Fix the maps instead of Stop shrinking them!

For crying out loud, Gaijin, what’s with the shrinking maps turning War Thunder into a bloody corridor shooter? It’s time to stop this madness! We need features that actually promote teamwork and reward players for sticking together. These maps are starting to resemble CS:GO with tanks, and that’s not what we signed up for. Open areas are disappearing faster than you can say ‘kill steal.’ You fixed it for aircraft, why not ground vehicles? Quit ignoring our feedback and start making real changes. We’re tired of the same old excuses. Give us maps worth fighting on, or we’ll find a game that will.

If you continue making up stuff and change stuff remove this, you have NO right saying you represent main historical battle theatres. Sure you are trying, but unless you actually do it. Remove the statement!

I don’t care if you have over 2,500 vehicles. Same with the veterans in this game that left you because you choose to start doing stuff that actively break the game. I remember one player have said quote.

With every “Fix” gaijin makes, another 40 things breaks.

but that is besides the point of you ruining A LOT of players enjoyment of this game by instead of for example implementing actual rewards for actually sticking to your mates, capturing points and generally helping your team. You instead still stick to the formula Player who has the most Ground kills gets the best reward. Instead of fixing the spawn camping issues by example:

Spawn camping preventatives

  1. Creating multiple spawn zones and distributing them randomly throughout the allied side of the map, making it impossible for players to pinpoint exactly where you will spawn, and making it easier for you as a player to get rid of spawn killers.

  2. Blocking the enemy team from entering your spawn area completely. Setting off both a proximity alert, and giving them a destruction countdown.

  3. TF2 mechanics, this would be last resort and be the most broken. Make a invisible wall for the enemy team that they both cant shoot and go through, and neither can you, or that let you what works better I guess.

Improving Rewards for teamwork, Etc.

  1. Implementing critical damage system to tanks from Air battles.

  2. Increasing rewards
    Increasing rewards for capturing points, and making them even more critical to the outcome of the battle. And increasing rewards for shooting down planes, so its equal to killing a tank, if not more.

  3. Group rewards
    Giving players a reward for sticking together. Instead of a single tank going off and hiding somewhere, now a group would be more rewarding.

  4. ( Funny, but frustrating idea)
    Create a chain effect for capture points where if your “Main” point gets captured and you have gotten all the way to their spawn. All the capture points get de-captured until you have captured all of them once again

So to summarise, restricting maps = Bad and hurts a lot of players.

Now I want people to discuss this, all the bad, all the good. Everything. As long as this isn’t forgotten. Since these issues directly relate to our games map designs, and affect a lot of us players

If you are so kind share you support if you think this is a great idea, and if you don’t? Explain why, be constructive

Posts like this, are proof players are having issues with the maps in this game being degraded. Gaijin, stop destroying maps
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We need to stop this, before we remaining veterans leave, i joined in 2016-ish on PS4, then created a new account in 2019-2020 i think. I have had lots of friends leave because this game lost its charm
And im starting to agree. In no way was the game better, in most areas atleast in the past. especially graphics and how this game looks! but thats where it about ends… i dont fancy modern aircraft, playing them atleast. since the gameplay is way too hectic. i want casual stuff when i get home. not high stress situations!


Yes, support

as i discussed with you earlier, this shrinkage of maps affect very few maps and usually its maps where the points are to one specific side of the map or where there are so many sniping spots that people will prioritize getting there than playing the obj. while i agree with the dispersing spawn points, your two other suggestions would either not work well or be detrimental. with your second suggestion, the problem being some people would just hide in their spawn and not leave, and if it gets down to just a few people you would have a very boring game of just sitting there doing nothing and waiting for tickets to run out. the third suggestion of TF2 mechanics would have the same problems as earlier, and how would you implement it without completely ruining SPAA and planes and helicopters(which is another issue altogether)

i agree with increasing rewards and the some aspects of the group rewards, but the critical damage system would not work for ground battles, as they would have to change the damage mechanics as a whole. while i see some aspects of your argument, its not completely thought out and needs much more work

This is why they aren’t number 1 solution

I dont understand what you mean by this one though

i know you were talking about tanks battles but in air battles things like bomber rescuer should get good buffs i cant say how many times I’ve lost 2 basses worth of payload because I had no fighter support like not even any fighters relatively close to my position

This is another issue but Still a major issue. They could buff gunners again but. its either OP or not enough since gaijin cant seem to balance. but they should reward escorts!

how could you implement your suggested fixes without ruining how SPAA’s work in game. usually in an SPAA you stay in spawn and shoot at planes, and if these things were added would make SPAA either difficult to play or useless

also map shrinkage is really not that big of an issue in the grand scheme of things. it applies to maybe a dozen maps, and they were maps that were infamous for spawn camping and people just camping hills and outside of obj areas.

in the way a lot of SPAA try to stay close to spawn because its the least likely to have your 12.7 mg go against 37 mm cannon.


And making group rewards SPAA would be rewarded for staying with their group and defending against air vehicles.

If it comes to it you could make air kills more rewarding than tanks in SPAA vehicles.

let me add one, current mechanic is not that bad, but needs alot of improvements, I would implement this, a guy whos able to see any of the spawn zones, or newly spawned vehicle for a certain amount of time, or scouted by a newly spawned light tank, the guy needs to be marked permanently both in map and visually until he dies.

Drastic, maybe a bit too extreme. but I maybe could see it if gaijin fails anything else

This is mostly for the addition of tons of urban maps in recent years. That is another can of beans entirely.

this would push SPAA, things with little to no armor, to go into battle, bringing SPAA performance down as a whole. SPAA’s whole purpose is to shoot down planes from behind friendly lines. yes some SPAA could do this but a majority of them can be killed with MG’s and there fore usually stay in spawn unless their team is greatly advanced past the points

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and im not saying map shrinkage is great and fun. it isnt. but weighed against the current alternative it is the best measure to help balance

Yea ok. Although Gaijin is planning to add resupply zones for SPAAs in your spawn area. this could be modified to, If SPAA vehicles stay near the team OR these zones you get additional rewards. or something.

Yes, my post is to STOP this from happening further. not retract anything Right now. hence the title Fix the maps instead of Stop shrinking them!

i miss the old maps, but when i consider how much of an annoyance a fox on the opposite side of the map spawn killing me would be, i think blocking off parts of the maps that were camper havens is a good first step, though not at all a permanent fix and they need to come up with something else

Most of the bad sides of the maps are not the borders, the locations of the Capture Points, you know that the Conquest mode in Seversk-13, the spawn zones are at the city side where the cap point is at the jungle side. I withnessed the battle is mostly ended up with enough kills without anyone getting into the zone. Same goes for Surrounding of Volokolamsk,

and the other bad sides of the maps are the unbalanced terrain. i.e. Eastern Europe (or European Province), Middle east, Novorossiysk (Conquest), Japan, Poland, Advance to the Rhine, and so on. 90% of the time in these maps, one certain side wins.

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