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“Manufacturers publishment, obviously propaganda so doesn’t count except for when we decide it does”


Well, it gives 0 numbers

Even if it did it wouldn’t matter.

Would also like to mention something here, as it does regard the British Helicopter tech tree, and had made a post about it but I feel I may of over explained it so noone really payed attention to it.

But basically its that every other nation has the option to research 2 helicopters minimum, before moving to rank VI, whilst Britain requires you researching 3 helicopters minimum, and so I was suggesting something like moving the Wessex into a different line, like how the French have the SA 313B Aloutte II in a seperate line to allow 2 helicopters minimum to be researched to move to rank VI.

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Is the rooivalk suppose to have some kind of cockpit sites? Atgm guidance is all it seems to have.

Can you rephrease your qestion?

When I’m in the cockpit there is no cross-hair or HUD of any kind. Have to just guess when aiming.

You might as well plug a link in to it here. Its a good idea imo.

It should have HMD, but it is not yet in game.

I swear it had something once but it disappeared a few updates ago and makes the chopper impractical for vr or sim. Weird to delete it without a replacement for so long

Not only that, but 340k RP is very definitely excessive for a Wessex, even if with the AS-12s it is exceptionally good.

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