Final Separate Battle Ratings by Gamemode Changes & What We’re Planning for Attack Aircraft with All-Aspect Missiles in Air Battles


Hey everyone, thanks for all of your feedback regarding attack aircraft in Air Battles, after reading through everything we’d like to let you know what we’re planning for aircraft such as the A-10s, the A-6E TRAM, and the initial Su-25 variants (the regular version and the K version).

While these aircraft have average or in some cases below average efficiency, they do still carry potent missiles regardless. Due to this, after the next major update we’ll be implementing the following two changes together:

  • The Battle Ratings of the A-10s, Su-25 and Su-25k, and the A-6E TRAM in Air Battles will be increased by 1 step (for example the A-10A Late will move from 10.3 to 10.7). This is so that some aircraft below the Battle Rating of these attackers that lack countermeasures will stop facing them at all or face them less frequently.

  • In tandem with this, the spawn points of these attackers will be moved closer to the main combat zone in Air Battles. This will help these aircraft carry out their primary ground attack role at a higher Battle Rating — giving them greater ability to perform despite coming up against stronger aircraft, potentially increasing or maintaining their current level of effectiveness.

We understand the point that head to head, aircraft without countermeasures facing all-aspect missiles from these attackers feels unfair. And while statistically, instances where aircraft without countermeasures meet these attackers are much less common, we can see that this matchup can be frustrating, as there are no effective means of countering an all-aspect missile once entering the launch range without flares.

However, simply raising the BR would in turn be unfair to the attack aircraft, which already have below average efficiency and would in turn earn even less. This is why we propose a twofold solution in this case, where attack aircraft will have more ability to attack ground targets even while facing stronger enemies, which is an inevitability with their BR increase.

As mentioned, the above changes will go live after the major update as we need some time to implement and plan the locations of these spawn points. Additionally, the Battle Rating changes table has received 2 extra changes (the Super Etendard and the J-11) and these are to be implemented today along with the rest of the changes.

We really appreciate all of your feedback on this topic, thanks as always for taking the time to give us your thoughts.

The War Thunder Team


Excellent news! I really like this idea. It kills two birds with one stone; those attackers will now be more fit to play their role, while also not being the balance issue they have been when it comes to them using all-aspect missiles against flareless planes. Very nice, thanks for listening to the feedback and acting accordingly once again!


Will the A-4E get AIM-9G’s and get moved up to 9.3 in air battles as well?


Still dead in the water. Unless


France gets those Leo 2s I guess.

This sounds pretty cool

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SU25SM3 to 12.7

Top kek


Should have put the tornados on the same brs as well then it would have been perfect

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Okay… there’s an issue where ground attackers could end the match in 90 seconds again.

Other than that, the idea is sound.

It was bound to go to 10.3 with the other changes.
And yeah, when France gets a 10.3 lineup, it’ll be waiting for us.


Now that we have separate ground BRs please move the 11.3 Tornados to 11.0 in ARB… the guided munitions make no difference in ARB to warrant the extra step in BR.


Finally the All-aspect missile carriers are going up in BR, long overdue but this is very good step in the right direction. Good changes overall.

Now I ask, when can we see stuff like the F104 and Mig-19 along with many other planes around 9.3 that have insane flight performance but got pushed down in BR by these all aspect missile carriers go back up in BR?


Happy to know that finally Jaguar stay 10.3 and Super Etendard go to 10.3 (and no 10.7) with ASL-30L.

Question regarding this
How will this be implemented when aforementioned jets have ground spawn?
Having recently played MiG-21Bis-SAU, Su-25s have runway spawn? Is air spawn planned to return then?

Then, I guess all Korean War jets BR changes should gets roll back because they don’t face against goddamn All-aspect missile carriers.


Does this mean that airspawns for all attackers are returning or are they planned for JUST the SU-25’s, A10’s and A-6E?

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Thank you!

Now you need to increase the amount of tickets in a match.


I guess the Vautour also needs an air respawn point like these. It’s difficult to reach the base as a bomber


Hell yeah!

We covered the Tornados is quite a lot of detail in the previous topic and why we currently can’t move them. We plan on revisiting the subject later regarding what to do with base bombing efficiency: Responding To Your Feedback On Separate Battle Ratings


You gonna lower all the SPAA’s BR in Ground RB also??


Good. GOOD. Thanks for that. An increase in tickets may be due, just in case.