Alvis Scorpion 90

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                                    Alvis Scorpion 90


The Scorpion 90 also known as the Scorpion 2 was a variant of the successful FV101 Scorpion developed by Alvis in the early 80’s in an attempt to bring a more powerful variant of the vehicle to export customers. The normal Scorpion had been a rather successful venture and Alvis hoped to capitalize on that by offering an improved vehicle armed with a 90 mm CMI Defence Mk III gun. Due to the roomy nature of the already-designed Scorpion turret, it did not take much effort to modify it to accommodate the larger gun, creating a turret designated the AC 90, which was almost identical to the basic vehicle turret, with only a modified mantlet to house the new cannon. The gun had an elevation of +30° and a depression of -8°, which was almost the same as the normal 79mm equipt vehicle. The tank carries 34 rounds of ammunition, a slight decrease from the 40 carried by the 76mm equipt vehicle. In addition to the 90mm cannon the Scorpion 90 was equipt with 2 7.62 GPMG’s, one mounted coaxially and a second on a pintel on the top of the turret, with a combined 3000 rounds of ammunition. A pair of quad smoke dischargers were also carried on either side of the turret, allowing the vehicle to launch both smoke grenades and Fragmentation grenades as the situation required.

In order to market the Scorpion 90, Alvis constructed a proof of concept demonstrator, which was equipt with the following features and capabilities:

  • Thales NV 3001 system
  • Thales NV53 day/night commander’s sight
  • Thales NVL53 day/night gunner’s sight with integral laser range-finder
  • Power traverse and elevation drives
  • External 7.62 mm GPMG mount which can be used by commander or gunner
  • Revised final drive units
  • Revised sprocket carrier and rear idler unit
  • Longer life tracks
  • New fume extraction system
  • New electrics with low-maintenance batteries
  • Improved transmission
  • Improved suspension and enhanced cross-country mobility
  • Fire detection and suppression system
  • A range of additional thermal imaging sights

These upgrades were also offered to existing Scorpion customers to modernize their fleet if deemed appropriate, though initially there was little interest in the gestating Scorpion 90. This malaise would soon break though, when Alvis took advantage of the American LAV project to market the Scorpion 90, along with the Stormer IFV (LAV-25). The IFV would not see much success from this marketing ploy, but the Scorpion 90 would see several orders, with both Malaysia and Venezuela ordering their own modified variants of the Scorpion 90, though both would differ from the complete design presented in the test bed. Production of the Scorpion 90 would begin in 1982, and it is still in service today with some of the countries that adopted it.

When looking at photographs the Alvis demonstrator can be easily spotted, as unlike the production vehicles, it has a different more slender muzzle break for the Cockerill LP 90mm gun, which got larger and more chunky after the prototype was built, but before production of any orders could commence. The proof of concept would later be modified to include this more modern muzzle break, but for the most part, the early photos can easily be decerned due to this noticeable variance in the preproduction vehicle.

Vehicle specification:

Mass 8,700 kg

Length 5.288 m (17 ft 4.2 in)

Width 2.134 m (7 ft 0 in)

Height 2.102 m (6 ft 10.8 in)

Crew 3 (Commander, Driver, Gunner)

Armour Aluminium armour, Cast and 1318b plate

Main armament 90mm Cockerill Mk3 M-A1 gun (34 rounds)

Secondary armament 1 x Coaxial 7.62 mm L43A1 machine gun (1500 rounds)
1 x pintel mounted GPMG (1500 rounds)
2 x 4 76mm smoke grenade launcher

Engine Perkins 6-cylinder diesel (200 hp at 2.700 rpm)

Power/weight 22.9 hp/t

Transmission Self Change Gears TN15X

Suspension Torsion-bar

Operational range 756 km (470 mi)

Maximum speed 72.5 km/h (45.0 mph)

Additional photos:

Sales brochure for the Scorpion 90 in Arabic:

Additional photograph of the demonstrator at a later date fitted with the muzzle break that would be found on production Scorpion 90s:



CVR(T)s and rumours of CVR(T)s.


I have the never ending story with this family of vehicles, as every time i suggest one, i end up finding 3 more, ussually with just a photo and a bit of fluff in a janes article to prove it existed XD

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This tank should have been added AGES ago! +1 for this and all the other CVR(T) vehicles!

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I really don’t get how we don’t already have a full bloody line of British light tanks


it becomes more apparant with every suggestion i do, we must be on about 50 just from me XD

Not quite mate, the project begins back in April 1978 with the CVR Mid Life Improvements program and its subsequent ORC. A series of weapons are suggested including the 90mm, none of these finally get picked up although the 90mm does get made to test stuff out and is the first of tis kind, Alvis then produce it for export.


Ah fair enough, it may have gestated there, but the first tangible stuff started cropping up in about 1981, Alvis are the masters of making ideas we can impliment, and then slightly down the line making a proof of concept demonstrator, I have seen so many turret swapped stormers at this point its unreal, you name a turret for export and there is a solid chance an Alvis CVRT was wearing it for a week or two in the 80s XD

regarding this it is the as you said midlife extension program, its why nearly all the modifications found on the 90 demonstrators were also available for the scorpion if the client so chose to get them, i know the brits went with the longer life tracks for example

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I know! And they’re all amazingly well done though a select few of the vehicles might be a bit questionable.

I honestly don’t understand how this light tank isn’t in the game yet

it’s hArD tO BaLaNcE

Premium Scimitar Idea. Latvian CVR-T with Camo netting.


we need more camo netting on vehicles maybe they could work the camo netting in as a modification that you can turn on and off when choosing a vehicle in the starting battle screen, i know you can take of the premium leopards and thats it really

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What ammo does it have available to use?


What BR would it be? I am shocked the legendary Scorpion was not included years ago but modern fast vehicles are killing low tier BRs filled with slow WW2 era vehicles.
Sucking the fun out of it.

Based on similar dart slingers already in game this thing will likely be around 8.0-9.0

Sounds good.

If it gets APFSDS then a definite +1 from me!

That link also contained info for the performance of a 76mm HESH which is great! I’ve searched fruitlessly for stats on it.

That is a primary source too, straight from the manufacturer, if you ever need to bug report XD