Draw distance after update


Until the day he gets killed by an invisible enemy …

That’s a very different thing, they paint the plane with similar color to the background, and if you have a Low Dynamic Range display, then you don’t see it.

But here we talk of invisible planes with the Sky or a cloud behind them, at very short distances. They literally don’t paint them.

I suspect it’s related to clouds, and the oclusion they made of planes when they are behind clouds, that algorith seems to backfire at some point …


same here i dont see any plane expect on radar going into DF once i get a tunnel vision coz over G i loose them very easy.
TrackIr5 setup never happend before

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TBH, not sure I’ve noticed a change. Tried with Dynamic_Lut off, which looks exactly like the game used to look, and tried with it on which looks brighter, more ‘washed out.’ Ground targets might be even harder to see, but I’m not sure about airborne. For sure, you don’t seem to spot things at long range any more, so that is a change, but at closer ranges things are as rubbish as always, although not sure I could say it was ‘worse.’

For jets and missiles, where engagement ranges are much greater, perhaps there is a real problem, (comments above indicate so) but I’ve only tried props so far and at guns range things are unchanged, ie, poor.


This just means that people with the correct gpu, gfx settings, postfx, config exploit and whatever get the most advantage and everyone else is more screwed.

It also means the gameplay is way more RNG and luck than actual skill since the level of spotting inrl means less.

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This is also apparent in the Air Assault game mode, I have mentioned it since the “La Royale” update… and has not been addressed nor even acknowledged… So I don’t know if there is any workarounds for this yet either…

Reference for previous post in tech support section

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Game it’s unplayable for me. I’m refuse to play with nose 4 cm from screen to see half transparent enemy’s fade in distance.

Now we are truly BVR even in gun range…


Until this decrease in the draw distance is restored to at least the state that it was pre-sons of atila, I will not play this game anymore.

How foolish I was to be excited for something new with an update, when the reality was that the new thing was having spotting degraded / ruined.


I am just a lowly GM, and have ZERO influence on development, people still do not see that. Just because I’m staff doesn’t mean I have anything to say around here. I can only do thee job which I’m tasked to do (Game Master, aka chat moderator), nothing else - and that’s of course good like this. Anything else would be questionable.

And I’m not saying it’s good now, just that before it was even more unrealistic. That’s just my personal view, which even as a staff member I’m allowed to have and express, just like any other player.

The best would probably be something in between “then and now”: Not seeing anything until it’s right on top of you is obviously not good, but neither is seeing small fighter aircraft 50, 60 kilometers away as it was before the patch.

ok I understand. I think it’s good that at least one GM plays Sim.
of course you can write your opinion as a player.
but you also see how dissatisfied people are here. and how bad the mood here is because sim is simply in a bad state. if you then as a GM here are of the opinion “it’s ok as it is” then that will not trigger any positive reactions.

the question that occupies 100% of the people here is: when will someone here come to the forum who has influence?


The other night, I had the pleasure of trying to find invisible bomber formations… Entire formations that would not render. I could see naval ships shooting at these invisible targets, but could not spot them for the life of me.


yes, I tried to find the invisible recon plane yesterday. probably a klingon bird-of-prey plane with a cloaking device. the other players didn’t find it either. so it wasn’t my eyes.



When in WT history you can visualy spot plane above 20km !? From years we please Gajin to fix bleeding plane shape at low alt.

I just think some of head designer of this game just read to mutch Soviet propaganda how to Soviet Falcons wight with Natzi German flying low and slow in IL2…


could it be that the developers have simply forgotten the negative effects for the distance vision in Sim? because in AB/RB have the red markers… I have no other explanation


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You still might be the only “employee” of Gaijin that actually plays SB :P

If the distance of drawing is not reverted to the condition pre-SOA, then I have no interest in ever playing this game again.

I have tolerated the “mechanic” of needing to train crew, and have upgraded the skills of spotting for all of my crews. To now have my capacity to spot in simulator arbitrarily diminished is a deal-breaker.

Gaijin has a short memory if they think that they can just ignore feedback.

They could patch this issue today if they want to.

We shall see what they elect to do.

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Wait, crew skill affect spotting in sim ?


Does it though? I didn’t know that and assumed it did not affect sim. I’ve started new crew slots and not noticed any limited ability to see. Even if I bought any skill points for those crews I would not have put any into lookout skills as I didn’t think they applied and I detest the modes where they do apply. If crew skill does affect sim that still wouldn’t explain aircraft that I can already see disappearing as I get closer.

Because there is little else to use the points on, some of my crews have maxed skills including spotting, but others still have moderate to low spotting skills, yet I’ve never a difference in what I can see. It’s arbitrary and rubbish in all cases.

I’m believe that friend tag apear at longer range when skill avarnes is max.

Vitality and repair level have impact in sim

What I am saying is that my crews that have maxed spotting, following the update, have diminished capabilities now. Regardless of this, the spotting is abysmal across crews of all levels.

Alterations made by Gaijin reducing the draw distance post update ( SOA ) make sim unbearable, and have lead to a cessation of my desire to play.
Pre-update, spotting already was an issue. I had planes that disappeared when entering into my hud, or when I rolled slightly one way or another.

Regardless of the level of your crew, you are guaranteed to encounter issues with planes in close proximity spontaneously flickering in and out of view.


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