Add option to remove CAS from Air RB (poll)

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Players who are in CAS planes in ARB only do so to mod there planes for ground, in ground they have to earn SP to spawn a plane and if its not spaded is it worth using. This is unfair for ARB and GRB. in air they dont care for the match win and while getting an air spawn will dive to get there ground targets faster than figher planes can get to middle of map, so may be remove all airspawns. They only use these planes in ground when fully spaded which is unfair for tanks/ SPAA who have no other method to spade there units.

this poll is for an option, CAS can still do there thing, while fighters and ground can do there’s

I get annoyed with base bombers and passive players in ARB too but this isn’t the solution. This would completely nuke ARB. The solution here is to tailor the mode so that CAS planes and bombers make a difference in an ARB match.

Right now from tiers 1 through 6, CAS planes do make a difference so the question is really for tiers 7 and 8 where they really are useless.

Again, i would propose adding a gamemode like an Air RB Enduring Confrontation (EC) so that these planes can actually be of help to the match outcome. This mode really should be for all tiers but should predominantly focus on tiers 6, 7 and 8. It would include longer match times, respawning, rolling objectives, big maps, etc.

Removing half the planes from ARB will make them impossible to grind and that’s not good for the game.

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Exactly. But these adjustments have to add realistic win conditions which were taken away by rolling out respawning bases in May 2020.

No offense, but the majority of matches are already decided by the numbers game and usually the team with less PvE players wins. So from a holistic perspective Air RB is already nuked…

This post is related to CAS in Air RB:


Grind to be put in GRB and never again a ARB?

This is about air RB, not ground, so in that sense I suppose it’s somewhat original… 😅

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Not for AIR. And you cant tell ne to use SPAA or learnbto play, when its my own team using cas is the problem

Oh, I see.

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It’s not about deleting CAS, it’s about make it work.
I have no problem with bombing or ground pounding in AirRB as long as it is an option to win the battle.

The rewards for bombing are too high relative to the effect to the battle.
Actually in higher tier one base isn’t 5% of the tickets, but one kill is 6,25% of the win.
The reward for one base is double or triple the reward for one kill.
That’s the whole problem because there are to many players only playing for the rewards.

I check the teams after the battle very often. 90% the team with the most ground attackers looses in higher tiers.

I remember in the old days 4 B29 on Malta win the battle instantly if they reach AF. Don’t know if this will work on any map today?


Once again the biggest issue in WT from a game design POV is not the vehicles or the BRs, but the game modes and their mission types.


Yes and No

Yes, some newly revised maps (called “Frontline xyz”) at around 2.7 to 4.7 have 3 bases and “killable” airfields. So you see from time to time airfield kills if 2 event PV-2Ds with 3 tons of TNT drop each (seamines) or 3 Bv 238s made it to the airfield, but it is rare.

No, as the quality of bomber pilots severely decreased, either because 3 of your 4 bombers are B-25 bots or they are simple unable to find the right approach, so even if you have realistic chances like with 3 Bv 238s and some bomb carrying strike aircraft, the Bv 238s decide to start dive runs despite that the distances are too short to allow enemy interceptors to reach their alt.

Btw - the trick to kill B-29s/264s or Halifaxes on Malta was always reverse climbing (so away from them) into their predicted flight path and to find the fight point in time for a 180 turn either to kill them with a headon on same alt or a stall kill. The “unnerfed” Re 2005 was a perfect B-29 killer below 7-8 km altitude…


When i get battle pass task to bomb bases i now use the fast b25 shallow dive to base, bomb it and return to af before enemy fighter reach middle of map. That is not the problem. Quality of matchies is, many planes are not being used to there full potential as matchies are ending to quickly, to many head-on’s. Im flying p47 atm, youngsters in fw90’s are tell me to stop running away if i extended past 1k 😆 🤣 😂. Or if climb to 4k at start of match in j21a they start crying after i shhot the down because they stalled. And this is typical of a lot of matchies

No CAS = No SPAA, therefore pointless to even add SPAA/SAM into the game if the majority will play without CAS. So I voted no…just practice aiming with SPAA and GL with SAMs.

So, basically what you are saying, is that you arent allowed to play CAS aircraft in ARB, Im fairly certain you also want CAS removed from GRB. Where exactly do you want anyone wanting to play CAS aircraft to go?

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Mixed Arms

What i am saying is add an option, CAS can still attack NPC if they wish too. I should not be forced to play bad matchies because CAS wants to mod there planes for ground

Not sure about arcade but in realistic you can win match by killing ground targets. I once almost depleted all enemy tickets in Pfeil because I was ignored. And the same happened to me when bunch of guys in Wyverns won the game…

Yes, wyvern wave can win a match before fighters can get to there optimal altitude, which leaves fighters wasting there time before joining

No they cant…

Ive seen ut happen me in my xp50 before i can get to 5k alt

Going to 5k is pointless, thats why it happened. Especially in XP50.