Functional Barracuda MCS modification

Would you like functional Barracuda MCS to be added to all vehicles capable of fielding it?
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With the ever growing proliferation of aerial vehicles with high performance targeting pods, and long range precision munitions, I think its a good time to discuss some modern solutions to the problem. In this specific case, I am speaking of the introduction and implementation of Barracuda MCS as a mod for western vehicles with access to it, most famous of which is likely the Strv122, but some other vehicles also have access to it, some of which (the Challenger 2’s) already have it in-game, but does not appear to be functional, or at least not to the degree it should be.

For those unaware, one of the particular unique features of Barracuda MCS is its ability to massively reduce the signature of a vehicle in a whole slew of different portions of the electromagnetic spectrum, as seen in the list below taken directly from SAAB’s Barracuda MCS webpage:



Near Infrared


Short Wave Infrared

Thermal Infrared


Implementation of this system in-game would decrease visibility of the vehicles with it equipped in thermal sights for other ground as well as helicopters and jet, which would make it much harder to visually acquire the target by using thermals for their high contrast and ease of vehicle spotting.

It would also be made to decrease the lock range of self guided ordinance which uses IR for guidance, such as:

  • AGM-65D/G

  • PARS 3LR


  • Kh-38MT


  • GBU-15(V)2/B

  • QN502C

and any other future IR/Radar guided munitions.

Vehicles which could have access to the Barracuda MCS mod in WT:








Leopard 2A7V (technically should be applicable to all leopard 2 variants, but for the ones in WT, the 2A7V is the only one I have pictures of)



Challenger 2 (2F)/TES/OES (probably all Challengers 2's tbh)




M1A2 SEP/SEPV2/AIM (probably all Abrams, but once again, only going with the ones I have pics of)



Wiesel 1A2:

Leopard 2A4M CAN


There are many other future vehicles which could receive it, and I’m sure there are others I’ve missed, so feel free to add any of the ones I’ve missed down in the comments. Do note not all Camo nets are Barracuda MCS. Barracuda is distinctly more like a padding than a regular camo net.



Barracuda MCS | Saab
Army Guide
Saab Barracuda MCS - Sweden - War Thunder - Official Forum
Saab acquires Barracuda Technologies


Any photos of how it performs against MWIR and LWIR since that is what most (if not all) land thermal imagers use in-game?

afaik Thermal infrared uses LWIR, not too sure regarding MWIR, but there is this challenger 2 pic i forgot to include:


It will have very simmilar effect on MWIR and LWIR. LWIR might be better on seeing through it but thats just a maybe.

It seems like they claim it works on both.

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probably ineffective against IIR unless camouflage matches the surroundings

Yea, thats the thing about IIR, it is hard to counter (unlike in game)

IIR still needs an IR return to work, so it would still reduce the range of an IIR lock…

Just look at the chally 2 vs BRDM-2 seen above and tell me which one an IIR seeker is gonna have an easier time picking up and identifying as a target

Yep, but that also depends. If the tank is stationary with engine off it might not even see it in best case scenario, but if it will be moving it will be able to lock the exhaust and see the moving shape, on much smaller distances ofc.
Making it deincrease lock distance would be a good way to implement it

While I would love for them not to get a counterpart what is the Russian counterpart to it? I know I’ve seen it on their T90Ms in Ukraine but I don’t know the name of it.

Yeah i mean, i didnt make this suggestion to make it impossible for the vehicles to be locked, but to reduce visibility to thermals/ground radars, and to reduce lock range of IR/IIR/Radar weapons against vehicles equipped with Barracuda.

Barracuda is good, but I’m not claiming its a magic invisibility cloak.

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Nakidka is the garbage bag looking thing, idk much about it though.

I’m not sure if this would be good for gameplay as it would make the thermal modifications useless

They could make it cost more spawn points to spawn in with it on (assuming you have option to not spawn with it on)

I’d want this just to help against CAS

Not really? Not every vehicles get thermals, and thermals still offers contrast at the exhaust, or tracks if a vehicle has been driving, or gun barrel if its been firing. It just means thermals wont be perfect at spotting vehicles at all times, and more specifically, thermals might hinder you in some cases.

Makes them more of a gameplay element to consider instead of something you always need to have.

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btw it has also been on the Marder


But hard to tell if it’s good or not since all the pics i’ve seen of it being compared side by side on vehicles, was usually rather blurry and low quality so not sure what to make of that
Supposedly a T90M did get hit by a Javelin without issues but who knows if it’s accurate

Unfortunately, its a 1A5 so i didnt include it for now, but thanks! :)

I pray for God to developers add this for most nations.

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Imma be completely honest I doubt that. I’m not even saying that because it’s a Russian tank I wouldn’t expect any tank to survive a direct hit from a javelin tbh.

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