Uniformity with Helicopter Research - Britain

I’ve noticed when looking at all nation’s helicopter tech trees, every nation except Britain, only required researching 2 helicopters, before moving onto the next rank, whilst Britain requires researching 3 (yes other nations do require researching 3 helicopters aswell to research certain lines of helicopters, but those nations also have the option to start researching helicopters of the next rank by only researching 2 helicopters aswell).

So to help with uniformity, I was suggesting either foldering 2 of the 9.0 British helicopters, or putting the Wessex into a seperate line at rank V (which would make more sense), as France already has the SA Alouette II in a seperate line at rank V, even though it doesn’t have any further helis for that line.

Would very much like this change implemented, as researching helicopters already takes ages, so having to research an extra helicopter just to get to the next rank, where every other nation doesn’t need to, doesn’t feel too fair. So I feel this would be a welcomed change for those playing Britain.