Britain SPAA Voids - what could be added?

I’ve been thinking about what SPAA could be added to the British Tree, but its one area that really isnt my expertise and wondered what could be viable options

The only 2 options im really aware of are:

Challenger Marksman (not sure if these were ever built, but from my research, entirely possible) for around the BR 9 mark.

Tracked Rapier maybe BR 9-10 maybe higher depending on the missile it fired

Possibly something like a Jeep mounted with a triple javelin launcher as another option?

Im interested in hearing what possible options there are too be added. Especially when expanded from British Army to Commonwealth options.

The current voids between BR5-8 and 8.3-10.3 really need to be filled.


Chieftain Sabre would be a great addition to the tech tree, although it won’t fill a gap it would be a suitable replacement for the Chieftain Marksman and ZA-35 in high tier line-ups. It is basically a falcon with more ammo, armour and a radar.

I also like the look of having the tracked rapier carrier but a triple javelin launcher wouldn’t work as a SPAA as that is an ATGM so a Land Rover with a Stinger missile system would be a good option as long as you can prove it exists.


There’s a surface-launched ASRAAM that was recently put together by Britain on a Supacat HMT


The only answer for ranges beyond 7-8km in a single vehicle.


AFAIK Sky Sabre/Land Ceptor is also capable of electro-optical targeting from a single launch vehicle, independent of the radar vehicle (Radar being Saab Giraffe in the case of the UK system and the one being proposed to Finland, ZDPSR SOŁA in the case of the Polish Little Narew system).
E/O-targeting didn’t seem to be included in the initial roll-out of Sky Guardian for the British Army, but has appeared subsequently.

The E/O mast is folded down in the picture below (next to the erected datalink mast), but shows it installed on a British Army 15-tonne MAN SV truck

Images of the Volvo-based demonstrator for Finland with the mast extended, showing it’s using Star SAFIRE 380-HD as the EOTS

Unfortunately lacks radar on the launch truck that many SPAA in game have, but Sky Sabre could potentially offer an even longer ranged, ARH versions of what the little Supacat/ASRAAM truck does.


There’s no reason Challenger Marksman or Vickers Mk 3 marksman would be 9.0 considering Sweden’s Leopard 2 Marksman (I.e. faster than both aforementioned MBTs) is 8.3.
Marksman was fitted to loads of platforms, the only mock-up on these images is the G6 one.
The first one here is Centurion.

M48 Marksman 1


Oooo I didn’t know that was an option, that makes the Supacat HMT with ASRAAM even more credible. Cheers.


For the 9.7~ sort of area equivalent to LAV-AD is the Stormer Air Defence.
25mm GAU-12/A, 8 Stingers.
It’s already been passed to developers apparently.




Yeah but AFAIK although that truck has the required equipment you lack the control vehicle, which is where all the people manning the thing sit, you’ve just got a driver in there. So it still doesn’t really work as a standalone vehicle, it may as well be a drone.

If not mind about not britain origin vechicles, Polish POPRAD could be fitted at 9.3-9.7


This javelin not the US ATGM Javelin. It replaced the blowpipe


That’s true. I forgot it’s normally operated through a central fire control vehicle
Will have to investigate if there’s a remote for isolated operation like Rapier FSC that could be used from the cab, or a HMCS like tracked rapier had for cueing the EOTS

Whilst not entirely on topic, I can’t see any more recent threads around.

I’m curious if anyone else has experienced this
I have switched off my radar (sneak mode am i right) however instead of retracting it still stays mounted. this is the same for the ZA-35. is this just a gimmick for Min Graphics users where it appears up for them but is actually stowed or is it genuinely still up?

Nope, its a bug. Max settings here. Doesnt retract anymore.

Is it still visible to enemies though? for something like the ZA-35 that is going to be pretty horrendous if it is visible.

I have no idea, but I would have to assume so. I have been playing around that BR, and have seen a number of Gepards with radar up at times I was surprised they didnt retract it. Possibly the same issue for them

Surprised the Warrior VERDI-2 hasn’t been suggested yet

40mm cannon and Starstreaks.


I want to say Verdi-2 was on the old forum. - VERDI-2 Warrior - Passed for Consideration - War Thunder - Official Forum

Eye candy as required, to be applied liberally
Uses a CTAI 40mm to be specific, which I think is similar to that on the Ajax
Link for muh photos + brief summary Warrior Armoured Fighting Vehicle - Think Defence

That said on this page there appears to be drawings for an ADATS or Rapier SAM fit. Which if you ask me is an abomination worse than Tracked Rapier.


The warrior ADATS was made but idk to what extent what functionality it had


I stand corrected