Bug report collection of German Vehicles

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lul XD

if u want u can take all of these…

i cant keep this updated sigh

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thats why we focus only about the german ones, otherwise its just too much+ we linked then, this also reduces it allready much

Yeah, I struggle with just keeping challenger 2 updated 🤣

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yeah fr,
anyway heres the german related ones



15in Armed Vessels
  • Unrealistic accuracy: Shell dispersion massively increased for 15in guns
30mm Mk 103
Arado 234 B-2 Sight
AHEAD Ammunition Functionality
C2A1 Name
Gepard Auxiliary Power Unit
Kab-500Kr for Su-22 M4
Klen Laser designator Vertical limits
Leopard 2 series bugs list (2)

Leopard 2 and its prototypes - Inaccuracies and Discussion
Leopard 2A7V discussion & bugs

Loadout restriction on Su-22 M4
MUSS APS Functionality

Community Bug Reporting System

MiG-21 HUD Functionality
Pz III Ausf. B-J turret traverse speed
SC50 to SC1800Kg bombs
Spike ATGMs

Spike ATGMs Suck, and So Will the PUMA Spike Upgrade

Tiger UHT Sight
Tiger UHT Name
Tiger UHT loadout
Tornado (All)
  • Incomplete FM: Missing Leading edge slats functionality
    Community Bug Reporting System
  • Incomplete CM count: Missing 600 chaff drops per BOZ pod (underwing mount)
  • Incomplete radar: Ground radar
  • Incomplete external stores: Air to ground weapons
  • Incomplete cockpit model: Missing some functionality
Tornado IDS ASSTA.1
  • Incorrect TGP resolution: Generation 1

Minor one, but starting to get kinda old.

For the tornado



luckly we have allready mostly of then in the list, and the ASSTA 1 one is fixed^^

it was supposed to be this low?

fixed, like fixed
its now using the proper Gen
uses now Gen.2

I am thankful when I clicked on F-4F I saw zero 9L suggestions.
I like my 10.7 F-4F.

Thank you for the list.

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nice to hear that^^
I mean we could ad the 9L stuff but,
since the Devs said miltiple times its for balance reason…

and with the F-4F ICE around Corner we will save it for the ICE just in case they are going crazy xD

Don’t forget this too

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i rlly hope ICE and the Tornado gets the 9L-i

I would allready happy with the normal 9L and Aim-120

eh at 12.7?
i rlly would appreciate a 9-Li

no one said its coming at 12.7^^
but yea, the 9L/I would be on pair with the Aim-9M, so GIB

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lets see what we can use…
set some black comments in the qoute above, the ones without a comment, there I will take a deeper lock at
Edit 2:
Added * 30mm I-T Pzbrsprgr L’Spur missing penetration
Edit 3:
Added * 3 cm I grenade Mk 101, 103