Lets talk about the state of Germany

Becauise the german arms industry needs the approval of the german government for EVERY export of their product and the Bundeswehr has to test the vehicles to advice the government in their decisions of procurement and expoirt?

Like how it is in every single nation with an arms industry? Like russia, china, Turky, France, GB and so on?


The SBs would be so great to have in game as they have more explosive mass for the same weight. What is it like from 40% for SC to 60% for SB. But no not a single SB is in game.

Yes for example the SC-2500 have 1700 kg of Trialen 105 but the SB-2500 A1 have 2000kg of Trialen 105

Ok so more like 68% for sc and 80% for sb. I was way off.

Yes look at these


And take alook at these subjects you might be interested

I fully agree! I think Germany needs to get some of its vehicles or at least get add on upgrades to the existing ones! The PSO would be a joke if it did not bring a hull armour upgrade, which I hope they will resolve by adding it as a modification.

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Iirc gaijin said germany will get a swiss sub tree, which i hope fixes most of the problems that the tree has atm, i only know about air rb since i main that but i really hope the swiss sub tree gets added asap

we don’t get PUMA spike this patch at least make PSO UFP armor better like Strv122 isn’t too much to ask right? three years of waiting for those German players let not disappoint them.

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Gaijin nailed it that they wouldn’t give it to Germany in this patch, even Spike for PUMA.

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They said the opposite and that the swiss hunter was a one off.

I dont remember that, when did they say that?

Smin said it a while back. I don’t remember when exactly. He didn’t deny a Swiss subtree, just that it wasn’t planned at the time. He made it clear that the Swiss hunter didn’t imply a subtree however.

Hmm, I would take that with a grain of salt, Gaijin is known to go back on promises and statements

With how they’ve treated the german tree over the last few years, this may be one of the few things I’ll take their word on.

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I will say that regardless of this, I would still like a Swiss subtree. I want the Swiss f18.


I agree, Germany doesn’t have anything between the F-4F ICE / Mig29 and the Eurofighter. I also love the F-5E and would love to have it in the German tree.