Ho 229 missing components and other misconceptions

After further reading i found that there might be some mistakes in the 229 V3 performance and FM and there might be some misunderstanding and missing features.

  1. missing features: the 229 is missing ejection seat and a drage chute.


  1. Gun placement: the guns are put much higher than they should be and they are tilted upwards making aim and firing with the gun little bit hard, so the guns must be lowered and centered they should come out from the lower part of the wing not the uper part and they shouldn’t be tilting they should be well centered.

Wrong placement:


Correct placement:


  1. Incorrect top speed: in game top speed is 910 km/h but the top measured on the V2 (used the jumo 004B) estimated to be 950 Km/h


So logically the top speed of the V3 (with jumo 004D) should have much higher top speed (might actually exceed 1000km/h) and little bit better acceleration.


  1. Wrong designation and the missing bombs: the Ho 229 isn’t actually a pure fighter, it’s actually a fighter bomber plus it still lack its bombs (2 x SC500).




And this is all the useful information that i can gather about the subject:



Sources :



Roll rate and yawing should also be reworked and improved since the 229 gave better more superior flying performance when compared to the 262.

I have no info about how drag work in game so can’t speak about that, but it’s a flying wing drag should be very minimum and acceleration and speed retention should be highe specially in a dive.

Other specification like gun accuracy and rpm are not mentioned but the guns accuracy should be restored and belts should be improved.

And it’s seems that the MK-103 on planes suffers from some problems and here is some bug reports about it





Really well put together info, always good to see players that truly care about historical accuracy. Best of luck in getting these things changed, although the gaijin issue site is definitely your best bet.


it said that the v-6 had a 2 ton bombload???
was the v-6 made?

Unfortunately no, the V6 didn’t got built when the allies reached the Ho-229s factory the only prototypes left there where the body and wings of the V3 that the US rebuild and and put together, and the bodies of the V4 and the V5 unfortunately these two weren’t finished, plus the records of the early V1 and V2 prototypes and the plans of the later prototypes which is the V6 to the V8

I really want to fix the 229, problem is i doubt bug report will even work already tried in the past to fix two of the easiest things to fix one got rejected and the other just got forgotten collecting dust



Not to mention that i have been waiting for a year now and still nothing

when i see the name Trikzzter
i lose all hope.
any good PR manager would have him out

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Yee apparently historical accuracy isn’t allowed if it don’t buff the nation that we don’t talk about tanks/aircrafts


@Smin1080p sorry for the ping but trying to get some feedback to know if these informations are usable/useful to make any changes for the Ho 229, or should i just give up

The answers he gives come from the devs.

That’s blatantly false.

He’s a tech mod.
He can give statements by himself.

No they don’t, the answer they give come from the devs. Besides the rule on not accepting reports based on datamine’s has been a thing for years.

The devs don’t have time to give the answer for every bug report.
Thats why the tech mods are even employed.

Tbf weather it’s from tech mode or from the dev them selves ignoring or denying historically accurate report shouldn’t be a thing both reporters i gave up there where backed by German and non German books and both agrees on the same things such bug reports should be at least on the list priorities specifically when one of them is talking about missing ordinance for some planes that already exists in game (both the planes and the ordinance it self)


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The first one is not a fix, as that one is an alternate filling that was use primarily for anti-shipping operations. The second one was forwarded as suggestion, meaning it’s up to the devs if they want to implement it.

@Gunjob Hey can you stop by a take look at these reports when you get a chance.

I was referring to when you get an answer why a report was rejected.

I understand why devs rejected the first one (if they even actually look at it) since all German bombs from the smallest to the 1800kg will be 1.6 times stronger it’s a big buff so it’s understandable, but instead of directly rejecting it should at least been move as a suggestion for a new type of bombs or just got implemented (and the planes that use these bombs won’t need any BR adjustments since other nations have much better and even more dedicated and cable CAS potions at the same BRs) since devs changed some explosive fillers in the last updates.

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