What Vehicles are Sweden in most need of ”the wishlist”

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B4B when? Wouldn’t be the worst plane out there, wouldn’t be the best either but hey, its got a heavy enough bomb load to be somewhat practical for cas.

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Yea they all had a bt-7 sight that was a early ccrp

I wish Swedish tanks would finally receive the Saab barracuda camouflage nets, would make them a heck of a lot more difficult to spot, both thermal and visual.

Maybe that’s why they haven’t received it, because it would make the Strf 9040s and Strv 122s accurate to life.

The one who sees the other first often wins. And this would help a crap ton with that.

Would be cool but also brings up questions about balancing

Few countries have their own MSC but Barracuda is probably the most iconic/famous
So i do wonder how they would implement all of them and how each one of them would function differently

You can easily find pictures of how well the barracuda works but not so much with the others

That in mind, would the barracuda be restricted to Sweden or every vehicle that had it mounted?
In which case it would also go to US, UK and Germany
Pretty sure it was even mounted on a russian/soviet tank for testing

And thats for vehicles that are already in-game, think france could also be added to that list in the future

But it would bring me great joy if it has essebtially Soft-APS capabilities, especially ahainst aircrafts with certain loadouts

Someone made a suggestion for it

Guys i am very against blueprint vehicles BUT i am so desperate for a heavy tank that i want that Swedish obese amx 50 with actual good armor

Well it was kinda built

Whats the blueprint part?
As far as i’m aware, the tank existed and was trialed by Sweden

Or are you maybe talking about the Strv KRV?

No i am talking about the emil heavy tank project the hull was built only the 105 auto loading gun turret wasnt

Gotcha, Strv KRV is the Emil tho

Here’s a link to a suggestion someone made for it

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Yes this one

Whelp looks like Rider is going after sweden air vehicles with his poor math skills. Thankfully someone managed to fix his math so the viggen wont be as hurtas much but still will be nerfed. Rip j35xs and j35d players.

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For the love of god, what horror have i missed this time

strv 2000 lmao

Idk, im equally as worried.

His math is wrong, also every vehicle in war thunder over performs its a game and not a 100% accurate depiction of real life. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to see what hes doing and how hes abusing the system for the worse. Hes the one who got the mig 23’s fm changed potentially and the mig 21’s and many others hes done. Seem like a salty player to me.

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Also the im gonna destroy this FM image is in response before he suggested the more speed loss on the j35’s. Essentially if you pull harder than 4g’s you’ll bleed about 50% more speed yeah that seems fine to leave at 10.0+ if that gets changed. Not like it was already kinda mid compared to the mirages but oh well.

can’t really read out the smaller text but isn’t that graph talking about the F-8E?
whats the relation to the J35
Also the bug report is about the J37?