Flanders Map is Garbage

Idk what you guys wanted to make here but it sucks, please remove it. Also bring back all the sniping hills that you removed on maps like Jungle, it unfairly discriminates against nations like Japan or Italy who dont have tanks with great armour so rely on staying in the back, and the map design itself has issues, the airship is stupid for WW2, the South has a harder time than the north.


What is your ideal map?

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map like Fulda Sand of Sinai and Maginot line there are amog the best map for high tier


It is clear that they are now making maps to a formula. Capture points spread out so that there are no more ‘safe’ capture points. Close quarters maps or pseudo ‘open’ maps that limit engagements to within 300m.


Youre screwed if youre not Germany or Russia basically, THEY EVEN REMOVED THE HEDGE ROWS ON NORMANDY! NORMANDY! That region is full of hedge rows!


I love Flanders as much as I love Sands of Sinai & Red Desert. All amazing maps.


Only maps I dislike are urban maps I don’t think they fit high tier warthunder very well


It’s fair to have that opinion.
I personally agree with tank doctrine: Minimum range 0 meters, maximum somewhere above 3km.


“Never go into an urban combat environment without adequate infantry support”.


i really like flanders


It’s been a long time I haven’t appreciate a map since Breslau. Flanders is definitely a good addition to the rotation map.

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I was surprised at how small the map is given all the “stuff” that is on it.

Played Flanders once at lower BR and I liked it a lot.

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Offtopic question about Flanders…when i played it, i would see FLOWERS in the outside view, but they would disappear on the gunsight…only grass was visible :)
It was consistent…every time i moved to outside view the flowers came up…

I know this is probably a bug…but i wanted to be sure i am not “seeing things” before reporting it. Has no effect on gameplay…

What’s even worse is seeing light tanks in urban mazes without a way out.

see im seeing mix views i like Flanders it gives us two new maps for the price of 1 and I felt the map was balanced


I have recently been playing Japanese vehicles, and yes, while the hills going away did make me a bit sad, I adapted.

I found NEW places to snipe from, even better than those hills.

Did not have time to look at the flowers.


That’s to counter infantry, since War Thunder doesn’t have enemy infantry, that quote is irrelevant.

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