Battle Rating changes for April 2024 (post feedback)

Hey everyone! We’ve carefully read your feedback on the planned Battle Rating changes. Some of your suggestions will be implemented, and we’d also like to comment on some of your feedback separately.

Ground Forces

The performance indicators of the 2S38 correspond to the average value at its rank, without being low or high. However like many other lightly armored vehicles, the 2S38 has significant empty areas behind the turret and hull, where hits here can create situations with insufficient or no damage to critical modules. The 2S38 will be one of the first vehicles to receive additional internal detail. Others will follow too, as we’ll improve the layout of internal modules, add some new modules and revise old ones in particular in the turret and turret compartment.

An increase in Battle Ratings for the M18s has been a long time coming, and even without the engine power changes, the M18s would have been raised to 6.0 in this current Battle Rating proposal. We’ve revised the changes to the Super Hellcat’s Battle rating so that the increase will only affect it for Arcade Battles (aligning it with the existing rating in Realistic Battles), without further increasing the Battle Rating in Realistic Battles.

We don’t plan to change the Battle Rating of the HSTV-L, as its current effectiveness is sufficient to remain at its current Battle Rating without being lowered or increased. We’ve looked at your feedback on this vehicle regarding its ammunition and some of its capabilities, and we’ll make a decision taking into account possible changes to these proposals.

Information about increasing the max Battle Rating for ground vehicles

In the future, we’re planning to carry out additional decompression to the top ranks with an increase in the maximum Battle Rating. These changes will be carried out along with the introduction of the Roadmap item relating to separating Battle Ratings for different modes, which we’re currently working on. This is because changes to the Battle Ratings for top tier ground vehicles will require changes in the Battle Rating of some attack aircraft, which’ll negatively affect their effectiveness in Air Realistic Battles if this change is made now.


The Spitfire Mk 24’s Battle Rating is being reduced so that it avoids having to fight against the MiG-15 and F-86, which are reducing in Battle Rating with this update.

We’ve seen proposals to instead of reduce the Battle Rating of the MiG-15 and F-86, to increase the Battle Rating of F-104 and similar aircraft instead. We’ve decided not to do this because it will not only affect the effectiveness of the MiG-15 and F-86, but will also worsen the competitiveness of the F-104 and other similar aircraft in other nations.

Other aircraft at a Battle Rating of ~8.0 now show good statistics and don’t require reduction or increase, but after the changes we’ll also closely monitor their performance.

Based on numerous comments from your feedback and after reviewing the statistics and capabilities of the aircraft, we’ve decided to reduce the Battle Rating of the G.91Y and G.91YS to 9.0 and 9.3 respectively.

We have also decided not to increase the Battle Rating of the AMX. While its good missile armament and assault capabilities make it quite effective, the performance characteristics may not allow it to fight effectively at higher Battle Ratings.

The F-5E FCU will be lowered to Battle Rating 11.0. This aircraft has good armament, however combined with its flight characteristics at its current Battle Rating, it does not have enough capabilities to effectively combat aircraft with higher Battle Ratings.

We also received a lot of feedback regarding changes to the missile research modifications branch for the Barak II. To keep you updated, in the next major update adjustments will be made to the modifications research branch for this aircraft.

Reduced Battle Ratings of aircraft from the Korean War

The main changes to the balance of aircraft in this update are focused on a reduction in the Battle Ratings for a group of aircraft from the Korean War period, as well as vehicles similar to them in terms of combat characteristics. These aircraft under the current conditions show a rather low level of efficiency, so reductions are intended to help this situation. In addition to this, some of the vehicles among them that lack missiles will no longer be able to get into battles against attack aircraft with all-aspect IR seekers. This change is intended to improve the comfort of the game and reduce the number of hopeless situations in battle.

Changes to Battle Ratings in Simulator Battles will be made in a future Battle Rating proposal.

We’re planning to release the changes to Battle Ratings in an update next week.