British high tier Squadron tank options / Petition to NOT add T-90S to Britain

Ugh, rather suffer in the Chally than in the T-90, Chally at least has reverse

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Probably the only option, well, unless they want people to 1DL

Maybe it isnt. unfortunately in the absence of anything else we are somewhat forced to resort to using it

However, I do not feel the T-90 would be a good addition. the Playstyles of T-90 and Challenger are two entirely different ones. you’re going to have players that buy it and don’t have a lineup, or do have a lineup but are going to struggle to switch playstyles mid-match. Coming from a British perspective i already despise the thing because it can’t reverse

Thank you, will have a play later.

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you do realise the foldering is somewhat a good thing in the British tree in the sense you do not have to pointlessly research one challenger after another

my argument to you would be “we wouldn’t be in this position if we had insert applicable British Utility/light/air defence/tank killer vehicle in our tech tree”

the big one for me is the gap in Air defence between 8.3 and 10.3. until you have the stormer, you’re expected to, what, use your guns? agaibst Bullpups, CCIP bombing aircraft, and in an uptier Mavericks and TV Bombs? It would be very useful to have a stepping stone in the middle, an equivalent of the Strela for example.

I see a good oppotunity to plug my other main thread at the moment


Britain SPAA Voids - what could be added?


Its going to be a one death leaver, its basically a worse chally, and when the ammo racks have the normal damage modifiers its going to get one tapped by anything that pens it. tie in the fact you cant reverse and its just going to be a blip

I was trying to find the link but you know

Yeah… Glad its a SQV and not a TT that you HAVE to play


I mean as if we don’t suffer enough, now we’re gonna suffer one death leavers like the plague.

Also whats the deal with damage modifiers? So that’s why they don’t explode instantly when I shoot a Turms ammo rack

I’d be seriously worried if it was

Yeah, though still kinda pissed about the FRS1 being a SQV, that makes no sense in my opinion.

Yeah they have a percentage to go off, the russian t-80u and the swede one have different modifiers and spoilers the russian one is way less likely to detonate. Had a friend bug reporting it for ages and spoilers its just ignored or labelled not a bug.

Just you wait, that is what the indian BMP’s will be to give us light tanks XD

if we do get BMP IFVs you can be sure I will be kicking and screaming all the way. Why not add Desert Warrior? why not the Warrior with the CTA 40mm? Why not Ajax (the heap of garbage that it is)? why not some completely made up CC90 variant that the MOD really should’ve bought?

ah of course yes, let me also guess, our ammo det modifiers are higher than theirs?


I think we will be lucky if firing the main gun doesnt detonate its own ammo wrack.

I’ve never seen anyone play it. I’ve never seen anyone use Olifant Mk 2 either other than myself.