to the game without outright stating the reasoning for your screeching. You hate IFVs, just say it.

Multiple other users have linked you the vehicle addition threads of various IFVs mentioned in this thread, this is just an outright false statement. You just hate IFVs but you’re too dishonest to say so.

Your entire behavior on this thread has been from a position of dishonesty. You framed your discussion around how the expectation of additions of vehicles should be but you don’t actually care about that. All you care is that no more IFVs are added, irrelevant of a specific point. You hate IFVs and don’t want to see more added, I get it. You could have saved us all a ton of time by just being honest though.