Lets talk about the state of Germany

I miss his voice :(

Considering who this guy was, I don’t miss him at all, I don’t like giving money to someone who despises some of his customers, and god I do give a lot of money to gaijin :')

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I agree, be he mod or not. His behavior is quite suspicious and detrimental to gaijin and will sooner or later cause another uprising or complaint wall.


it does sadly.especially when we talk about trust, of which there is not much left since the last trickzzter cases. (Especially the thing with his Twitter, that was an rule break in some certain way)


btw mind showing what you mean ? screenshot or link or smt ?

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My Barracuda MCS suggestion post is finally up:

I’m not sure we can, but there is a post on the WTPU subreddit about him and someone posted the screenshots, I don’t know if I’m allowed to send a link here though


remember when you want to nerf NATO tanks anything can be used, but when you need to buff? you need 5 primary sources 10 secondary documents signed by the leaders of the country, and classified top secret documents.


tbh the devs of this game and russians supporters. look over the year and look how often russian tanks got free stuff free ammo changes how many times have people noticed russian ammo not exploding etc, and its not just them smin is also like them. he says the apache cant get the agm l hellfire missile because it goes through smoke, meanwhile the khrizetama that uses radar and shoots its missile through smoke. Then look at obviously overpowered tanks like the object 292. Thats all the prood you need.

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Id say the problem of the Hellfire is rather the combination of it having the potential of 16 missiles that can be guided into the weakspot of the tank aka roof and not the driverport, unlike the PARS that should also be able to track through smoke etc. but due their weak warhead and missing top-down approach dont do much damage as they always hit the driverport. Funnily enough the Kh-38T goes for the roof and not the driverport.The Khrizetama on the other hand has only two missiles at its disposal to shoot and its radar is only useful as long as there is no obstacle between.

In short I understand the principle of your post but comparing a helicopter with an atgm carrier in terms of performance is a tad bit far fetched. As far as consistency of addition or balance to TT´s i´m completely with you. Whats even worse when you consider that this thread has next to 5k posts and nothing has happened, it even got worse ironically.


I sent you a DM.

Basically there are screenshots of his twitter feed full of anti-west and anti-american content.

Where PARS hit is never consistent. I quite literally had one of my PARS hit the far end of the right track on a T90M that was facing towards me (not moving). It doesn’t even aim center mass anymore

the locking on pars has been more consistant but their top attack is not very consistant

“top attack”
Fairly sure we could test fire a top attack missile at their headquarters and they wouldnt change a thing


the only thing fixed with FnF is the locking but guiding mechanism is just a joke, its like the missile attempted to go up but got tired half way and decided to just go in a low angle of attack

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Sad TOW2B noises (I can’t stand how bad that thing is it should pop T72/80/90 turrets with ease)


tbf, that missile was turbo cancer when it worked. Weapons that invalidate cover shouldn’t be a thing in-game

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I’m not even asking for it to destroy a tank from 6-7 feet above it I just want my missile to blow a tank up when it flies like 1-3 feet above the tank. Right now it doesn’t

that still invalidates cover tho…

That was the whole issue with them, there was NOTHING you could do to fight back on certain maps. It invalidates armor, it invalidates cover, its just anti-fun.


3 feet does I can agree with that but 1-2 should he fine. I should not only be taking out 1 crew and maybe maybe the breach (if it pens that is) with a top down missile when it is literally right above the thing. Typically within 1-2 feet. TOW2Bs are useless and when Gaijin loves to claim how “realistic” their game is and stuff like that happens it is extremely annoying.