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Gonna drop this here for those interested/missed it

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I was also very surprised (lol)

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Last time i focused on light tanks, this time is for more SPGs.


Dang you are pumping out suggestions. Good work!

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Has anyone suggested the Type 4 Ka-Tsu? I would love to see it as a rank 1 premium vehicle.
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you mean for naval?

the chi-ha short barrel and long barrel are naval tanks just like the ka-mi and ka-chi so I see it as a ground vehicle

It’s a ground vehicle with no cannon for ground battle unlike all the IJN tanks you’ve mentioned which are equipped with tank gun or naval gun.

What can you kill with two torpedos in the ground battle ? Personally i don’t see the point in making a suggestion for it, at least as a ground vehicle.

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digging torpedos that follow their target underground

its main armament is two 13 mm heavy machine guns and torpedoes were added later in preparation for the American invasion

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I think within the framework of modern realities they will lack armor penetration even for a reserve position. You can, of course, make an ersatz SPAAG out of them, fortunately, among other things, these machine guns were intended to protect the vehicle from air attacks, but I’m not sure how appropriate this would be

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from what I found out, the Type 93 13mm machine gun is already in the game and according to the sources I found, it had a penetration of 20mm at a distance of 500m

Look out for French reserve tanks, or just about any tank with a 2.0 combat rating. They are all simply invulnerable to this machine gun. In addition, the Ka-Tsu will have no advantage in armor, no advantage in size, no advantage in speed, or any other advantage over its counterparts.

therefore, a premium interesting vehicle of the 1st rank, for example anti-aircraft.the first m2 also has little armament, which is only the browning m2.
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Now that i have re-suggested all the most powerful Ha-Go variants that were actually built, i’m satisfied.

Type 3 Ke-Ri

Type 4 Ke-Nu

Type 4 Ho-To

Type 5 Ho-Ru


they look funny i want them

Although it may make for an interesting coastal vehicle, I’d rather seen other much more wanted/need additions first, like the Ke-Ho for example

I bow to you 🙇‍♂️

Did you think the the Ha-Go with the Type 98 would be worth it?

Type 98 is installed on late production Ha-Go which are the ones we have in the game.

I have already reported on the Ha-Go having wrong gun, they just wont fix it.

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How hard could it be to change some numbers… what a shame

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