Why does spawning SPAA cost SP?

I can agree with that. Would be nice to see some new spaa in general.

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Stryker SHORAD (and any stinger K carrier) would be functional US SPAAs

Allegedly singer K had datalink that would allow it to be guided towards a target using a launching vehicle’s IRST/TV lock

Yep, I think the biggest issue with CAS, is the chronic lack of SPAA.

I know Britain, so i’ll use that.

we have no SPAA between BR5 —> 8

The BR8 SPAA we have is okay, but not great

No IR guided SPAA like many nations have around BR9

Our 10.3 is meant for dealing with helis not jets and is buggy as hell

our 11.7 is an ATGM launcher hybrid.

We could do with a dozen SPAA added alone. So many nations are the same, especially at top tier. Im really hoping with Rank 8 added, we’ll see some BR12 SPAA systems for all nations, it is needed

Yeah, that sounds good.

(source for stinger K datalink FIM-92 Stinger | Weaponsystems.net)

Also, one problem is the lack of Asymmetrical balance. NATO is gonna run out of all-in-one SPAAs which gets the significant spawning discount very soon because their doctrine relies on air superiority and thus A2A removal of enemy air threats. Yet, any aircraft is going to cost 450+ SP to spawn even if you are only going to do SPAA things with it while Soviet/Eastern nations are better able to benefit from extremely low SPAA costs. As far as I know Gaijin has no plan/method to address this in the future either so unless they’re planning on adding AI radars or something NATO air defence is going to be SOL

Yeah, CAP needs a major SP cost reduction too…

Though at least for Britain we have an ASRAAM Truck :P

But I am curious what the 12+ SPAA is going too look like

Well there’s apparently a chappral equipped with AIM-9Ms that they sent to Ukraine, maybe some info will turn up on that. Otherwise US has very little land-based AA assets that would work in-game and actually be competitive at top tier

Yeah… Though I do see the Ukrainian war changing that rapidly and we’ll see a host of portable SPAA systems being developed and introduced in coming years.

As for now. Yeah I have no idea what they’ll do… Prehaps they’ll have to custom make some vehicles. Something like a Troop transporters with MANPADS attached to the roofs. As a stand in for infantry based MANPADS.



Something like this Javelin but attached to the back of a jeep, but the modern equivalent

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There’s plenty of MANPADS options, they’ve stuck stingers on just about every vehicle in the US military.

A few favorites:


AN/TQ-1 Avenger

Bradley Linebacker

Both Stryker SHORADS
And my personal favorite, the L3Harris VAMPIRE (Featuring proxy-fused APKWS rockets)

Problem is that none of these are really 12.0+ material (except maybe Stryker DE-Shorad but I highly doubt we’ll see directed energy weapons any time soon)

Prehaps… we’ll have to wait and see what their plan is. But I reckon BR12 SPAA will be defined by 12-18km effective range and potential range past 20km. But Im not sure what there is to fullfill that. But its the only think that im really interested in seeing at the moment for Ground. If nothing else, im looking forward to Brimstones and I dont think they can come till we get something that can counter them

I feel like upcoming SPAA is going be become a game of popping helos and shooting down stand-off weapons. We’re already starting to see the trickle of extremely long range a2g in the forms of the kormoran, Exocet, and KH-29TD. It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing true beyond-the-horizon FnF munitions who’s launchers simply can’t be intercepted by SPAA

Custom battles you don’t need sp to bring any vics in

That thing is pure cancer. It’s far better than any light tank and can pen most MBTs from the front.
It can just wipe out an entire pool of ennemies in seconds while never having to reload.
That retarded thing should be deleted.

I wonder if the most SPAA had really this amount of AP-rounds

Probably not but even if they had they would need to reload unlike that thing.

I recently played to AMX 30 AA for a mission and my god is that thing bad. the magazine takes almost a full minute to be reloaded …

indeed - and the muzzle flash is so bright that in 3th person aiming is very difficult. And gunners sight is useless anyway on all SPAA…

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Adats functions perfectly fine at top tier.

No CAS system in the game can engage a plane using FNF ordinance that evades after launch.

Combined with Gaijin’s map design SPAA is completely outclassed by CAS.

What are you going on about? I said the Adats is completely serviceable at top tier. I never said anything about Strike fighters using FnF weapons to shoot down other planes.

Now where the FUCK is the Rooikat SPAAM, it was even in the end of year rollback


theres also an ASRAAM carrier on a Supacat from the UK

we also have the Stormer Air Defence, which can have a 25mm GAU-12 or a 30mm rotary with stingers and would likely be similar to the LAV-AD minus the Hydras and on the Stormer Hull

and thats just for the IR systems
for others we could have things like the Tracked Rapier, or move the Canadian M113 ADATS to the Warrior ADATS

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