Sons of Attila - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

Don’t forget the CAC 29 hehe

They fit more than Mig-29s from India would :P

But yeah. At most, maybe F-18 from Canada.

But I dont think its needed at the moment. Only Import aircraft I’d maybe like to see is the Hawk 200 from Canada.

Edit: Maybe Canada? Defiently a few Commonwealth nations though

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But yea that enough from me tonight as I got a very busy day tomorrow.

Seeya, thanks for game tonight :P

I enjoy messing with Gaijin

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This thing would of been dreadful btw from what I could find it was 4 missiles maximum for what it could carry

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Got a lot of good suggestion over on Britain SPAA Voids - what could be added?

Don’t know, would rather wait until we have specific info pointing towards Eurofighter being a real possibility for addition in a specific timeframe rather than just being a vehicle which exists and could be added sometime to make a serious guess on that.


Atleast we have precedence for where a Saudi Typhoon might be added :p

The name is Russian but India solely produce there T-90S now it’s not built by Russia and exported to India. It’s solely made in India.

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hehe. Yeah. I think it will have to come sooner rather than later. My personal guess is early/prototype Typhoon Q2/3 next year. With a full armed version sometime Q1 2025

As much as I want the UK to be meta, throwing in weird One-Off’s into the tree to make the UK a horrible mishmash of nations with no consistancy beyond “They’re commonwealth” would be rough.

The choices we’ve got are:
South Africa
Britain Itself

These 4 nations alone, give ample amounts of vehicles to the tree and maintain the current precedent and make the tree look cohesive.
South African Mirage F1’s, Mirage IIIs
CF-18 or Australian F-18s.
Eurofighter Typhoon

Just this selection gives you an easy progression from early Gen 4 to Gen 4+

For ground, you don’t even really need extra nations. Britain’s got it covered.
For air, Tracked Rapier, RapidRanger, Stormer LMM, Blowpipe S.53, and with the final SPAA being Sky Ceptor.

The tree absolutely doesn’t need weird shit like Pantsyr or T-90s or F-15s.

I think we might be looking at a situation more similar to what seems to be happening w/ the Mitsubishi XF-2/F-2: rather than having plans for a reduced-capability variant to come first, they’ll hold off on it until it can come w/ full capability.

But that 's based on absolutely nothing.

Yeah I agree. In air I dont even really think we need any of those.

Sea Harrier FA2 with a good set of AAMs gives us a 12/12.3

Harrier Gr9 after that gives a good progression on the Harrier Gr7 and is a good platform for Brimstone

Tornado Gr4 gives us a good platform for ASRAAM to be tested

Early Typhoon


I’d throw in a few BAE Hawks. Some options available for Britain, but also a lot of export models that might give different weapon laodout options and roles. Which is why I’d be open for export models.

I think F-18 could fit really well into the British tree because it would share the same missiles where as SA ones I think all used different missiles, like the Gripen I think is Python

If there is no Flakpanzer 341, there is no Rooikat HVM.


Personally think we’re not far away from full AMRAAMs, R77’s and Gen 4+
With F-16C we now have the game’s first Gen 4+ Fighter. SMT is on the same level. I imagine the next steps will be getting comparables for other nations. Likely before the end of the year with the Gripen promised this year.

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Yeah. The question isnt Britain, its Germany and Italy. Where Britain has options for Prototypes, I dont think there are for them. (or Something) But all 3 nations would HAVE to come together.

Another wild pick would be Jaguar GR3.A, carrying only 2 ASRAAMs but Helmet Mounted Sight System, TV guided missiles, bigger paveways etc.

I think i’d prefer GR3A around 11.0 and be 9L armed instead. but with all those bells and whistles

11.0 is a bit low for a HMSS and AIM9L combo, even if its only 2 missiles. Imagine this thing in a downtier shitting on something like F104S

Pretty much why I made the comparison to the F-2: it still has the capability to come over-armed right now, but we might not actually be too far off from the intermediaries between what we have now and what would be on par w/ it in that configuration - which might explain why we aren’t seeing any indicators for it to be coming in an explicitly under-armed config.

The same might be happening to Eurofighter, but unlike the F-2 there 's been no mention of it of any kind - it 's probably further down the road than the Mitsubishi. Though it might not be too far off, overall.

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The US was never part of the British Empire.

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