Vampires, Swifts, Venom, Hunters not going down in BR when the stronger vehicles at the BRs are going down?

Continuing the discussion from Battle Rating changes for April 2024 (post feedback):

For god sake move the Vampire Venom, Swifts, and Hunters down, they have no buisness being higher or or the same BR as the MiG-17PFs, the Supersonics should have gone up, not these going down, only good change was the F.24 going down to 6.7, this has just buggered the brits royally, there is no way a Vampire FB5 is equivalent to the MiG-15bis ISH, or javelin being equivalent to the MiG-15bis the Swift F.7/Venom is equivalent to the MiG-17PF and ETC and there is no way a Hunter F.1 is 0.3 better than the MiG-17PF, it was equiavlent at best at a stretch


You will enjoy the br changes and you will like them!
-Gaijin probably(definitely)


R2Y2, forgotten in a corner ever since its airspawn was removed, sent to 8.0, and guns were dumpstered…


Yeah, I’m totally confused by this. Especially as the dev post seems to directly indicate that essentially all Korean era aircraft are moving down so they face less AAM equipped aircraft above. But Britain’s aircraft are being left untouched. Maybe some are “fine” but surely not all, especially those at the top of the BR range like the Hunter F1. Last time I tried to fly that I fought only 10.0s. wasn’t fun.


Dont forget all the French planes at this Br


Couldn’t agree more, based on Gaijin’s own reasoning (9.3 planes are too strong) then at least some of the many UK sub-sonic gunfighters should be moved down like the MiG-15s and Sabres. The BR changes they are proposing seem highly selective, feels like they just don’t care about the 8.0 to 10.0 BR range of the game anymore. It’s a great shame as there are lots of fun planes to fly, but due to the matchmaking they are not fun. Why not try to make this part of the game fun? Games are supposed to be fun.


Nobody plays them because they’re garbage so gaijins “muh statistics” will never change.

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the Vampire fb5 is 100% worse than teh R2Y2, its a 7.3 jet uptiered becase other avmpires have better engines

Now a Mig-15 and a sabre will be the same BR as a Vampire, Me-163, and R2Y2. Even the Mig-17s were perfectly fine where they were.

Gaijin needs to understand how badly these changes will affect early jets, and I believe most will become nearly unplayable.

The only issues were the handful of 9.3 supersonics, like the F-104A, and Mig-19. Everything else was great.


true this, true this.

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Pretty sure even the Vampy can outrun AND outmaneuver the R2Y2, it’s a slow-arse WW2 jet proposal :D

i dare say the R2Y2 can go faster than an F2G on the regular

Those too, Barougan/Ouragan, Vautour, Mystere were mostly balanced if a little lacking (just like a lot of the brit planes affected by this change) but by moving the migs and sabres down you just kill these aircraft off.


I don’1 play framce so i can’t speak on them

>Ignores G.91Rs, Mysteres, J29s, the various British creatures, and generally everything other than the most meta aircraft belonging to the big 3 nations in the BR range.
>Ignores the F-104, almost single-handedly ruining the Korean war era matchmaker.


All of their reasoning boils down to “well our stats say X vehicle is performing average/overperforming/underperforming” even in their response, and they completely fail to address everyone’s concerns about compression, about such a drastic change crushing the 7.X region, about the vehicles that’re the root cause of the poor performance, and about how stats aren’t representative of player skill and can be heavily skewed. FFS.


Agreed, although the swifts are actually pretty strong

but objectively should be the same BR as a 15bis


people like to shit on em but idk why, the F.7 is great, decent engine and the MEME Fireflashes, the F.1 was fine, but now being the same BR as MiG-15bis’ its gonna struggle, it relied on being fast due to not really being a that great a turner but turns well enough, its no hunter for sure, the ADENS on the swift airframe are probabally the most controllable ADEN platform ive flown


I think i made like two posts in the br change thread about british aircraft needing to move down if they move the big 3 nations jets down but seems like it got ignored not surprising


BR compression is the real problem.

Moving a few planes up and down just creates problems for the planes around them.

We need the BR system to be something like 1.0 - 16.0.

Then Gaijin could stretch the whole thing out and get rid of the silly match-ups we currently get.

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