Idea to solve CAS problem in RB

Hi, I came up with an idea to ( kinda) solve CAS problem.
Maybe its silly, maybe its not, you can judge yourself and join the discussion.

So, why CAS are so annoying in ground RB?
I think, its because:
a) most of the tanks can’t counter them, and to spawn AA you have to die first( and spawning with aa as first vehicle will be most likely boring or suicidal)
b) playing aa kinda suck, rewards are meh and sometimes there’s no planes at all, so you have to try to fight aa against normal tanks)
c) revenge bombing exists( I guess I dont have to explain this one)

My idea to solve all those problems is:

-Reduce sp cost for planes or helis in grb to the cost similar to ground vehicles, and allow players to play air as first choice in battle

And I know what you are thinking- Am I trolling, out of my mind or just stupid?
But please read the rest.
There will be a few rules:

-First player who will pick up air will play it first, but no one can play it two times in the row.
-Only 6 planes or helis can be in air at the same time( 3 on each team)
-your planes and helis cannot have higher BR than your highest Br ground vehicle in your lineup
-There will be higher rewards for destroying an air vehicle( or maybe even passive rewards for “guarding the air” as an AA to just stay afloat with points as AA)

And in this way everyone will be happy:

-AA will be able to spawn as first choice because someone will be in air at the start of the battle, so they wont be borderline useless anymore

-AA will be more rewarding

  • Revenge bombing will be almost eleminated or greatly reduced, because of the limit of 3 air vehicles per team

-Someone who likes to play planes or helis will be happy too, cause they will be able to spawn at the start of the battle and even if they are too slow to pick it first, they can play with some ground tank and J out if air spot will be free, cause sp cost will be cheaper

What do you think?


No. Same slab of meat, with different wording. Someone else suggested something similar and it didn’t make any sense.


Why it doesnt makes any sense? Explain please, cause I think my idea will just be better than actual state of CAS in GRB and just “no” is kind of a garbage answer imo( besides I dont know anything about previous similar post, but even if that was bad, it doesnt makes my idea automatically wrong ).

Because good pilots don’t fly there. And you can’t balance planes with tanks due to the way gaijin implemented them to be playable for masses.

Besides the lack of markers (very convenient) the abysmal bad economy of Ground RB prevents any decent pilot from joining Ground RB if he is not interested in playing tanks. Furthermore a dedicated pilot prefers to fight other planes instead of strafing / bombing more or less helpless guys in tanks.

Add air-to-air markers and allow a few guys a first spawn with aircraft (without A2G loadout) and your CAS issue is solved in a few weeks.


Precisely the point, when i fly planes I drop a single bomb at a specific target typically hunting ones getting closer to our spawn or a cap point. Afterward, it is a game of the predators to hunt its prey.

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if you get to top tier it doesnt work due to fact of br difference in ground and air

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Anti-CAS players: I don’t wanna play SPAA…
Also anti-CAS players: I don’t wanna play fighters…

There’s zero winning with anti-CAStards…


No. CAS is a minimum of 580SP for the low end stuff, and over 800SP at guided munitions.
A fighter is 480.
Maybe reduce it to 420, but I haven’t had issues getting fighter SP in matches to begin with.
There will always be a fighter before CAS in current SP requirements.

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yeah no, just remove planes from the game, this is a stop gap, we need radical change


And why do you need good pilots in GROUND RB? It supposed to be AIR SUPPORT in GRB, not free points for Best Air players who will butcher helpless tanks.

Besides, good pilots will probably play ARB, cause they dont want to play tanks anyways.( suprise, suprise)

And who will play those planes? Why force air players to play in mode they maybe dont want to play?
And, in your solution, ground players wont be able to play air, because “professional” air players will take this spot.

To sum this up, my idea still will be better, cause:

  • its easier to implement,
    -Only air players and mainly ground players will not be mixed thogether
    -It will be more fair to ground players who would like to play as air support from time to time.

Lol I’d love to play ground only mode, but I dont belive in miracles.
Besides, with ground only mode, there’s one problem, you wont be able to eliminate tanks with great sniping spots, and armor which you wont be able to pen frontally.

Yeah it( let’s assume this) exists, but this system is just flawed, cause you wont be able to play aa from the start( you will just admire bushes and empty sky for most of the time)
so to be useful as AA, some aircrafts will have to be in air, that means that someone will have to die without any chance to counter or help from AA.

It seems to Gaijin that no problem regarding CAS exists. Much of the player base agrees.

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Nothing that makes the cash flow is a problem.
Just look at wallet warriors ruining whole tiers and Gaijin not caring at all.
Money > everything


Wallet Warriors keep Gaijin afloat and War Thunder happening.

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You will most likely die from other tank since as you said, there is noone in air for first few minutes of match.

You can respawn, if you and your whole team choose not to spawn in SPAA/fighter, its your problem, not problem with system.

Its part of the game “eye for an eye” achievement

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It IS the problem with system, because if you spawn SPAA/AA as first, you will be useless as AA, and after a few minutes of waiting, you will get idk 2 aircrafts and one of them will crush after first bombing attempt, and what after? You will have to wait AGAIN, my idea solves it by stable rotation by limiting max number of CAS in the air.

Not really, CAS sp cost is not that high and after a few ground vehicle deaths, someone will just pick CAS to revenge kill, and you will have 0 counter and 0 help as normal tank, and after that( in my experience) AA will spawn, its flawed because you cant really predict if you are going to be useful as AA

Sounds like you want your cake and eat it, war is not predictable

Of course you are right, but:

  1. revenging with CAS is faaar easier than getting this achiev with ground vehicle.
  2. Let’s assume, that you are playing TD without roof MG,
    you wont be able to counter or defend against this CAS, and CAS player will just kill you with 0 risk, Its flawed and unfair, and you cant really react to this, besides dying.
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