Draw distance after update


I’m an air traffic controller with a private pilot license, and I can spot small civil aircraft out to 10 statute miles or 16km in real life, but I can’t see large military aircraft at all without using the zoom function beyond 1km or so in War Thunder. That’s unacceptable. Considering that my VR headset (HP Reverb) should give me maybe only half the visual acuity of someone with 20/20 vision, I should be able to make out aircraft at somewhere between 5-10km, but that isn’t happening.


For mother of sake. Fix spooting Gajin…


I can second this. I was stationed at an HMG on a German Navy Frigate and could easily make out fighter jets that were 6-8 km away with my bare eyes. I tried flying 9.3-10.3 yesterday w/o Radar and couldn’t find anyone. I’ve been flying SB EC since 2016 and have never had this issue before.

And in Top Tier with my F-16, I can see the target on the radar that it supposedly is about 9-7km away and can’t see him optically. This is really frustrating guys.


“Хотели как лучше, а получилось как всегда”…

Tem print ?

Good call. I used 10 sm or 16 km as the max ‘dot render’ range when I ran a server in ‘classic’ Il-2 back in the 2000s. Why did I pick that range? I based it on experience in the Hawk doing ACM v another Hawk (bit bigger than WW2 fighter, but not much) and the longest spot I (or anyone I flew with) achieved, based on range called by Fighter Controller - and that was 10 nautical miles. That was extreme. Usually the range was something under 10 nm, but most times you’d get visual not long after closing within 10 nm.

Once visual, visibility only gets better as range closes - as it did in Il-2 ‘classic’ - none of this ‘de-render at guns range’ BS you get in WT… Obviously it get better the closer you get… just so obvious it should be that way.


It’s even not important how it’s in reality. When almost all aspect in game are simplified…
Gajin reduced visibility because RB players in ground mode crying. Some how in their spaghetti code they reduce visibility in air battles.

Why they crying?? Because majority ground players are noobs and just can’t play successfully AA even have Tunguska. From other side best ally AA have 12km range Vs 20km guide missiles for MiG23??

So what Gajin do to balance game?? Itroduce Pantsir… Hands down…

Now to some how fix mess what they did they reduce visibility… Like in old Soviet way. Heroically they resolve problems what they made…


They definitely bugged something up with the latest update. I have on multiple occasions locked up a target within 10 km and still not have even seen them visually. It would be nice to be able to see each other again while fighting gaijin plz and ty. Oh and do something to fix them disappearing and reappearing during dogfights as well; I shouldn’t have to watch a plane turn into a ghost only to have it magically reappearing on my 6.


Yesterday first visual contact. But instead of dots - blurry spots. Very unpleasant.


This is absolutely unrealistic and uncalled for. This bug with planes not rendering has the potential to kill this mode for everyone other than zombers. This isn’t something that needs “getting used to”, it’s a major game breaking issue that needs to be reverted or fixed ASAP!

All aircraft and ground targets should render at “50 km” or whatever other arbitrary distance you claimed to have seen the dots before, and as a commercial pilot I can regularly see large aircraft at 50km even if they are not contrailing. This doesn’t happen all the time, it depends on the conditions but it happen sometimes, and the same thing should be happening in War Thunder.

A Bv 238, for example, has a wingspan of 60, this is comparable to a modern day 777! It shouldn’t be popping into existence at 3km and neither should ground targets! This is an MMO and the success of the player in SB depends on spotting. It should be easy and intuitive for the user, a dynamic scaling option to make planes/targets larger than they are at a distance will compensate for the differences in human visual acuity in a real aircraft and someone playing on a laptop screen. This will eliminate any advantage in spotting based on hardware differences and is wildly popular in proper sims such as Falcon BMS.

Honestly I am shocked that anyone would consider this a change for the better…


It’s more realistic when it works … but there is a blatant bug where planes dissapear at distances you should be seeing them, sometimes even under your nose, at distances where you can identify them.

Yesterday I was following a friendly mig 21 chassed by a viggen, each plane was already a lot pixels, so easily identificable, and the were dissapearing and reapering.

Once they fix bug, they should focus on this. In a single player game, I would like realistic spoting, but in a PvP one, they should focus on gameplay balance.

What we need is proper code, that displays that “halo” only when it’s necesary, not to hide the real plane ;)


Happens with ships too and it more consistent. Ive also seen it happen with planes at close distances, under 10km where they stop rendering. And of course at longer distances planes sometimes dont render at all. At first i was hyped to see these changes(whatever they are) because it seemed a lot more realistic. Planes arent beacons anymore, they belnd into the terrian. However, in some circumstanses they straight up just dont render. So i would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Gajijn for completely breaking sim once and for all. Now we can all move on with our lives and find something else to do with our time.


Hey, do you have any contact with the devs as a game master? If you do, could you do us all a favor and just ask them if they have any intentions to work on SB again. Have they really abondoned development on sim?


The answer can be hard to diggest …

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Schindibee is happy with the changes. he writes above. so nothing will happen.

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Stuff just disappearing or merging with the background at close range has been a feature for years, so I honestly don’t know if they intend or even want to fix it.

Takes skill out of the equation, doesn’t it? And Gaijoobles love to do that, hence my doubts about their will to fix it. Not sure they created the mess on purpose - if they thought about what they were doing at all, I don’t suppose they considered sim - but now they have a random-dogfight-outcome-generator they’ll probably stick with it.

It can’t really be that difficult to pick a range at which you want aircraft to be spotted and then to actually render something from there on in. They cracked it in the 90s FFS. I don’t care if it appears blocky, angular and ugly, so long as I can see it it’s better than a beautiful but invisible rendering.


The sim experience for me is so bad after the update. It is almost impossible to find targets now in planes that do not use radar, unless people are contrailing. From what other pople in my lobbys report, its the same for others as well, though some players seem to be unaffected, or not be effected as bad so they might not notice.
Feels like battles play out a lot different aswell, zombers now seem to be doing their bombing almost ininhibited, probably because noone can find them anymore.
I had very little enjoyment the past few days as a spent the majority of the games flying towards objectives and not being able to see planes, neither AI nor player, even when i am within the same grid.


Planes have never stopped rendering before though


They did, the clip that i link is 2 years ago.

yes I played European Air War back in the day. the game was released in 1998. the little pixels turned into planes when you approached.
ps. also the AI planes behaved much more human and logical than in today’s War Thunder.