Is there a prototype of a Chaparral with Aim9X

Is there a prototype of a Chaparral with Aim9X If so this will give USA good aa

Aim9X? No. It did have improved versions of the missile though, similar to the Israeli one. But it’s good at 9.3. Give the 9M or 9X to the avenger later in the line. The US needed a longer ranged spaa at 9.3.

Now of we could only get one of the gepard clones from the DIVAD program at 8.3 and something between the duster and m163, then we’ll have a competitive spaa line like USSR, Germany and the UK.


M114A2 is the most logical option between M42 and M163 as it was used in service (there are still plenty of other prototype options, especially ones that could be added between the M114A2 and M163).

I think the T249 DIVAD would be an excellent addition for 8.3, continuing the gatling gun SPAA tradition for the US, along with the LAV-AD and M163 - and all of those gatlings would be different! M163 is a 20 mm, LAV-AD is a 25 mm, T249 DIVAD is a 35 mm with same ammo as Gepard.

As for the main post, I don’t think there is any Chaparral with AIM-9X, but there are other, better vehicles, equipped with AIM-9X that US can get.
The US can also get a better Chaparral than the normal one, with MIM-72G (at same BR as Israeli one as it shouldn’t have a better Chaparral):

  • Bradley Chaparral.PNG
    Bradley Chaparral with presumably the same ammo capacity of 12 missiles, but vastly better protected against MGs and cannons (suggested BR: 10.3 with MIM-72G)

  • MIM-72 LAV Chapfire
    LAV Chapfire or Roadrunner, 4x MIM-72 and 2x Hydra OR 4xMIM-72 and 4xAGM-114 (suggested BR: 10.7 with MIM-72G and AGM-114B)

  • XM1808 MIM-72 Chapfire 2
    XM1108 Chapfire/Roadrunner, same as LAV-AD but on a tracked platfom, you can see the 2xAGM-114 per side, 4x total, presumably carries ammo underneath the launcher like the normal M48 Chaparral

  • XM1808 MIM-72 Roadrunner

    XM1108 MIM-72 Chapfire 3 in testing
    Updated variant of the XM1108 with an elevated turret which allowed it to carry additional MIM-72s on the lower hardpoints, but it retained the ability to carry AGM-114s and Hydras as well, as can be seen on the pictures (suggested BR: 10.7 with MIM-72G and AGM-114B)


if the US gets this, can we get the British SPAA that has ASRAAM

I’d appreciate it if you edited that statement about UK air Defence
Chap is 9.3 on the dev server (10.3 if we’re taking abt the israeli one)

Right now we also have a gaping hole in air defence from 8.3 to 10.3 and our 10.3 is plagued with issues along the lines of “the missiles don’t work as well as they should”

The UK has 13 spaa vehicles currently. The 3rd most in-game as Germany and the USSR are tied for first at 15 (Sweden has 12, US has 10, Japan and China have 9, Italy and France has 7, and Israel has 5).
The only gaps are between 5.0-8.0 and 8.3-10.3 which the former is a bigger issue than the later as you really only have the 9.3 lineup without spaa from the later before you get into your 10.3 lineup. It could also be fixed through a IR missile launcher similar to what Germany, USSR, Japan, France and now the US have gotten (you can include china, italy, and Israel if you include launchers on gunned platforms). You call 8.3-10.3 a gaping hole when the US has one from 4.3-7.7 and France from 4.3-8.3.

Though the stormers issues seem to be with desync from far away objects and hopefully it get fixed along with more options at the top tiers of the UK tree, the 8.3-10.3 gap will likely get filled in the update after this one.

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while yes the US and French gaps are larger, this does not mean it isnt a gaping hole,

France now has 2 5.7 SPAAs which can deal with earlier jets well enough for 7.7 and 8.0, however the US SPAA gap is still an issue but the M16 is still a competent AA at any BR where props are the main CAS aircraft as all that happens for CAS is that planes can carry more or heavier weaponry, and are slightly faster,

while the difference in the 8.3-10.3 range is much larger technology wise,
as we go from relatively slow early jets, to supersonics with guided weaponry, which require an engagement range well beyond what a gun only SPAA can manage and is only managable with a SAM

6 months ago when I made that post France didn’t have anything. While the m16 is great, it severely underperforms even against super props around 5.0. The US has a prototype of a enclosed m24 with 6 50 cals in the turret that would be perfect for that area, the T77E1. Though that wont really help with the jet aircraft, adding in one of the several other testbed designs from the DIVAD program would.

As for the British, I’m not sure exactly what all they have to fill in that gap.

we could have a Blowpipe SAM Land Rover at 6.7 sounds crazy untill you realise its an MCLOS missile, then we could have a Javelin Land Rover between 8.3 and 10.3, would be very similar to Type 93 in practice