Map are so small now?

Normandy, Stalingrad factory…etc. almost every map has been gutted with offmap timers. Its so super small and all flanks are closed?

Is there any chance this will be reverted or is it time to finally leave.

Whose idea was that?


WHile I have not tested all maps
Normandy large is still bullshit. Normandy small has lost a bit of the open field area because this area was used only for spawncamping ander nothing else so good riddance.

Stalingrad was always tiny, what did they chnage except for exploits to get your tank over the tank barricades.

Making SACLOS spaa not begin tracking for ~500 meters while having the average map size is <2000 meters is fantastic. It really punishes ground players for using SPAA which is the absolute worst way to counter CAS. Hopefully more maps will become like this so people will stop wasting their spawn points on SPAA and grind their air trees so they can spawn camp CAS players. Gaijin should continue encouraging the most toxic playstyles so less skilled players stop playing.