Draw distance after update


Is it me or the draw distance is bugged after update, plane at around 1km appear and disappear when i zoom in and out, also ground convoy only appear when i nearly hit the ground.


Definetly feels more reduced than “normal” but never been good


Yeah, was losing my hair because of this. Kept getting sniped by invisible AA’s.

Imagine not fking over your own game every time you update it. :P


yepp, they messed something up.
Can´t see anything more than 1 km away. Ground targets are almost impossible to see until you hit them with your nose and aircraft are almost invisible against the sky.

EDIT: Playing in VR with HP Reverb G2.


Change “DYNAMIC LUT” to off on Post FX settings for return to your setup. Its a new graphic mode.


Thanks, I will try it tomorrow. 👍

Turn it off really make thing clearer but the draw distance of vehicle is still very bad.

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Yes, these black dots we saw over long distances are gone. Now you can´t see the enemy in the sector next to you.
I tried to go for the surveillance plane, but only found it accidentally after 10 min.

Maybe the black dots were a bit to much, but now you don´t see a thing before you are next to it, especially in the sky.
I don´t know how it is in 4k on screen, but in VR bombers are almost invisible now.


Havent had any aircraft encounters since the patch, but at least in test flight the other aircraft seem much clearer, gone is the black halo around them we suffered before with VR.

Also, anti tank guns in ground battles now are much more easy to see, before they were nearly invisible!

Another plus for VR users: those eye-tiring periodic flashes when looking in roughly the direction of the sun is gone!

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That didn’t fix the problem for me. I still can’t see any aircraft or dots any more, but I can see contrails and smoke trails from many miles away.

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I find it is more realistic now.

Let’s be honest, IRL one does not see a fighter jet sized object 50 km away as we used to in WT, but yes, you will see the contrails easily from that far away.

This will need getting used to however, but I’m sure the change is for the better! As I mentioned above, the big plus here (at least for VR users) is the fact that we don’t see those ugly shadow/halo-like dark artifacts around aircraft, which made it difficult to ID a contact unless it was really very close. Now the aircraft can be seen crisp and clear, and thus much more easily identified - but admittedly less easily spotted!

And, also ground targets are not as visible from farther away than before, but more clear once you’re closer. This is especially advantageous when having to find those elusive anti tank guns in ground battles: Before it was guesswork and experience to know where they are, now you can actually see them! Makes it much more easy to find and kill them, where before I often not managed to find the last few of a ground battle.

Kinda like this

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The maps are not even 50 km big.
But actually, have you ever looked up at the sky and observed airliners? I do, and in addition to the contrail I also see the outline of the plane which is decidedly larger than a point, and those planes also fly at 10,000 m altitude. So why in Warthunder shouldn’t you see planes 8-10 km away if the sky is clear?
And then if we’re talking about realism, why can you see distant planes only if you use the zoom? The zoom in VR completely ruins the immersion, and now you are forced to abuse it. The result is frustrating boredom.
I’m afraid of big Warthunder updates, sometimes they bring new bugs that they hardly bother to fix in the future, it seems like the highest priority is to add content, not to fix problems.


Depends a lot on lighting condition, size, position and colouring of the aircraft, weather conditions,…

Yes, you can easily see an airliner 8-10km or more away against a clear sky, if the geometry is right, but you can already have trouble spotting the same airliner even if it’s straight above you, only 2 km away!

I live in an area where a lot of airliners fly right overhead on their approach to Zurich International airport, and when they’re right above me are maybe at an altitude of 1500, 2000 meters. Even then, also under good conditions, but suboptimal geometry (my position vs. aircrafts position vs. position of the sun), spotting them can be difficult.

And a small camouflaged fighter jet is even more difficult to spot, obviously.

As to map size, the smallest EC maps are 64x64km, the large ones favored in high tier matches 128x128. So one grid is roughly 8x8 for small and 16x16 for large maps. Before the patch one could easily see highly contrasting dark black dots 3 or 4 grids away, which would be 48 to 64 km away!

Yes, I was wrong about the size of the map, seeing a replay a little while ago I could see the icons of other planes even 49 km from my base, so I imagine they are bigger than that.
Nevertheless only around 2018, when I started using VR, I could see big dots all over the map, then this definitely changed after some updates, and already since last year it was difficult to see planes in the distance and I was having problems of visibility in general, sometimes the planes disappeared into thin air, only to mysteriously reappear a few seconds later. But now in my opinion the situation has worsened drastically, you simply can’t see them anymore at 3 or 4 km even in optimal visibility conditions if you don’t use the zoom, you’ll see it suddenly disappear/appear beyond a certain distance, really this do you find it realistic?
Furthermore, in VR you don’t have the same sharpness of the image that you have on a screen, much less that of viewing the real world, so at least the black points compensated for this lack.

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The drawing/rendering behind a certain distance seems broken and just doesn´t work. Planes disappear and reappear completely at around 4 or 5 km. It seems they messed up some LOD stuff.
Normally a low quality model or even a sprite should be used above this distance, but its completely missing.

Zooming helps, but in VR it is really annoying.

If someone wants to level bombers or ground attackers: Now is the time. Just stay low so your exhaust does not condensate and you are invisible 95% of the time.


Yeah I agree…

Even convoys and ground targets appear, when you’re just about to turn into a burning wreck…

Big fat dot was good. Who was blind well skill issue. Now only these small d… wings players with kind of ESP have easy time. Normal players like always get kick by Gajin


Well I was just now in rolling scissors with 29 where i was close enough to “jAm tHe WeZ” of R-73 but game decided it should derender the 29 for me. Luckily the wing votercies were still there so I killed him and 29 pilot said my Viper also derendered for him.

The predominantly crap weather in most matches is not helping as game even prior to update had tendency ot derender aircraft flying even in front of the clouds.

It’s absolutely gamebreaking for me to be honest.


Couldn’t spot a single plane in two EC battles.
Neither enemy planes, neither AI bombers.