Idea to solve CAS problem in RB

Sorry but You are the one who said that You don’t care about other peoples opinions on public forum.

I haven’t even attacked You, just pointed out that You are what You descirbe as a problem.

You tried making out I was a liar for actually looking critically at someones created topics instead of merely looking at the titles…

You argue in bad faith on the regular, and try to make out that someone is ‘lying’ to remove them from the conversation or discredit them…

The fact that I said I don’t care about whether you think I’m right or wrong, is nothing to do with you attacking and berating me… You’re trying to muddle those wordings to make an issue, as you constantly do.

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Sorry but the title is not the same as the tag or what it is said in the topic. As I said, the said player created at best two topics about air in GRB.

Well, you’re wrong.

So prove me wrong, post links to 4 of them, should be simple if You know about them.

I can only find this one talking about air in GRB.

Feeding the whinge and moan is all the rage to make people more amped up about thier issues, which is what you want, because it facilitates ‘change’ and ‘movement’…

It’s more giving players a wet paper bag to make out they can’t fight out of.

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‘Merge game modes’ topic not about

but other things too.

'Add option to remove CAS from Air RB (poll)

Well the name says it all, ‘air RB’, just because there is one mention of GRB, doesn’t mean that the topic resolves around it.

‘CAS only mode (poll)’

No mention of GRB in the topic.

‘I have the answear to all Your CAS problems’ - the one I have linked myself.

Still no 4 topics about the GRB/CAS issues, rather one topic about it and others which talk about other things and maybe just mention it ;).

The mocking/joking threads are counted… They are formed for that reason.

Should we count every time he says ‘CAS’ as the topic about CAS in GRB then?

Come one, get real.

I think you need to get real.

Sorry, but next time count his every word on forum when he mentions one thing and say that it is all a separate topic.

He created one topic which was about GRB/CAS issues.

New topics poping out only show that the issue is real and should be adressed.

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Are you saying by linking my topics that i cant or dont learn how to play?

Nope, not at all…

I use only spaa.I only shoot at airplanes.If they increase the rewards, that’s good.


We just need a simple option (no CAS) like the checkbox for night battles.
let people choose what they want, if no CAS players wants to wait longer for a match, let them be.
it even would bring people back, that left because of CAS. So more money for Gajjin.


I don’t know if it has already been written, a solution could be to have a button for the anti-aircraft call (like for the artillery call) one or two SPAGG BOTs would appear for about 30/40 seconds to destroy enemy planes.

ULQ, for the next guy saying “vocal minority” or analogous, instead of linking the polls in this forum, which obviously isnt really useful, lets reply with this simple screenshot:


If i messed up the uploading, its from Dollarplays youtube, a poll with 39K (THIRTYNINETHOUSANDS for the mathematically impaired ones), and it gives a 63% of them wanting a seperate tank only mode.


Dollarplay separate tank only mode Poll


How you gonna convince a seperated community to find back together? Something has to change. I play almost every battle SPAA. And it would be just nice to have the option to relax a few battles. That’s all I’m asking for.

What is the biggest risk Gaijin can take if they bring a tank only mode?
What is the biggest risk Gaijin can take if they do not and stay silent on that topic?
What is your biggest risk as a player if a tank only mode would come?
What is your biggest risk as a player if nothing changes?

Sure there are more questions to that topic. But maybe this helps a bit to get away from this emotional discussion back to some basics. Keep in mind that the answers can be different for everyone due to his personal experience and perception in life.

I hope we may focus on the things that we got in common and not what divides us or the classic “I’m right!”


I’m sure that’s just a dozen of TO advocates making thousands upon thousands of alt accounts just to vote.
Also, same dozen of people somehow prevented “majority” to vote NO.

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What if Gaijin just launches the mode under subject to change to see what happens? If it makes everything worse. Take it back and try the next proposal.

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