Welp, the Hellcats are officially going to be dead

I will be blunt. Moving these vehicles from 5.7 to 6.0 will kill them. 6.0 is a horrible battle rating for America. You have stripped away their lineup and now leave them to fend for themselves. Well done.


yeah Im not happy about it either. the line ups for America at this BR are either 5.7 or 6.3, and at 6.3 you’d take the M41A1 Walker Bulldog over this


6.3 is just as much of a void for effectiveness. 6.0 and 6.3 are both unplayable for the US.

What lineup? My only 5.7 tank was the M18, and I got my first nuke with it.
6.3 USA has 4 meta tech tree tanks, and another 3 great premiums.
6.0 has the same amount of tanks 5.7 had.

I actually think 6.3 isn’t too bad, with the Walker Bulldog, T25, the last Jumbo, and the M109A1, you can do pretty good at your BR or in a down tier, but a full up tier is brutal

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In the entirety of the US Tech tree, ONE 6.0 tank exists. American 5.7 is much more diverse.

I am sick of listening to your bad takes and do not wish to interact with you further.


When you compare it to other tech trees of similar quality and to 6.7 and 5.7, then yes, it’s comparatively unusable.

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I agree 6.7 isn’t very fun, but 5.7 isn’t bad either

Just Gaijin casually reminding us that they hate the US tree.


I actually like American 5.7 and 6.7, but anything in-between is No Mans Land.

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What do you mean? 6.7 America has the best lineup in the game.
Britain 2nd.
With Germany in 3rd.

I mean look at this monstrosity of meta vehicles:

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honestly prefer to play the 6.3 rather than 6.7

The T25, M4A3E2 (76), and Bulldog are just painfully meh. I’ve played countless other nations at these battle-ratings and finally came to the conclusion that the 6.3 American stuff is just horrible.

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There is no point to @ me when you’re replying to someone else.

hey man if that’s how you feel that’s how ya feel but I think that 6.3 is more appealing due to the fact you aren’t yet facing things in full uptiers that APHE is useless against

APHE is my favorite thing to use up to 8.0 most of the time. I don’t have an issue fighting 7.7 heavy tanks with a 90mm off the E5.

APHE isn’t why those are 6.7 as the best round is APCR, which cut through 7.7s and lead to my >2:1 KDR in T26E5, and my improved performance in M26.

sure. but I love my APHE and I like 6.3 more than 6.7

More or less the curse of Midtier USA frankly. Any vehicle that is good eventually just gets sucked up to the 6.0 to 7.0 void bracket and dies.

The hellcats get a minor buff then promptly get uptiered meanwhile the T25 still has yet to get it’s stabilizer back or get a lower BR due to it’s changes, it makes no sense.

Same deal with the normal M26s, they have no real reason to exist where they are now due to gaijin choosing to toss them into oblivion for some reason while better variants exist now at the same exact BR range.

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It’s so stupid how Gaijin didn’t even let us comment on the updated ones. And how they seemed to have ignored most of the feedback.