Gaijin, stop destroying maps

How long, Gaijin, will you keep listening to these players who don’t know how to deal with the frustration of death and lack of skill? These players only know how to play with a heavy tank, and they just want to press W and go straight killing as many as possible, those who like to flank or have to flank because the tank is light or has low penetration or even like the type 60 atgm, which needs Being far away to be able to kill an enemy, how do you do it? Don’t play?


Complaining that other nations are crying while creating this post is ironic

Dumbing down maps is certainly an issue. Part of the fun is finding spots and outmaneuvering enemies.


My thought exactly. But how about the just make two modes that one is Urban warfare and another is rural warfare

This way both sides get what they want. I would gladly wait a bit longer to be able to play the maps i like.

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probably a main german! you just know press W ans shot with your tiger.

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on the one hand, this is true, on the other hand, huge unreadable maps are also bad


The problem is that they are removing all the places, soon it will just be a straight line and one shooting at the other


I fear this is already the present. I have seen maps cut down to like… 500m spawn to spawn with only one cap and one lane. No going left, no going right.


Wishful thinking. The problem with the map changes is that while some of them made sense (to stop ultra-cheese spawn camping), a lot of them were due to a heck of a lot of people whinging about drive time, or whining about how they got sniped from that one super obvious spot that they can’t dislodge someone from.

For instance taking a Challenger 2 up the north hill in whatever desert map it is that has it (el alamein I believe…) was always fun because you can hull down and plink people. And yes, it’s slightly cheese but it plays to the strength of the tank. But apparently we all need to CQB and brawl - even in vehicles that are absolute pants in that setting.


Now, they cut Tunisia, what will be the next map to be destroyed?

It would be good to have feedback from a moderator, could Stona clarify for us why this is all happening?

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They what? :(

That map was just fine… guess they’ll be removing the large tunisia from rotation too then :(

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Yup, only decent maps were the old ones and only the carpathians/tunisia survived rest of maps gayjing made them 100% worse like poland.