German bombs SC50 to SC1800 filling

All bombs from SC50 to the SC1800 used Trialen 105 as filling but in game the only filling they use is Fp.60/40 and Amatol, so for example SC1000 use 600kg of Trialen 105 as filling and SC1800 use 1100kg of Trialen 105 as filling but in game they only use Amatol and Fp.60/40.







Munitions-Lexikon Band 3

German explosive ordnance volume 2


if its a bug report it to Gaijin support

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Did that two months ago but i thought why not sharing it on the forum

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All of the pics list Trialen as an alternative to the current fillings. So at most the devs might treat them as a suggestions. Also for future reference don’t use Wikipedia as it’s not considered an acceptable source.

Well the only reason i used wiki is bc there is no other website that offer informations about the bombs all the pic and the informations that i put here is from books that i have

@Gunjob sorry for the ping m8, but could these 2 bug reports be looked at? I spotted them recently and not only do they look well documented, but they’ve been open for 5 months+ and seem to be decently sourced as well, but dont even look like any tech mods have taken a look at them yet :/

This bug report from the same individual also lists missing ordinance already in-game from aircrafts already in-game as well:

The use of Fp60/40 or amatol instead of Trialen is also a massive 60% difference in explosive power:




Much appreciated!

If you want more information about this subject

I publish this 3 months ago on the forums it contains alot of informations and details

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Thanks! I was also wondering, do you have any info on the HE filler for the Fritz X (PC 1400)? It uses Amatol in-game as well and itd be nice if it got Trialen 105 too (if thats what it used irl). The 320Kg of Amatol sometimes just doest cut it for killing BB’s in naval :/

Unfortunately the PC1400 only used the Fp.60/40 as filling since it’s roll is AP bomb the need of strong explosion wasn’t needed

But to cheer you up i have informations about Hs-293 and air dropped V-1 flying bombs if you want



Unfortunate to hear, but thanks either way!

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Welcome, happy to help

@MythicPi Well i tried anyway i wasted 5-8 months of my life for nothing

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When they can’t handle the truth they go denial mode XD


Problem is even if you give them the evidence they want they will still tell you no or tell you they need more evidence i mean look at this

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it happens.
ive lost the drive to put my own suggestions up. they can regret it later when nobody suggests anything interesting


Same i gave up, i am more sad about ppl like TT33 and Ghostmaxi they put alot of effort in thier post and even when thier post pass to suggestions it’s still along way to be up for developers consideration


barely one of them gets passed to the devs per 2 months.
its a pain.

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