Zerstörer 45: A New Wind

Do you really want to put the 106mm recoilless rifle even lower in BR? It’s probably the 76mm Sheridan that is going up eventually because it’s a straight up better M41, and the German one sits at 6.7 with similar ammunition, but no stab.

Israel has the TCM-20 which does fine at 6.0 or 6.3 if you really want to take the Rochev (if you pull the 6.0-6.3s up with the AMX-13 or Zachlam you’re trolling), and the next BR you unlock is 7.7 with the Hovet. Israel desperately needs a top tier SPAA, not a mid tier one.

Germany does fine in mid tier, you can use the Ostwind II until the Kugelblitz without much trouble. I still like the Zerstörer 45 and it’s a welcome addition, but it wasn’t “desperately needed”.

USA… I agree, but they’re just milking US whales in toptier currently, lol. Did anyone realize there wasn’t a single new US plane below 10.0 since Wind of Change two years ago? In the same timespan they got the M1 KVT, Wolfpack, Clickbait and AIM, and the M60-120S is probably for people to whale about too (and likely less to model since both the hull and turret are already ingame).

I agree on Sweden too, but they’ve been really focusing on their high tier, where their bulk of vehicles and lineups is. Sweden mid tier doesn’t really have fleshed out lineups until 8.0. So maybe it just hasn’t been a priority?

OK. Germany benefits from a double standard where they get paper nonsense.

If we go back to Yak-141, which had the instruction manual and the pieces.

Zerstorer 45, the one you think should be in the game, has an instruction manual but misses the pieces. There’s not been shown to me, an example of the modified Wirbelwind turret to accomodate the 103/38 guns.

You insist this should be called a Mobelwagen rather than a type of Ostwind, but as I see it, what this is, is a 4x30mm AA gun on Panzer IV chassis, which fits the bill for what Zerstorer 45 is.

The Tanks Encyclopedia article is very clear to emphasise they are guessing Zerstorer 45 would have a Wirbelwind style turret.

Gaijin’s article points out it’s more similar to a Wirbelwind in terms of being fast-firing low caliber autocannon AA than to the ostwind I/II which operate a bit differently, slower firing and more damage.

So to me it’s a selective interpretation about how things should have been.

I actually don’t personally mind if Gaijin puts in napkin dreams, I think the game would become immensely boring if it’s just an endless debate about historical accuracy in a game where the basic context is incredibly unrealistic.

I even prefer a crazy game with paper stuff implemented with highly realistic and mechanically precise facsimiles. I find nothing less interesting than a slavish obsession with historical accuracy when the game isn’t realistic. Where’s the infantry to provide fire support to? This game doesn’t have anything doing what it actuall does.

I don’t think you can appeal to historical accuracy about a vehicle which may quite simply have never even existed besides as words in a plan, or just a hallucination of Doyle.

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You have more better vehicles with 400 mm HEAT at 6.0 or 6.3 so what is the problem ???

LGS is a big crap with bad movility, armor and horrible post pen with very long reload speed. Probably the worst Battle Pass vehicle by far.

Well this is the case in the end, and unfortunately Gaijin made thier minds about what Zerstörer 45 should be so there is nothing i can do about it, the only reason of why i am arguing about it so the image of what Zerstörer 45 would have looked like won’t die and probably bc of the frustration that hit me after i saw all my work and expectations about the Zerstörer 45 getting dragged in to the mud bc of Gaijin woke up scene of hyper realism, beside that i got your point and respect it and i have already played all the cards in my hand i have nothing left to do now


Or actually there is two things left for me to do Zerstörer 45 was debatable but i can guarantee that these two posts are not

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Huh? This was “truly built” - 2 of them - like it says.

Flakpanzer 314 was never built at all.

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Let’s just say I really don’t see it that way. The Type 60 SPG is one of my favourite vehicles at that BR range and imo the LGS works well with the 20mm instead of a second 106mm.
The mobility is below average for a light tank, but not completely terrible, and works at a BR range where most tanks aren’t exactly quick on their tracks. Bad armor? Yes, bc it’s a light tank, duh.
It has a low profile and is perfect for being an ambushing rat tank. I can work with the mobility and I know where to kill most tanks with the 106mm, or disable them in a way that my team can pick them off. The 20mm shreds any light vehicles quickly.
While more hp/t would be nice, my biggest issue with it is the lacking gun elevation on the 20mm. I’d like it even more if it could elevate to at least +60° to also be a makeshift SPAA and therefore even more versatile.

I check your stats and you only played a single battle with LGS and with the Type 60 you have a negative kill/death ratio. So, please stop talking like “everything is fine just git gud”.
LGS is a big piece of crap in 6.7…

Yeah nah. Low velocity 250RPM vs other nation´s high velocity 800RPM or even 1000RPM is not fine. It´s a joke considering Germany faces the brunt of Allied CAS spam 99% of the time. People say that Germany is “fine” and that they are shot down regularly by Wirbel/Ostwinds. Well duh? Because Germany literally doesn´t have anything else at rank IV and V? :D JFC man…
Kugelblitz became unusable when it went to 7.0 (and got nerfed at the same time). Not only there is no 7.0 lineup, so you´d have to play it at 7.3, but at this BR you have better options to deal with planes.
USA can at least lower SP cost for counter CAS fighter planes by simply scouting with light vehicles. Germany doesn´t have ANY light vehicles for that, so Germany gets doubly shafted. Just take a look at the winrate heatmap and tell me things are fine.

I have to rely on my Flakpanzer 341 (the best German midtier SPAA), which most of the players now don´t have and the average player doesn´t earn enough SP for fighter planes due to lack of light tanks.

There is simply no excuse for Germany and USA to have such a lackluster SPAA capabilities while Russia gets a new SPAA every other update.

I am glad a new SPAA is finally coming, but I keep my expectations low. High chance it will get bumped in BR within 2 weeks after release and nerfed to the ground at the same time as its custom for Gaijin with German vehicles.

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the mount we have is definitely meant to be in a turret, it offers no protection what so ever and is basically a vierbelwind mount without the armor. Either we get this mount in a wierbelwind turret, or we get the mobelwagen but with a gunshield (that it would have, just like the 2cm version), but not a mix and match like that.

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So is this a photoshop?

No that’s wirbelwind with some kind of new muzzle brakes

Huh interisting i guess. Thought the muzzle brakes were of the Mk103s

Unfortunately no you can tell that’s not an Mk103 by looking at the gun barrel length and the distance between each gun
If it was an mk103 the guns would have been longer and the distance between gun barrels would have been wider

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Those look like muzzle covers and not muzzle brakes - the bottom-right one (as we look at it) is obviously asymmetric

Not Photoshop, but that is definitely a Wirbelwind you got there. And I agree with @Josephs_Piano, those look like some sort of muzzle covers. You can even tell that they are slightly misaligned, which would be weird if they were actual muzzle brakes.

Also the Mk.103 is longer and has an entirely different muzzle brake.

I really think there’s other trees with bigger gaps to fill (cough, US, cough), but sure, looks cool enough.

I dare to say 314 was in better shape than Kronshtadt… But it was not russian, so… tough luck.

from WT Wiki:
Kronshtadt - was laid down in Leningrad on 30th November, 1939. However, due to severe production delays, the warship was only deemed 10% completed by the time the German army launched its offensive on the USSR in June 1941.

Thats practically just step before actually fighting the nazis, so not comparable at all!


/s if it wasnt obvious

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