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Type 3 Ke-Ri, Light Tank, Japan, Rank 1

The Type 95 Light Tank (Ha-Go), developed by the Imperial Japanese Army, proved to be more successful than expected as a light tank. However, when deployed in the Pacific War that began in December 1941, it was noted on the front lines that the 37mm tank gun lacked firepower.

As a result, an effort was made to enhance firepower by replacing the main gun with the same 5.7cm tank gun as the Type 97 Medium Tank (Chi-Ha). The outcome of this modification was the Type 3 Light Tank (Ke-Ri), utilizing the same chassis and turret as the Type 95 Light Tank, with modifications to the main gun-related components such as the gun carriage to accommodate the Type 97 57mm tank gun.

Although the official designation “Type 3 Light Tank” was assigned, it was merely a derivative of the Type 95 Light Tank. The Type 3 Light Tank’s prototype was produced and subjected to trials in 1944. However, a significant drawback was identified: despite the enlargement of the main gun to 5.7cm, the reuse of the Type 95 Light Tank’s turret resulted in a cramped turret interior, making the operation of the main gun challenging.

As a consequence, the Type 3 Light Tank remained in the prototype stage and did not proceed to mass production.

The Experimental Type 3 Ke-Ri stands as a Japanese prototype light tank stemming from the Type 95 Light Tank. Notably, it integrated the Type 97 5.7cm gun into the standard Type 95 turret, with minimal alterations made to the overall vehicle design. However, a significant challenge arose due to the size of the cannon, making turret operation a complex task. The inclusion of the Type 97 5.7cm gun aimed to enhance the tank’s firepower without introducing extensive modifications, yet the practicality of operating the turret became a notable hurdle.

Specifications for diverse Japanese light tanks are outlined in the following table. Note that the Ha-Go is referred to as “Ke-Go” in this listing, and all details remain identical to the Ke-Ri, except for the main gun. The source of this information is currently unknown; however, it appears to stem from a post-war US intelligence report, evident from the inclusion of the Ke-Ho, a late-war design, in the list.

General specifications:

  • Hull Armor: 12/12/10
  • Turret Armor: 30/12/12
  • Crew: 3 (Commander, Driver & Machine gunner)
  • Mass: 7.7 Tons
  • Mitsubishi A6120VDe 4-stroke inline 6-cylinder air-cooled diesel 120hp/1,400rpm
  • Max Forward Speed: 48 KM/H
  • Max Reverse Speed: 5.2 KM/H
  • Main Armament: Type 97 57mm tank gun
  • Secondary Armament: Type 97 7.7mm vehicle-mounted Light Machine Gun
    [Some stats are based on the already existing Ha-Go in the game]

Type 97 57mm tank gun

The ammunition that can be fired by the Ke-Ri is the same ones found on the Chi-Ha. This included Type 92 APHE & Type 3 HEAT which is the most capable shell with 55mm of penetration at all ranges.

Additional images


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Always in favor of more Japanese WWII stuff. +1


Close up of the gun


Even closer. It is like a shoulder firing gun with a trigger and a shoulder rest which is also why it has stabilizer in the game.


Kind of hope a lot of these Japanese tanks are added.


Imagine if you could shoulder-carry it into battle haha

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You could. No one would recommend you doing so though.

That would be funny. While technically possible to convert it to a portable anti-tank gun, anyone brave enough to fire it might bid farewell to their shoulder, as it lacks the recoilless design like the Carl Gustaf 20mm or 84mm guns.

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Guys, relax, it’s just a knee… oh, rather a shoulder mortar

That one clueless Marine.

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Type 11 37 mm infantry gun
This is probably the closest to what it would look like on a mount. However, it might look like the other Japanese AT guns with wheels.


This picture was once thought to depict the experimental Type 3 Ke-Ri. However, it has since been revealed that the photograph was taken in 1939, several years before the Ke-Ri prototype was developed.

The presence of a 57mm gun, instead of the standard 37mm gun, suggests an attempt to conceal the true armament of the Ha-Go tank, possibly to mislead foreign intelligence agencies into perceiving the Ha-Go as more powerful than it actually was. Nevertheless, this image provides a glimpse of what the experimental Ke-Ri might have looked like.


Source: Федосеев - Японские танки Второй Мировой (Fedoseev - Japanese Tanks of the Second World War)


Now we have another tank or modification option for the Ha-Go’s to be added.

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From https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/斉藤-浩/dp/B00JNNDYJY

Definitely this tank will be a great addition to the japanese tree and also i will make the ha-go good becouse with the 37mm type 94 gun its basically useless, but with the 57mm gun i think it will be a great tank becouse of the mobility and small size.

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