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Get ride of AAB, GAB, NAB, ARB, GRB, NRB, AAA, AGA, WW. Replace with a game mode where 2, 3 or 4 islands battle it out. Air superiority, sea superiority and ground superiority for a final win. So you have to win 2 out 3. Or something else, what ever.

Also its not fare that players only use ARB to mod there planes for GRB, when they are not intrested in winning the match, we dont eneter GRB to mod ground vehicles for ARB and ruin there matchies, 🙄 actully that gives me an idea, but hay why wast my time

Maybe for an event. Not regular mm


I’m not even sure what you are talking about replacing the current modes with . . . . not all that much of conflicts covered by the vehicles in WT were even used in, around or near water. Something a great deal more specific would need to be put forth before you’re going to get anyone to even consider such a thing. And then it really should go into the Suggestions Section, not here in General Discussions. It would seem tweaking the current game modes to a more playable & “user friendly” style would be easier for them to do and not a total culture shock to the entire player base . . . just some thoughts . . but keep plugging and go over your ideas several times to see what “roadblocks” might be there . . it’s always a process . . . . .

Air is being abused by players who just want to mod there CAS. So i am thinking why not allow dedicated pilots into each of the other game modes for air superiority. There are players who just want to drive tanks, players who just want to sail ships and players who just want to fly planes. Im just trying to create an idea with the help of everyone else, a game mode that can include everyone at the same time

Combined arms is already quite unpopular in War Thunder, with by far the majority of players playing Air AB (not combined), Air RB (not combined), or Ground AB (barely combined, nerfed mini game only, no CAS mains).

The data would seem to suggest that people do not enjoy combined arms all that much, so we should be doing less of it, not more of it.

If that is the case how did CASs in GRB happen. I have seen posts where people are not happy like you said with mixed. May be ground should just be ground and navy be navy and air be air

What do you mean “how did it happen”? Gaijin coded the game to include CAS, and then published the patch, lol. You are acting as if “Doing unpopular things” is physically impossible or something.

May be ground should just be ground and navy be navy and air be air

I agree, or have a combined mode but just not EXCLUSIVELY that for any of those, only as an optional bonus mode.

I dont understand what your saying

More people like it than don’t.
Speak out bias means that most of the people that dislike it will speak out, but only a few that like it will defend it.

I wasn’t basing it on speaking out, I was basing it on this How popular are the various modes? - General Discussion - War Thunder - Official Forum

Only about 10% of matches launched on any given day are proper combined arms where you can main CAS (by which I mean any naval or ground RB). Few people choose to play it.

I can also imagine the amount of rage posts that will be made when enemy battleships are shelling your tank spawn.

We already have plenty of players complaining about “not being able to do anything vs cas” in ground rb. Now imagine those people having to deal with some ship 10km out shelling them.

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As an event this could be cool but needs to be something you could play for several hours like EC modes huge maps with ocean and litorial combat with actual ground objectives would be pretty cool

maybe make targets unlockable for ships so you have to kinda guess and make shots like that have wide dispersion but honestly who wouldnt want a Temper ,Temper situation lol oh check out that Temper temper saying it cool history lol

Great suggestion. I see you put lot of thoughts in it.

Could only use coastal ships with short range, a map divided into islands with wide rivers, estuaries, lakes, land bridges/bridges whatever

Clouds and fog over spawn, dont forget air superiority

Cool idea for a massive EC match but I prefer the current format tbh.

How exactly would the clouds/fog work? Cover tank spawn in fog? That would block the tanker’s sight. Planes could take out the ships but that would be rather hard unless they nerf ship ai aa.

As you stated in your comment right before this one, coastal boats could work but that would cut out half of the naval forces. I still think it could be a neat event but as a replacement of tge regular mm, not so much.

Ground RB is the least popular main gamemode (Not talking about naval, because not only there’s no data, but if there was, it would be ruined by amount of bots in there)

Air rb, air ab, ground ab are similarly popular. And the main difference between these 4 is the strength of CAS in only one gamemode. Care to guess which one it is?

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Air realistic game mode is getting ruined by player grinding there CAS… players who are dedicated ARB struggle to get a decent game. How about we are allowed into GRB just as fighters no tanks and grind our planes there. Could you imagine all the crying