Gaijin, Where did A-10 ARB nerf you promised gone


It is almost a month has passed since the latest major update dropped. but still, there are plenty of A-10 and Su-25 that ruin the gameplay experience of 9.0-9.7BR 1950s fighters which has none of any countermeasures. but we are getting no sitreps at all.

Will we get liberated from those 2-year-old cancers or do we need to wait till the regular BR expansion which will come in ‘January 2025’…?


A-10 is just a flying titanium bathtub, but actually it got a certain buff to the bug fixing with the AGM-65 locks, most WW2 fighters could outspeed A-10 easily as it’s stuck at around 600-670km/h, while Su-25 has ~800km/h,

And as mentioned on the dev post, it’s a example, in the game A-10 Late plays at 10.3 in Air Realistic Battles while in Ground Realistic Battles go up to 10.7 while the A-10 Early stays at the same spot, I mean 10.0 for Air Realistic Battles and 10.3 on Ground Realistic Battles.

Just flying titanium bathtub which can create a 3km death zone in front of her till she runs out of AIM-9L of her. with 480x countermeasures which makes her nearly immune against air-to-air missiles.

I know You know, We all know AIM-9L are easily flare-able if your planes have some kind of countermeasure pod. and A-10A usually goes dead-weight of the team after they waste their missiles.

but at the same time, there are plenty of planes which have no countermeasures at all (which are heavily concentrated on minor nations like brit, jap, Israel…) on her BR range.

A-10A Early might be not a good plane on her BR overall, but thanks to the overpowered missile. They work as ‘Ladder-Kickers’ to non-premium f2p players, forcing them to skip rank 6 with gold or premium plane. Typical [kiss up, kick down] type of aeroplane.

Planes on higher BR which have superior flight characteristics with flares can take A-10 down easy-peasy. but planes on lower BR which have sub-far flight characteristics with no flares have extremely hard time against both A-10 and Su-25…


They never said air RB.
I still haven’t died to an A-10 in my 9.0s and 9.3s since its release.
Died to a few Su-25s tho.

  • don’t get close to A-10A unless they wasted 9L for safety.
  • Throwing someone else first to Killzone and letting AIM-9L deplete and attack.
  • if your plane is Supersonic-capable. keep the plane fast as fuck for an increased chance of evading it.
  • can use rockets for improvised countermeasures.


I am not 100% sure about my memory but I think I seldom got killed by A-10A.
specially when I flew with Milan and attempted some base run with it, or stock grind of Jaguar GR.1 junk.
Still, I consider both A-10A and Su-25 should be dealt with. since I saw many of F-86/F-100 or vice versa always clapped by AIM-9L which launched from those thin-red lines of A-10A entering airspace slowly…

I think, If those all-aspect carriers keep spamming missiles all around, my Hunter F.1/F.6 at the hangar full of dust will have no chance to fly skies. I am not planning to get ass-kicked by those whales freely, with these outdated 1950s fighters. (it might be a skill issue though, but I rather stay on Vixen and Bison than Hunter.)

At this rate, if I want to spade all planes in the British air branch, I just might be skipping both hunters with GE.


I wish it was as durable as the su-25 in game.

The premium a-10 should get 4 aim9L missiles, and be moved to the same BR as the tech tree one. The early 10.0 Su-25 attackers should be moved to 10.3 in air RB.

More durable as it is?

I don’t think, considering real factors, the both nations that operates the vehicles have totally different doctrines of war. As mentioned by a user here in the forums, the US focus on air superiority, which in-game are reflected by the vast options of ordnance weapons even in Fighter planes,

In other hand Soviet Union/Russia is the complete opposite, focusing on fast assault and in-ground combat, which is also reflected on the game with anti air systems more capable and this is why you’d see more Su-25 losses than A-10, documented,

In-game scenario people seems to underestimate the A-10 but I think they just don’t know how to operate the vehicle properly: Yesterday I was on Mozdok in a match and early on 2 A-10 was erasing our ground and guess what - no anti air.

This is also a problem between players, in a “team-based game” like War Thunder people have to leave their personal interests by side and focus on the victory of the team as a whole, what this means? Early SPAA players, God thank they exist but they’re rare to find, so rare that a guy just cursed some early SPAA players, and the consequences of almost no one plays as SPAA early match is saying on the forums “CAS OP!” and things alike,

In conclusion: No A-10 doesn’t need to be more durable because you can also shoot down a Su-25/K easily with a FIM-92K or E, the A-10 just need to be operated properly, in distance, let’s create a scenario:

“You got few players, you’re flying a A-10 to the battlefield, you got no bombs or weapons for supporting ground but you don’t want to return to the airfield and lost a precious times getting more kill; you see a T-80B, T-72B (1989) and a BMP-3 with no anti air support near by, which are you choosing?”

If you choose the hardest target (T-72B (1989) you’ve been shoot down by the BMP-3 at this point, despite the slow firing rate cannon, the A-10 also shares this problem the slow flying speed, in this case you strafe and destroy first the BMP-3 then return and disable or destroy if possible one of the two remaining targets and eventually will be destroyed by a ally in ground.

In this scenario is something that I’ve seen during matches when saw a average A-10 player: focusing on not important targets that won’t be a threat for their capability of begin alive, let’s say by that, and sometimes not even killing the target if using the 30mm cannon because most of the time they’re using the AGM-65 bombs and returning to the airfield to restore and bomb them again and again which I don’t blame, it’s a tactic you are free to use this.

I’m sorry if it was too long of confusing but I really got out of hand mixing some real factors with the game.

Then where is the game mode other than ARB where the A-10A late is 10.3BR? Even though it is clearly stated as “Air Battles”?

BTW, although BR 10.0 at AAB and 10.3 at SBEC but, air spawn is literally nonexistent as far as I know unless you bring float planes in maps that doesn’t have spawn zone in sea.

I have seen Su-25 attackers being hit with multiple stinger missiles before they go down. I would like the A-10 to be equally resistant to damage. Both planes have a heritage of being durable close air support in real life. It seems like the Su-25 has this reflected in game, unlike the A-10.




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