CAS only mode (poll)

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Thats right another CAS poll, you could bomb/ torpedo ships, tanks, bridgies, dams (dam buster inspiration), even railway carriages to your hearts content, you might even be let lose with a nuke.


So Air Battles but ground attack only?


What ever you want it to be, just vote and add you thoughts on the subject. You could ask free to play players nicely to sail the ships and drive the tanks 😆 😆 😆

aaaaand another one

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would seem nice, like Heli EC for strike aircraft only. maybe we could see more advanced NPC targets or bases, like entire industrial districts for multiple bombers, fully modelled (correctly) convoys, maybe even aerial refueling


We’re talking mainly about a mode to stock grind strikers. I dont know what countries or vehicles you play, but I’ll tell you a stock Su-25BM or A-7K is shit to play in GRB or ARB. You’ll just die to a missile or plane in either mode. Helicopters are the most annying in GRB and we’re only talking about fixed wing aircraft here

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Nothing that you said there has anything to do with my statement. I asked you to highlight where in my statement I was incorrect.

This isn’t going to happen. Gaijin is never going to prevent a whole class of planes from being brought into an aviation game mode.

The only kind of mode that could suit this play style is some sort of PVE mode. But it wont limit what you could bring into the match. You’ll just be free to bring whatever you want.

I pointed out you were wrong because of the nature of planes killing you. I highly doubted that every match the thing that annoys you most is a couple of 100kg bombs and not something actually useful like a TV guided bomb. You are likely getting killed by majority spaded/mostly researched jets, not stock ones with bas weapons.

Look I’m going to make this very easy for you because you still have not highlighted where in my statement I was incorrect.

Use the quote feature and quote the part of my statement that is factually incorrect like this.

The idea is a PvE like helicopter EC.
And ofc they could limit it to only strikers/bombers

I would love some sort of a PVE mode but why limit it to only CAS?

Hell, if done correctly, a PVE mode wouldn’t need to be limited at all. Bring any plane, any heli, any ship and maybe even any tank into the mode to fight AI vehicles.

A CAS only mode isn’t going to happen. Gaijin has rejected this several times in their Q & A’s. They’ve also rejected a pure Fighter mode before.

Wonderful! We can close all the ground only polls now that there is a game mode where you don’t have to play with CAS.
Same with naval.

The point to limit it is the hard stock grind of high tier CAS like Su-25T or BM. sure, theyre OP when spaded but its hell to spade.

The part where you say that you can freely play CAS there. A CAS only mode would allow you to play CAS without any conditions to be met.

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Again, an all-inclusive PVE mode would work fine for helping the stock to spaded grind. There’s no need to limit it to CAS only.

You’re shoe-horning your own struggles onto everybody else and creating a mode that is extremely limited.

There’s no need to limit a PVE mode. Its PVE… you can play CAS alongside friendly fighters.

Again these ideas of CAS only or Fighter only modes are pointless and a waste of time because it’s already been rejected by Gaijin several times.

So, something like helicopter EC PVE but RB mode with attackers and bombers?

You can’t play CAS unconditionally in GRB and NRB, which is where what you said is entirely wrong.

ok dude I get it

Still there are conditions to be met. Also not all maps offer opportunities to do the reserve tank SP rush.

So your original post remains incorrect.