IFVs for top tier minor nations

The new update should include at least one top tier IFV for each minor nation excluding Sweden who supports three.


Idk what you mean “top tier” but 10.0 is far from top tier

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The performance difference between 10.0 IFVs and >10.0 IFVs is access to ATGMs.

Ignoring the BILL correct?

Sweden has quite effective IFVs yes, Bradley also has TOWs


Bradley has 25mm, no need for anything else

I wish France got the Jaguar now that we’re getting into F&F missiles for ground…


Jaguar is a reconnaissance vehicle, not an IFV.
It would be nice to see alongside more VBCI variants though.

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Still waiting for ZBD-04 and it’s derivatives.
The Israeli heavy IFVs would also be lovely to see.


I want the ACV-30. And I can not see a real argument against it.


Yes having an IFV is good.

For the sake of the game, it’s an IFV

Scout vehicle with an auto cannon, it’s a class that’s sorely missed from several minor nation’s trees, especially at top tier.

The EBRC is a very good vehicle that would compliment France top tier extremely well.

Gaijin’s lack of progress in adding top tier modern “IFVs” has been noticed and lacking from several nations for a long time. If this does not change this year it will be an extreme failure on their part.



(Sweden of course)


CV 9040 Mk.IV has two SPIKE-LR missiles, not like they are great, right now, they can be later. If they are fixed.

So if Sweden is treated like other trees, and how it has been, we should get this. The “BILL” or TOW-2B TDA doesn’t count as it’s 10.0, and Russian ammo is just impossible to explode it takes two on each side of the turret, that is if you even hit your target. Also not to mention you cannot fire on the move.

Why is Sweden excluded anyway, other minor nations have been receiving Naval tech tree’s (I.e. France and Italy.) Why is Sweden any different?

You say they are effective, and for the most part, yes, they are missing things, like an IRST gun sight for the gunner to track flying targets. You have to flank 100% of the time to kill MBT’s, and other IFV’s are no problem (duh). Only exception to it is the BILL, which is still a Cv9040B, with a launch box on it, so no real protection against anything, a glass cannon if you would.

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It’s top tier for IFVs. The only nations with higher BR IFVs are Germany (10.3 event vehicle, kinda doesn’t count) and Italy (10.7).
Nations with the lowest BR top obtainable IFVs (no events):

France (9.7)
Japan (9.0)
Britain (8.3)
China (7.7)
Israel (none!)


France has AMX-10P soon to be at 5.7 and Japan has SUB-1-2 at 5.3, though they don’t function as IFVs in game.
Britain also has the Ratel 20 at 6.7.

Sweden can have another IFV when every other minor nation in the game has been given one of at least 10.0 BR

They’re listing the highest BR IFV for said nations, although China has the QN506 which is 10.0

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Yep, though I didn’t include the QN as it’s not obtainable anymore. At least not without the market idk if it’s still for sale there, console accounts can’t even look :(

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Should get the Namer and the Eitan.

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Yeah, seeing as how the latest in service is the 9040 C, Sweden shouldn’t really see any IFV’s, but should see the CV-90120-T (Mod. 2007). Only other way Sweden will see another/newer IFV is if they adopt a new one, or we get all the Nordic countries. I.e. Finnish BMP-2MD, Danish CV9035DK, and some others.

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