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Is there any way to get the Japanese Ka-Chi? I really really really want this soo bad… i was away and taking a break from WT when they did this. When I saw it on youtube, it was too late for me to grind it…



as far as I know, it is impossible to get a ka-chi tank. Unfortunately, I have the same problem

The interesting only flaw I noticed is that the front MG has the tanker piece while irl it likely wouldn’t have had it. Interesting never the less.

At the moment no, though it may return.

A lot of Japanese vehicles use old and outdated models in every aspect from the textures to the damage model. Since most vehicles have not been changed since their release.


Type 16 FPS and type 1 of the 5th tank regiment on discount.

Also Type 74G is back for GE.


Anyone know what “ super heavy tanks “ these may be referring to?

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first one says light tank eizo but it cant really get what are hey referring to

I mean the one with the 155 mm and 76 mm gun. It says it’s a new French secret type??

There’s also one with a 75 mm and 2 45mm above the French 3C tank in the first image.

The Char 2C was produced in versions with 75 and 155 mm guns. This probably refers to different tanks, rather than a combination of guns in one.

Any records of the Japanese getting them or made a tank similar?

No, of course not, this is looks like just a bulletin with intelligence data, for the background of the assessment of Japanese tanks from the next slide. Technically, among the similar projects produced, we can only name the Type 91/Type 95 line and O-I. The Japanese, with the exception of the specific O-I considered as a means of breaking through Soviet defensive lines in case of warwere, not interested in realy heavy vehicles.

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I was hoping it would’ve been some kind of hint at some secret tank leftover in China. The table comes from an equipment instruction guide made in 1948.
Only reference I can find of it.

Found the change I did to the picture that measures the Type 10 similar to how Japan measures Type 93. This would give the Type 10 a penetrator of 640mm, so the Type 10 is slightly underperforming in game.


it is normal for type 10 when lower the hydro suspension is keep bouncing on the ground? like bumping or something is this a bug?


Old leak list, probably pretty inaccurate and just made for attention.


Its historical guys


10th Tank Battalion


What is that