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Type 3 Ke-Ru, Light Tank, Japan, Rank 1

The Ke-Ru is a vehicle designed to enhance firepower by equipping the Type 97 57mm tank gun, similar to the Ke-Ri, on the chassis of Ha-Go. However, in reflection of the Ke-Ri’s difficulty in operating the main gun due to the cramped turret space, caused by mounting a 5.7cm tank gun in the same turret as the Ha-Go, the turret ring diameter on the Ke-Ru side was increased to 1,350mm (compared to the original 1,000mm of the Ha-Go). The most significant change is the adoption of the turret from the Chi-Ha, which is equipped with the Type 97 57mm tank gun.

As a result, the overall height of the Ke-Ru increased by approximately 20cm compared to the Ha-Go, and the weight also increased by about 1 ton.

The Ke-Ru, like the Ke-Ri, was prototyped in 1944. While the Ke-Ri remained in the prototype stage, the Ke-Ru, in addition to several prototype vehicles, saw the conversion of a small number of vehicles from the Ha-Go light tank.

However, it did not see actual combat and was only used for domestic testing.

Furthermore, the surplus Ha-Go light tank turrets, left over after being modified into Ke-Ru light tanks, were reportedly used in research for setting them up on the ground as makeshift bunkers or pillboxes.

It is worth noting that the Kubinka Tank Museum in Russia displays what is considered to be the only existing Type 3 llight tank. However, there are discrepancies in this vehicle, such as the insertion of spacers between the turret and the hull. Due to these differences from the actual vehicle, there are speculations that this might be a replica created by combining the hull of the Type 95 light tank with the turret of the Type 97 medium tank.

As previously mentioned, beside the turret replacement, the chassis of Ke-Ru also had to be modified for the turret ring enlargement. Mainly the side plate of machine gunner’s compartment had been expanded and angled towards the drive’s hatch, this makes the driver’s hatch narrower than on regular Ha-Go.

The Kubinka’s Ke-Ru is a replica using original Ha-Go chassis therfore its hull wasn’t modified.

Additional change that can’t be seen in the historical photographs.

A couple of Type 3 Ke-Ru awaiting for destruction

Some of the tanks will be directly destroyed by the Allies through various means. Some, like those in the above picture, will have their weapons removed, engines started, and then be driven into the sea to rust at the bottom for years before being salvaged and sold as scrap metal. Others will be taken directly to recycling yards, where they will be crushed or shredded along with other weapons such as artillery before being melted down for steel.

It appears that there has been confusion, possibly stemming from a misidentification by the US, which mistook the Ke-Ru for the Ke-Nu.
We can discern that the entry labeled Ke-Nu in this table is actually referring to the Ke-Ru because the specifications match those of the Ha-Go (listed as KEGO). Conversely, the Type 4 Ke-Nu was a modification of the Type 2 Ke-To, and thus its specifications should align with those of the “KETO.”

General specifications:

  • Hull Armor: 12/12/10
  • Turret Armor: 25/25/25
  • Crew: 3 (Commander, Driver & Machine gunner)
  • Mass: 8.7 Tons (Supposedly 1 ton heavier than the Ha-Go’s 7.7 tons)
  • Engine: Mitsubishi A6120VDe 4-stroke inline 6-cylinder air-cooled diesel 120hp/1,400rpm
  • Max Forward Speed: 48 KM/H
  • Max Reverse Speed: 5.2 KM/H
  • Main Armament: Type 97 57mm tank gun
  • Secondary Armament: 2x Type 97 7.7mm machine guns (Hull mounted and roof mounted)
    [Some stats are based on the already existing Ha-Go in the game]

Type 97 57mm tank gun

The ammunition that can be fired by the Ke-Ru is the same ones found on the Chi-Ha. This included Type 92 APHE & Type 3 HEAT which is the most capable shell with 55mm of penetration at all ranges.

Drawings & models:


四式軽戦車 ケヌ
Dragon - IJA Type 95 "Ha-Go" Hokuman Version - 1:35 - Traudls Modellbau
WWII Type 4 Ke-Nu | HLJ.com
CG 日本陸軍 4式軽戦車 ケヌ


An interesting vehicle! Could be foldered with the Ke-Ri. +1

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Suggestion has been updated ! This tank will now be called the Type 3 Ke-Ru instead !

After careful consideration and research, i have decided to update the name of the thread from “Ke-Nu” to “Ke-Ru.” This change is based on new information and insights that have come to light regarding the accurate designation of the vehicle in question.

Due to confusion in research during the early post-war period, the vehicle that has long been referred to as the “Type 4 Light Tank Kenu” is actually the "Type 3 Light Tank Keru.
Source https://japanese-warship.com/army/tank/4l/
Type 3 Light Tank, Ke-Ru | FirearmCentral Wiki | Fandom

So apparently this tank is actually called the Ke-Ru which is a production version of the Ke-Ri, making the Type 3 Ke-Ri a prototype vehicle.

The Type 4 Ke-Nu was supposedly a modification for the Type 2 Ke-To that would converting it into a self-propelled gun.

Since i can’t change the texts written in the poll so the tank will remain as Ke-Nu, i can’t do anythig about it.


Yes +1

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I’ve also seen the Ke-Nu being referred to the Ha-Go with the Ke-To turret. Is this wrong?

I don’t know much, last time i read it was called a Ha-Go Kai. Many western sources tend to confused it as the Type 3 Ke-Ri .


Some Japanese soures suggested the Ke-Nu is a Ke-To with a modified turret or a self-propelled gun, rather than a modified Ha-Go.


This has my +1, Also kind of neat that this is actually the Ke-Ru rather than the Ke-Nu as is often stated

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