Rendering of aircraft in assault air arcade

Not sure if anyone posted this yet, nor have I seen this in another game mode…

Ive noticed that there are rendering issues of aircraft where I can see the tags, afterburner, etc of a teammates aircraft yet the actual vehicle model is random at rendering, which can even happen close to near 1km from you.

This same thing happend with enemy aircraft.

There is no rendered aircraft until either certain angle or distance is achieved up to including near 1km.

Ive asked others in games and they too were having the same issues, so thought I would mention it here as I am not sure if has been done so on the old forum.

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Haven’t seen anything changed since major update regarding this issue… I have tried on multiple maps, varying BRs and still see the same thing… Now I am not sure if it is specific to PVE modes or if this is also in RB, AB, etc. but I have checked my settings as well and everything seems normal, I can’t figure out why the planes are not rendering

Anyone else experiencing this?

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I am having the same problem… running a fully updated NVIDIA RTX 3070

Its still there for me too, as well as friends and others within that see (or i should say dont see) aircraft rendering even when only 1km away… so thus far looks like no apprent fix coming as of yet.